Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunsella Mighty Pops - Make Your Own Fruity Frozen Treats Healthy and Affordable!

I try to make most things from scratch when I can.  One thing we used to buy from the store, was ice pops.  But honestly, the store bought ones are just fruit flavored sugar half the time.  So when our daughter was born and got big enough to enjoy frozen treats, with our help of course, I wanted to make some homemade that were actually good for her.  And I used Sunsella Mighty Pops Silicone Ice Pop Molds to make them!

I made a puree with some frozen strawberries and blueberries and just a little water, then filled the Sunsella Mighty Pops Molds, set them in the holder and placed them in the freezer.  That's all there was too it!   No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.  No artificial colors or flavors.  Just all natural fruit pops! And when we got busy and I didn't have time to make a fruit puree, I just filled the molds with 100% grape juice!  My daughter loved them.  The silicone molds are great because the pops slide right out but they are still easy for little hands and big hands to hold on to.  I've used the hard plastic molds in the past and never really liked them because the ice pop wouldn't come out easily and I would end up ripping out the stick or would have to run the mold under hot water before they would pop out.  But the silicone is so much better!  There are even little caps for each mold.

The set comes with 6 ice pop molds.   All 6 ice pop molds are a different color so if you have more than one child, they can eat choose their own color.  They are dishwasher safe so they are easy to clean.  Plus the best part is that they meet all FDA standards and are BPA free.  These are going to be great for summer!  Something else that they are good for making.....Pedialyte pops!   Once when my daughter was sick this past summer, we bought some frozen Pedialyte pops.  They were great for helping to cool her down because she had  fever and she liked the Pedialyte.  But they were super expensive and the box didn't have very many pops for the price.  But now I can buy the cheaper store brand of Pedialyte and make my own pops with the Sunsella Ice Pops Mold!  Making these are cheaper and making fruit pops at home is healthier and cheaper than the store bought.  Plus the price of the mold is super cheap too!

By purchasing the Sunsella Mighty Pops Mold on Amazon, you'll also get a free ebook full of 50 ice pop recipes.  It even tells you how to make yogurt parfait pops.  Yum!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dr. Song Vitamin C Serum Review

One of my favorite skin care products is vitamin C serum.  I've tried a lot of different ones!  Some I love, some not so much.  I had the opportunity to try Dr. Song's Vitamin C Serum and was pretty pleased!

Dr. Song Vitamin C Serum is made up of 20% vitamin c with an added boost of vitamin e.  I love using vitamin e on my skin.  Its great for scars, burns, chapped lips, dry cuticles, you name it.  Vitamin e will heal it!  In addition to containing vitamin e, this serum also contains hyaluronic acid plus some aloe vera for a super smooth texture and skin tone.  Dr. Song's Vitamin C Serum was developed through the expertise of dozens of doctors and professionals in the cosmetic industry.  The formula is light on the skin.  Its not greasy or oily.  Its light and refreshing and made my skin feel smooth and hydrated.  I had a few blemished that seemed to clear up super fast after I applied this serum.

If you're interested in trying Dr. Song Vitamin C Serum, you can order it on Amazon!

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Number One Glucosamine For Healthier Joints - Review

Why take a Glucosamine Chondtoitin MSM supplement? Well, Glucosamine is responsible for building cartilage, ligaments and tendons. We need them to protect our joints and allow our bodies to move freely.  Chondroitin will help our joints be more flexible and elastic.  And MSM is a key factor in the creation of collagen, elastin and cartilage which will help keep your joints healthy.  So the bottom line, all of these contribute to healthy, pain free joints.  And I'm no stranger to joint pain.  I'm not even 30 years old and I have the privilege of dealing with joint pain from early arthritis on a daily basis.

Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM all occur naturally in our bodies but unfortunately as many others things change as we age, the production of these 3 things decreases over time as well.  So taking a supplement helps to replenish this and helps keep our joints as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  So that's why I tried Number One Glucosamine from Number One Nutrition.  Over time as I continue to use it, it may help with joint pain, stiffness, that awful cracking and popping sensation in my joints and it may help me be more active.  Its a bit early to tell and a little early to see the effects but I'm hopeful.

