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Tula Baby Carrier Giveaway! Win a Standard Lil Rascals Tula Baby Carrier!


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Tula baby carriers are one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason!  A Tula carrier is made with 100% Oko Tex Standard cotton, is highly adjustable with  comfortably padded (for both mamas, daddys and baby), and includes handy features like hip pockets and a removable hood. And getting to choose from a wide variety of designer prints and colors makes owning a Tula even more fun! Tula baby carriers are made in Poland and Mexico. They can be used with infants and toddlers from 15-45 lbs, or with little ones 8 pounds and up with the addition of an optional Tula infant insert.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Baby's First Seizure....And Hopefully The Last

Having to take your baby to the hospital by ambulance would be a terrifying situation.  But getting a phone call when you're 45 minutes away from your baby.....and hearing the words "shes having a seizure, the ambulance is coming" I must say, is far far worse.  That's what happened Saturday and I hope to never ever have to live through that ever again.

Emma was fine early on in the day on Saturday.  She was great!  We went to our local Babywearing moms meet up and Emma was running around, giggling, playing peekaboo, and playing with other kids.  She was happy and was doing just great!  Afterwards we headed over to my parents for a visit.  She took a late afternoon nap while my dad anxiously waited for her to wake up so they could play, while my mom and I ran a few errands.  We got home and her Papa got her up and when he did, we could just tell that she wasn't quite right.  Her eyes were droopy and you could tell in her face that she didn't feel good.

We had gotten our first real snow of the season and the roads were pretty slick.  Her daddy and I hate driving with her in the winter.  Were good drivers but the fear is the other drivers.  Around here, people are not as careful as they should be on the roads and when the roads are icy, things get pretty dangerous.  Emma had just a slight temp, but shes also cutting a couple of new back teeth.  Shes gotten a temp before when cutting teeth and we assumed this was a repeat.  We gave her a dose of baby Tylenol to keep the fever down and decided that it was best that she spent the night at grandma and papa's house rather than brave the slippery roads for the 45+ minute drive home.  She loves having sleepovers with grandma and papa and they love having her.  So we got her dressed in a pair of comfy PJs and left.

We had just walked in the door at home when I got a phone call from my mom.  She wanted to let me know that Emma was getting worse and she was worried.  In just a few hours, her temp had gone from normal to over 103.  I was just about to tell my mom that we would get back in the car and head back to their house and that I think it would be best if they take her into the ER just to be safe.... when my mom started to yell.  "I have to go! I have to go!  Somethings wrong!  Oh my god, somethings wrong!"

I immediately dialed back.  The line was busy.  I dialed again several more times.  Busy.

I grabbed my coat and told Mr. Bee that we needed to go.  That I didn't know what was wrong, but something was wrong and we had to go NOW!  We got back in the car.  My mom called back.  She said Emma was having a seizure and the ambulance was coming.

My baby, not even 2 years old, was having a seizure and I was more than 45 minutes away from her.  That's 45 minutes on clean, dry roads.  It had taken us an hour to get home.  Now, I had an hour drive to get to my baby who was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  My baby had a seizure and I wasn't there.

So many thoughts crossed my mind.  Thoughts I cant bare to put in writing.  What if kinds of thoughts... Because I didn't know what was happening or what was going to happen.  In those moments I hated myself.  Mr. Bee was driving but I made him pull over so that I could drive.  He gets nervous driving in winter and the thought of Emma I knew would make him more nervous.  I was in mama bear mode.  Get to your baby! Get to your baby!  That's what was playing over and over my head.  I got in the drivers seat and thought "F**k the snow!"  We got to the hospital in 30 minutes.  We got to the hospital only minutes after Emma had arrived in the ambulance.

When we got there she was out of it.  She couldn't see straight.  She was crying.  She couldn't focus her eyes or control her body movements.  She had thrown up.  Her cries made my bones ache.  The sound of her poor little cries.  It didn't sound like her.  The doctors told us she had something called a Febrile Seizure, which thankfully isn't something severely dangerous as long as its handled properly.   The seizure was a result of her sudden spike in temperature.  Not from the high temp itself but from her brain being shocked by the drastic and sudden increase.  They told us that after 45 minutes or so, we should see her acting normal again.

