Thursday, January 22, 2015

Havens Arc Organic Argan Oil Review

I have never really had a problem with itchy scalp.  Or dry scalp for that matter.   Until this winter....  Ugh....I hate even talking about it.  I don't like to admit that my head has been itchy and kinda dry and flaky lately.  I've been wearing a fluffy winter hat...indoors.....I hate it that much.  And of course the hat doesn't help.  But this dry, cold winter air is just killing my skin.  All over!  Not just my head.  I used to do oil treatments for my hair when my hair would get dried out and I loved it.  I just happened to get a bottle of this Organic Argan Oil from Havens Arc and thought.....this would be perfect for both my hair and my dry scalp!  Because Argan Oil does wonders for your hair and your skin.

So I did a hair mask with this Argan Oil.  I used about a third of the bottle.  So worth it!  I took a nice hot shower and I dumped about a third of the bottle on my hair.  I have about shoulder length hair.  I worked the oil in down to my scalp and massaged it in really well.  Then I just sat in the bottom of the shower for a good steam and let the oil sit on my scalp for probably a good 15 minutes.  It was nice to just relax in the shower with no one bugging me.  And the oil felt nice on my head.  Then I rinsed what I could.  Oil doesn't rinse out completely since oil and water don't really get along too well.  But most rinsed out.  Not all but thats pretty much because I coated my whole head pretty good.  I didn't shampoo my hair either after the oil!  I wanted the oil to really work its magic and moisturize my scalp.  But I rinsed out what I could, got out, dried my hair with a towel and went to bed.  I shampooed my hair the next day.  And my moisturized!  Not itchy anymore!  Not flaky anymore!  And my hair is super soft and shiny!  I loved my little DIY pampering oil treatment.  This Havens Arc Argan Oil was awesome and was just what I needed.  Now you don't have to use it the way I did.  Its actually great just applying it to your skin for a moisture treatment.  It can also be good on your cuticles when your hands get dry and cracked in the winter time.  But I'm keeping the rest of this bottle for my head!

The quality of this oil is great.  Its extra virgin 100% pure, Certified Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, all natural Argan Oil.  There are no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.  If you need a little extra boost of hydration, you should give this a shot!  You can order Havens Arc Organic Argan Oil on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentia 100% Organic Rosehip Oil Review

You might have seen a post I did recently about a homemade exfoliating sugar scrub.  Well this is one of the ingredients that I used to make that scrub!  Its Valentia 100% Organic Rosehip Oil.

I made a sugar scrub by taking plain white sugar and adding my bottle of Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil, some Pomegranate Oil and some citrus essential oil for a fresh scent and extra nutrients.   I use this scrub on my hands and feet.  Its great all over for exfoliating and the oils make my skin feel awesome!  Rosehip oil is known for its ability to nourish and moisturize your skin so this was the perfect combination.  The bottle of Rosehip Oil is 1.18oz.  Its not too thick or sticky which is why I love using Rosehip Oil for making different things.  I love making beauty products and different things to pamper myself.  Theres nothing better than a home pedicure with homemade sugar scrub!  I love it!  And you don't have to use citrus essential oils like I did.  You could add any essential oil.  And you don't have to use Pomegranate oil either.  You could use coconut oil, almond oil, or even olive oil.  Or you could get more than one bottle of Rosehip and do an all Rosehip Oil recipe.  Its all up to you!

If you want to try this for yourself, you can order Valentia 100% Organic Rosehip Oil on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, January 16, 2015

SMARTPHONEAIDES 3 Port USB Rapid Car Charger Review

I'm always stuck in a car or out and about without a charger.  I lose chargers for one thing.  I don't know why.   Maybe its just the hassle of always having to have tons of different chargers for different devices.  I got a charger for our car that has multiple ports in it a while back but its big.  And it gets in the way of the gear shift.  The shifter hits the charger if I go to put the car in park so I have to remember to pull it out of my cigarette lighter first.  I never remember that though.  But I do love the idea of a multiple port charger and love how convenient it is to charge multiple phones and even my camera or Ipod in the car.  Its been nice when we've been away for a weekend or on a road trip.  So I started looking for a another one that might be a little smaller.  I found this Smartphoneaides 3 Port USB Rapid Car Charger and wanted to give it a shot.