My stomach is sensitive to a lot of supplements.  The great thing so far is that Number One Glucosamine has been easy on my stomach and I haven't had any stomach upset.  I also get headaches when taking a lot of supplements but no headaches so far!   I'm happy with this product and do plan to continue taking it.  The benefits are definitely worth it.

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EatSmart Procision Pro Digital Food Thermometer Review

My husband is a professional Chef.  He's an amazing cook!  And man does he love his kitchen gadgets.  Hes always preaching to me about food safety.  Which is a good thing of course.  Hes got these little digital thermometers tucked around our kitchen so we can always check for safe temps when were cooking.  We were sent an EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer to try and it worked very well.

Its easy to use.   Just remove the cover and insert the probe into your food.  It only takes about 5 seconds to read the temp so its fast.  As I said, we have several other thermometers that we know are accurate so we tested the Precision Pro against our others for accuracy and it was right on.  It will measure temps from -40F to 450F so you can use it for hot and cold.  Its also FDA approved and comes with a 2 year warranty.  And it only takes on CR2032 battery which is included so its ready to use when you get it.

My husband likes using this for temping meat but I do a lot of canning.  I make jams a lot and have to make sure the temp of my jam is right before canning it in jars.  So I used this thermometer while I was making a batch of jam recently.

Not only did my husband use this at home, but he took it to his restaurant and tried it out there as well.  There is a lot more large scale meat prep going on at the restaurant and it help up well there.

Overall we were both happy with the product and would recommend it!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Eating Habits Of Bees

Just making an odd observation as I was making dinner tonight.  Its taco night.  Taco night is one of our favorite nights here at The Bee Hive!   Nothing super special about it.  Its just tacos.  But we make pretty good tacos.  With lots and lots of fixins!

But as I was getting the ground beef out to thaw, I got to thinking....about Mr. Bee.
And the way he eats his tacos.

Mr. Bee is one of those dudes that will often go several days and only eat the equivalent of one balanced meal over time.  Hes a picker and he eats like a bird. Pick pick pick.  Pick here.  Pick there.  A nibble of this.  A bite of that.  He rarely sits down for a real meal.  The guy works a lot of long hours in a restaurant so by the time he gets home, not only is it just late....but its too late to eat a real meal.  Plus his appetite is killed from looking at all of that food all day.  So he picks.

But dude....this guy.....this guy can eat tacos.  He puts away a good dozen tacos when I make tacos for taco night!  Crazy amounts of taco feastage goin on here!   Its insane.  I eat a few....and then theres Bee.  Just devouring taco after taco like the world is coming to an end.  Hes a tall skinny man.  I'm not quite sure how he doesn't puke.  Because he obviously has a small stomach and a normally small appetite since he picks all the time. 

And pop tarts. Pop tarts my friends!!!   Its not just tacos.   I have to HIDE pop tarts when I buy them.  I buy the Toastems brand when they are on sale.  Usually our Fareway will have a sale on them every once in a while.  Ten boxes for $10.  Its a good deal. So I'll buy ten.  I put one box on the counter for him to start with and hide the rest around the kitchen.  Because if this guy knows there are 9 other boxes, they'll all be gone within a week!  Its kind of gross...

One time I bought 12 boxes.  Yea......12!   And I hid the other 11 boxes in the same spot in the back of one cupboard.  Well....I didn't realize it....but Mr. Bee had found them.  He proceeded to devour a dozen BOXES of pop tarts in one week.  I'm talking boxes of pop tarts....not individual pop tarts.  A box has like 8 pop tarts in it I think.    I realized that he had found the hidden stash when I saw that the box on the counter was gone.  So I went to get out another box out of hiding after a week had gone by.  ALL GONE!!  No pop tarts to be found.  I knew he had to have found them.  So I asked him.  And yep......a sneaky grin slowly spread across his face.  Such a guilty face.  He could hardly keep from laughing.  He said he didn't know what I was talking about.  I said to him...." You son of a boat!" (I didn't say boat)  You ate a DOZEN BOXES OF POP TARTS IN ONE WEEK?????"    "No"....he replied.   Lying son of a boat!