Well after several hours in the ER, she was not snapping out of it.  The doctors ran blood work and ran tests and all came back normal, but she still wasn't snapping out of this.  The ER doctor said that he felt we needed to do a spinal tap to check for Meningitis.  So we did.  She had very little reaction to it.  He told us that normally it takes a couple of nurses to hold a child down for a spinal tab and they normally (even small kiddos like mine) will thrash around.  But my baby just sat there crying.  That's not normal.  So that was even more reason to run these tests.  The doctor told us we were welcome to leave the room while they did the spinal tap.  He said most parents leave the room because if they stay, they cry because its awful to watch.  I couldn't leave!  I couldn't even think of the idea of leaving my daughter alone for this.  She was not in her right mind, and she may not even have been coherent enough to realize what was happening.  But the thought of my 20 month old daughter, terrified and in pain, having to watch her mommy walk out of the room and then be held down by strangers and had painful things done to her and not understanding why.  I couldn't do that to her!  I couldn't leave her!  I'm her mother!  I just couldn't leave her.  No matter how horrible it was for me to watch.  It was worse for her and would have been worse if her mommy had abandoned her.   Because she did not move, the nurse allowed me to hold her hands to comfort her.  I don't know if she recognized me or not, but we never broke eye contact.  I told her over and over that mommy is here, mommy is so proud of my brave big girl.

After the spinal tap was over she was admitted to the pediatric ward for observation for a few days.  She spent her stay in the hospital hooked up to monitors and an IV.  It took 7 tries to get an IV into her tiny veins.   The last attempt to get an IV in her, they came and got her from her room at about 5am.  They told me I was welcome to stay behind and get some sleep.  Well that wasn't happening, no way in h*ll were they taking my baby and poking her with needles while I peacefully slept.  So I carried her down the hall myself to a brightly lit room with a bed where I layed her down.  By this time, she was able to recognize me.  She had become coherent enough to know that her mommy had her.  They stuck needles in both of her feet and her hand.  She screamed "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" the entire time.  I didn't let the tears out because I didn't want my tears to frighten her anymore than she already was.  I stroked her hair and told her she was so much braver than mommy could ever be and that I was proud of her and that I love her.  "Mommy is here! Its almost over sugar!  Mommy is so proud of you!"

After she got back to her room, I rocked her to sleep and stayed there rocking her till about 7 in the morning.  I put her down in her crib and tried to sleep for a few minutes but didn't.  I couldn't.  I just layed there watching her sleep.  My baby was hooked up to tubes in what looked like a cage.  There was no rest for me.

Over time, she got better.  Slowly, Emma came back and she started to act like her self again.  We still battled the rising temps in the hospital and at one point almost got to 103 again but managed to bring it back down.  Thankfully, the meningitis culture came back negative.  The doctors said that her fever must have been from something viral as all of her labs came back negative.   And she eventually got to come back home.

My poor parents are traumatized.  Imagine being a grandparent and your grandbaby having a seizure in your arms.  But it could have been a lot worse.  Emma had been in bed asleep before the seizure but my mom's wiener dog (the baby's guardian weenie, Oscar) kept scratching at the door.   Emma has her own room at my parents house.  Oscar is head over heels in love with Emma.  Hes such a good boy and never leaves her side when shes there visiting.  When she was a tiny baby, he would sleep at the foot of the spare bed in her room by her crib and he would protect and guard her while she slept.   That night, he managed to push the door open at one point and got into Emma's room.  He actually poked at her through her crib bars with his nose and woke her up.  That's when my mom got her up and took her to the living room to snuggle and try to get her relaxed and back to sleep.  Then her eyes rolled back in her head and the seizure happened.  He whole body went limp at first.  Then her whole body stiffened up and she began to shake.  It went on for several minutes and she was unresponsive. She vomited a lot during the seizure but didn't make a sound.  My mom said the whole ordeal was silent. She was talking to Oscar one second then having the seizure the next, and not a peep.  The doctors said that if she hadn't been woken up by the dog and had the seizure in her sleep on her back and vomited, she could have aspirated on her vomit and no one would have known till morning. They said the biggest complication of these seizures is when kids have them on their back and aspirate on vomit.  You always here people talking about rolling a drunk person over on their side if they vomit so they don't drown in their own puke.  Well the same thing can happen with these seizures.