I love that its so small!  It fits in the palm of my hand.  Its super compact and tiny so it takes up very little space and doesn't stick out too far.  You can plug it right into your cigarette lighter.  Its got 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 different devices and plug them right into the same charger.  It works great!  And it charges fast which is a big plus.  We have several devices, and the other charger I used took a while to fully charge just my Ipod.  This one stores easily in my glove box for when I need it.  And a plus is that even though its high output for fast charging, it wont damage your cigarette lighter or your car's circuit breakers.  So that's a major bonus!

I love this thing.  It seems like these days, we all have more than one device of some kind or sometimes with two people in a car and two phones or even tablets that need to be charged so you can keep the kiddos entertained in the backseat on a long road trip, this would really come in handy! And its under $20 which totally makes it worth buying.   You can order it online on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beejuvenate All Natural Beeswax Skin Balm Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am a sucker for anything that smells like lavender.   Its one of my favorite scents!  I'm also a huge sucker for natural skin care products.  I like to make a  lot of my own but sometimes I just like to give in and pamper myself and not have to worry about whipping something up from scratch.  I tried Beejuvenate's All Natural Beeswax Skin Balm and does this smell amazing!  I of course, choose the Lavender scent and its one of the best smelling lavender products I've ever used!

Its natural which is a huge huge plus!  Its packed full of great natural ingredients that all benefit your skin, nourish and moisturize.  And because this is natural stuff, I don't hesitate about using it on my daughter.  She loves "no-nin" which is 2 year old for "lotion."  This balm is much much thicker than a typical lotion so it coats the skin and makes my skin feel awesome.  And even though its heavy and thick, it doesn't make me feel like I'm just covered in gunk.  Its coats my skin and leaves it feeling soft, moisturized and protected and of course, leaves my skin smelling awesome!  I love it when my little sweetie smells like lavender.  Its funny, we always get compliments from friends and family about how awesome my daughter smells.  I credit it with all of the natural good smelling stuff I use on her skin.  Gotta take care of that sweet baby skin!

A little does go a long way with this stuff and you really only need about a pea sized dab.  And it has beeswax in it to create a protective barrier on your skin.  You can use this stuff for tons of things like dry, cracked heels and hands, stretch marks, eczema, sunburn and you can even use it to moisturize a tattoo. So I love this stuff.  My daughters chin gets a little bit chapped now and then.  Usually after shes had her sippy cup.  I think its the combination of the moisture on her chin after drinking a cup and the colder weather.  But lately when her chin is chapped, Ill put a little bit of this cream on her chin before a nap or bedtime. Her nose has been sore and chapped too from a bit of a runny nose lately so a little on her nose does wonders!  The cream helps sooth her chapped skin and the lavender relaxes her and helps her sleep.  Lavender is known for its soothing, calming abilities and how great it works for helping you sleep.   I really wish I had like a gallon of this stuff.  Its definitely worth trying.   And if you're not a huge  fan of lavender like I am, don't worry they have lots of other scents to pick from so you're bound to find a scent you can't live without!

Beejuvenate's products are made in Utah from local beeswax.  And if you go to the Beejuvenate website, you can also order Raw Utah Honey!  I know so many awesome natural home remedies recipes that this raw honey would be perfect for.  They also carry natural lip balms too!

You can order Beejuvenate Skin Balm in a 2oz or 8 oz. tub on the Beejuvenate website!
You can also connect with Beejuvenate on  Facebook and be sure to check out the Beejuvenate Blog!

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I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Sooth Headaches Naturally With Peppermint Essential Oil

I do not like taking pills!  And I am not a fan of over the counter medications.  Personally I feel that they do more harm than good in the long run.  So I rarely take medication if I have a headache or if something else is wrong.  When I do take something over the counter, its because I am absolutely desperate for relief and its rare.  But I have discovered something natural that does absolute wonders for my headaches.  And I get headaches often!  I only wish I had learned about this sooner.  Its simple....Peppermint Essential Oil!