This man is crazy.  Crazy for tacos and pop tarts.
But hes my kind of crazy.
I currently have 4 boxes of pop tarts all hidden in different spots around the kitchen.

The Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder Review

I like bird feeders.  I didn't use to. Honestly I'm just not that much of a bird fan.  I'd much rather feed the squirrels.  But my kids likes birds.  Watching a toddler talk to the "boodies" from the front window is pretty darn cute.  My daughter loves bird watching so I started putting bird seed in a feeder just outside our front window.  We get flocks and flocks of little sparrows that swarm the feeder every day and my kiddo loves it.  So when I saw the Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder, I thought this would be such a cool thing to put on the big front window in our family room.

The bad thing though is that I think the birds are afraid of it.  I've had the feeder outside on our window for a couple of weeks now.  And ever since I put this feeder out, our birds are gone!  Vanished!  No where to be found.  Not a single bird is coming to this feeder and they aren't coming to the other feeder we have either.  The birds were endless before.  I'm not sure what it could be.  To me there is nothing threatening about  a little house shaped feeder.  I mean, the other one we have is a big glass pineapple for god's sake.  I couldn't figure it out.  So I took the Yellow Beaks feeder down so that it was just our pineapple again.  Birds came back.....  Yep....I'm super bummed because I thought this would be so much fun for Emma to watch the birds right up by the window but oh well......  She will just have to admire the birds on the pineapple from now on.

Maybe my birds are just weirdos.....maybe my birds are just dumb.  Could be both!   You might have better luck than I did so if you wanna give the Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder a go, you can order it on Amazon.

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Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream - Saving My Face One Day at a Time!

As most of you know, if you follow my blog pretty regularly....I love Adovia products!   Huge fan here!  I've had persistent dry skin for a while now.  I think its just be getting older and my skin changing with age.  I've always had sensitive skin and have been prone to dry skin but lately its more frequent and I've had a harder time finding a good facial moisturizer that works perfectly for my skin.  Either its too greasy or too thin or doesn't last long and needs to be reapplied or clogs my pores and gives me zits.  Or my biggest complaint....that they smell like harsh chemicals and don't smell like something I should be putting on my skin, let alone my face.  So of course, having had such a great track record with Adovia's skin care products, when I heard about Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream, I jumped at the chance to try it!

Its been a while since I had a good day cream.  After learning more about chemicals and the stuff that should not be in my moisturizer, I realized that my last consistently successful day cream was likely to give me cancer with all of the toxins in it.  Yuck!  So that's why Adovia was a win.  Adovia's products are not full of all of the toxic junk that ends up causing more harm than good.  Adovia products contain natural Dead Sea minerals and ingredients that are good for your skin.  Its also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested and approved.  So many good things about Adovia products.  There's so much to love!

I was ecstatic!  But I was surprised at first.  Because this day cream was pretty thick.  So I thought it was going to go on thick but it was cool because it covered well but absorbed so nicely that within minutes my skin felt like I had just had a facial.  It was super soft and felt great to the touch.  I didn't feel like I had just put a heavy cream on my face.  I was able to put my makeup on over it just a few minutes after applying it and my makeup went on better than before I started using this.  My makeup was looking weird because my skin was dry and you could see all of the fine lines that I have now.  Its almost like my make up wasn't adhering to my face because of the unpleasant texture of my skin.  But after using my Adovia Day Cream for a while, that changes.  My makeup actually looks good on my skin now.  And if I want to go without makeup my skin looks great too so I don't have to put make up on as often because my skin looks healthier.

I would order this again in a heartbeat!  If you want to try it for yourself, just order Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream on Amazon.  And be sure to check out my other Adovia favorites:  Adovia Facial Lift and Firm Serum, Dead Sea Mud Shampoo, Dead Sea Salt Conditioner and Adovia Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask.

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