Oscar knew something was wrong and knew he needed to get the baby up.  And if he hadn't, who knows what would have happened.  So many things could have gone wrong.  If we had taken Emma home with us, she might have had the seizure in the backseat in her car seat.  Shes still rear facing so we wouldn't have seen her face.  We wouldn't have known.  So leaving her at my parents was absolutely the right thing.  I hated myself in the moment but looking back, I'm so thankful that's where she was!  And theres no one else I'd trust to take care of my baby more than my parents.  They are both amazing and shes so lucky she has them both.  They are the best grandparents a little girl could ever ask for.

I'm so thankful that shes ok!  Theres a chance this could happen again.  She might or might not have another.  Theres no way of knowing and no way to prevent it.  But I'm so thankful my baby is ok and hope she never ever has to relive that!

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The Day I Learned To Tolerate My Period - My First Lunette Menstrual Cup - Review & GIVEAWAY

Periods bite.....period!   They are no fun at all.  They're gross, uncomfortable and well......gross.  BUT.....I have a new found tolerance for my period.  It was a long process to be honest, but it was a process I'm so glad I went through.  This is the story of my very first menstrual cup and why I'll never ever look back!

This is my Lunette Cup.  A menstrual cup! Not familiar?  Well hopefully this will lead you in a path of curiosity that may one day inspire you to give this a shot. I've been using a Lunette Cup for my last few cycles now and it has been seriously life changing! 

Here's how the Lunette Cup works.  Its a cup made of medical-grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina during your cycle that collects fluid.  Its washable and reusable!  So its a great, healthy and ecofriendly alternative to disposable feminine products. I love mine!  When I first kicked disposable products to the curb, I started using cloth pads.  I loved them!  And still do!  Some days I still just go with my cloth pads when my flow is light but for the heavier days, I use my Lunette Cup.

I don't have to worry about leaks with my cup so no mess and no staining.  The cup is easy to insert and it may sound surprising, but when its in, I don't even know it.  I cant feel it!  Its not uncomfortable or noticeable at all.  And you only have to empty the cup a few times a day.  And you can use it overnight.  That's the really awesome part.  Nighttime use!  No leaks in the morning!

They come in colors too which is fun!  One awesome little can wear a Lunette Cup while waiting for your cycle to start.  Yep, so if you know today's the day but you've got a busy schedule and can't rush to the bathroom, you can just put in your cup and you're ready for it.  With tampons, you run the risk of TSS and dryness by using them in anticipation of your period.  No risk with the Lunette Cup!

And there are 2 sizes.  Model One for women who have not had children, and Model 2 for women who have.  Lunette also has products to clean your cup.   And like I said, its easy to insert.  Just fold in half, then fold into a C and insert.  Its easy to remove as well.  Just pull the tip.  It comes with a nice little draw string bag to keep it in when you're not using it.   For me, it wasn't painful or uncomfortable to insert or to remove either. 

The cup is worry free.  Its such a relief because its like I really don't have to deal with my period the way I used to.  I don't really have to think about it.  And its much healthier for me than disposable products and I'm not throwing disposable products into a landfill.  Its reusable long term too!  You don't have to replace it yearly.  The FDA recommends you replace your cup every 2 to 3 years.   Imagine the money you'll save by purchasing one cup every 2 to 3 years as apposed to buying disposable products on a monthly basis!  Its crazy how much money, stress, mess and time this will save you!  For me, its just a no brainer.  I wish I had started using one a long time ago but glad I do now.  Better late than never!