It easy really.  I just put a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil on my finger and rub it into my temples and within five to ten minutes, my headache is gone!  And I love the Peppermint smell.  AND.....peppermint is also great for curbing your appetite.  I'm kind of a stress eater.  Ok....I am really truly a stress eater.  I'm trying to fix that and I'm trying to change my lifestyle and get healthy for my family.  I do need to lose some weight.  I am overweight.  Cutting portions and choosing healthy foods is my goal.  But sometimes my smaller portion leaves me feeling hungry.  And Peppermint Essential Oil has been my life saver!  Same thing....just rub it into my temples and the peppermint aroma helps calm my rumbling stomach.  I'm not sure why Peppermint does this, but all I know is that it is working for me.  There are lots of other uses for Peppermint Essential oil and lots of ways to use it.  You can diffuse it in an oil diffuser too.

I've been using Pure Body Naturals 100% Pure Theraputic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil and I've been really happy with it.  I love the way it works and its smells great.  Its a really good quality oil and it comes in a 4oz bottle.  The price is great for the amount of oil that you get and it comes in an amber glass bottle with a glass dropper so its easy to apply.

If you need a natural remedy for your headaches or need a little help curbing your appetite with those healthy new years resolutions, give this stuff a try.  I love it and think its worth trying.  You can order it on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.  This post is simply my personal opinion and experience of what works for me and my family.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Turn Ordinary Sugar Into A Luxurious Exfoliating Sugar Scrub With 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil By BEAUTYOILS.CO

I love making my own beauty products and especially love making homemade goodies so I can pamper myself.  One thing I LOVE, is sugar scrub!  If you've never used a sugar scrub, you are seriously missing out.  Sugar Scrubs are made up of sugar, oils and usually some essential oil and are scrubbed on the skin, usually feet, hands and cuticles and are great for exfoliating, moisturizing and conditioning.  I'm always looking for fun ingredients to use when I make stuff like this and when I saw this BEAUTYOILS.CO 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil, I thought it would go perfectly in a sugar scrub!  So I tried it!

It turned out great!  I took about half a cup of sugar and added an entire bottle of BEAUTYOILS.CO Pomegranate Oil which was 1 full ounce.  Then I added a bit of rosehip oil that I happened to have on hand.  You need just enough oil to fully saturate the sugar. I made enough to fill a half pint mason jar (a small jelly jar).   Then I added a few drops of lemon essential oil and orange essential oil for some scent and added conditioning and it was done!  That's all there was to it and it smells great and makes my skin feel amazing!  I love to use this stuff to scrub and exfoliate my feet for at home pedicure.  And the Pomegranate Oil was perfect for it!

If you're not familiar with Pomegranate Oil, it is great for moisturizing dry skin.  Its also great for natural relief of minor skin irritation, helps reduce inflammation, improves eczema, psoriasis and its great on sunburned skin too.  If you want to try this oil, you can order it on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Car Sunshades From Ez-bugz Review

I have not had great luck with sunshades for our car.  I never needed them until I had Miss Emma.  But with her in the backseat, the sun is always shining in her eyes and boy does she get cranky if the sun is in her eyes.  And if were driving and hit a super bright sunny spot, I can do anything for her.  I've tried a couple of different shades that I've bought in the store but so far have hated them.  They either do stay in place, fall off or they interfere with my visibility and that's not safe!  But I got a set of 2 Car Sunshades from EZ-Bugz and surprisingly, I really liked them!

They are really cute!  They have giraffes on them so Emma likes looking at them while shes riding in the back seat.  And they do serve their purpose.  They do a pretty good job of blocking out the sun but I can still see through them enough when I'm driving that they don't hinder my ability to check my blind spots and they aren't distracting.  They stay in place too.  They come with suction cups that stay put.  They are simple.  And I think that's why they work.  I realized that the shades I was buying at the store, were complicated and had too much too them.  I don't need shades that retract or roll down.  Its too much bulk and too much weight and that's why those didn't stay up.  But these are simple, they work and they are cute so my sweetie in the backseat likes them too.  Me and Emma give them 4 thumbs up!

You can order your own set on the EZ-Bugs website!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.