Think you might want to give it a try?  Check out the Lunette website to see more and read up on why these are so life-changing.  You can also order your Lunette Cup on their website.  And be sure to connect with Lunette on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

And one lucky The Bee Hive Buzz reader will WIN 
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I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review or for hosting this giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions.

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Rockin Out In These WILD Rock-a-Bums 2.0 Cloth Diaper Prints + GIVEAWAY!

We've been big fans for Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diapers ever since I reviewed their 5-in-1 cloth diaper last year for the 1st Thankful For Cloth Month in 2013.  The fit was great, the design was awesome, the inserts were heavy duty and they were really cute  But back then, they didn't have prints, just solids.

Now Rock-a-Bums has some wild prints and I think you guys are going to love them.  I am partial to prints.  I do love solid colors but for me, I'm all about fun prints and designs.  This is our new Rock-a-Bums 2.0 in the Zanadu print!

We have a Rock-a-Bums 5-in-1 cloth diaper in Red.  We've had it for a whole year now and its held up like....well....a total rock star!  We don't have a huge rotation of cloth diapers so our diapers get used frequently and this is one that has held up like a champ!  I do a lot of cloth diaper reviews and I know its all great when you find ones you love but the true test of a diaper's quality is whether or not they hold up long term.  Because we don't just use them for a couple of months.  They get used for  years and some even through multiple children.  So my Rock-a-Bums diaper has stood the test and passed with flying colors.  And now Rock-a-Bums has the 2.0 5-in-1 Cloth Diaper with some awesome prints.

There are some differences with this new 2.0.  The lining for instance is a suedecloth.  The lining in the one I reviewed last year was fleece.  This suedecloth is awesome!   I have a new love for suedecloth now that I know more about it.  It has super fast dry time, pulls excess moisture from your babies bum to help keep them feeling dry and is also very stain resistant.  It also doesn't pill.

The inside of the diaper has snaps so you can snap in your inserts if you choose to.  There are also 2 pocket openings for inserts to go inside the diaper.  The openings are nice and big so they are really easy to stuff, even for big daddy sized hands.

Here's little Miss Emma Bee in November 2013 wearing her Rock-a-Bums diaper in Red on the bottom left.  Super cutie!   Gotta love a flashback!

The 2.0 still has a great fit and if you're not familiar with the 5-in-1, here is a graphic that shows you how it works and why its so awesome!  This diaper is super versatile and you can use it in 5 different ways.

The fit of the 2.0 is great!  Its snug and doesn't have any gaps around Emma's tummy or legs and the material is soft and doesn't leave red marks.  We haven't had any leaks with our 2.0.  The inserts work great for absorbency for a nighttime diaper.

The diaper also has a snap down rise with 3x3 snaps so you can find the perfect fit.  You can use this diaper from birth to potty training.

So we've come to be loyal Rock-a-Bums fans and I really hope you try these diapers out. They are definitely worth it.  You can check out the Rock-a-Bums website to see their other prints and colors.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter  And be sure to join the Rock-a-Bums Fan Club so you can stay up to date on everything going on at Rock-a-Bums!

Since the Rock-a-Bums team is so incredibly fantastic, they are offering one lucky The Bee Hive Buzz reader, a chance to win a Rockin Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diaper Prize Package!
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I received a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review or for hosting this giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions.

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Lunette Menstrual Cup GIVEAWAY! Winning For Thanksgiving Giveaway Hop #TurkeyHop

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WIN a Rockin Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diaper Prize Package - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like #Fluffmas Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the FluffMas Giveaway Hop hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network! Each blogger in this hop has a fabulously festive and fluffy prize for you, so be sure to hop around to them all and don't miss the fantastic Grand Prize featuring Buttons Diapers, Balm Baby, and SprayPal! You can enter to win the FluffMas Grand Prize here.

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