Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelly's Closet Free One Size Diaper Offer!

Emma Bee and I are LOVING her new Tots Bots Easy Fit Snap diaper!  I'm thinking were going to have to order another!

 Did you know.....

 Kelly's Closet has a current offer for a FREE One Size Diaper (a $23+ value) with a purchase of $99 or more (which also qualifies for free shipping)! 

Click here to start shopping and use coupon code ORCHID at checkout!

Hurry because this offer could end soon!

Save the Piggys! A Backyard Saftey Tool Review

The Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep!
Another MUST HAVE for any parent and homeowner! What is it? A magnetic sweeper.  It sounds odd but its honestly just what it sounds like.  It looks like a broom on wheels....but its a magnet! 

Photo: Empire/Blains Farm and

My husband and I bought our first house just this past December 2012.  Since the snow has melted we seemed to be finding odd things in our yard......nails and screws have been the biggest concern!   Since at some point down the road, Emma Bee will be playing in this yard, we decided to borrow a magnet sweeper from my Papa (Emma Bee's great grandpa) so we could see if there were any other unfortunate items in the yard that could pose a possible threat to Emma Bee's possibly bare piggys in the future.  

The sweeper I borrowed from my Papa is the Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep.  Empire offers a variety of magnetic tools for the home.  The Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep we used can be purchased at Blain's Farm and Fleet for right around $25.  What a value considering what you can accomplish with it!  The angle and handle length are adjustable.  Its light weight and durable!

After less than an hour of "sweeping" our yard, you would not believe what I "swept" up!!  Everything you see in the photo below (except the shards of glass, those I managed to spot while sweeping), was picked up with this magnet sweeper and I didn't even get a chance to do the entire yard!  Can you imagine the sheer piggy carnage that could have occurred with all of this left in our grass, just waiting to be stepped on?!?!

I say every parent should invest in one of these as a precaution!  You never know what could be there waiting to poke those precious piggys!


P.S.  The below photo is of Emma Bee's 20 hour old piggys :)  I LOVE LITTLE BABY FEETS!!!!

I was not compensated in any way for this review. I borrowed the product for this review.  This review is my true and honest opinion, cross my heart!! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Blog Post About A Blog About My Favorite Super Mom

I really just feel the need to plug one of my favorite blogs because its honestly the first blog I had ever read and pretty much the reason I decided to start a blog myself.

I was fortunate enough to meet a super cool lady during college and got the opportunity to study and travel with her way before she was the wonderful wife and super momma that she is now.

Her blog is amazing!  So personal, open and honest and at the same time educational and she offers some great information, ideas, giveaways, recipes, do it yourself projects, product reviews and just a wonderful insight on life and parenting.  She invites you into her life like you're part of the family.

Shes a proud VBAC mom and the woman who inspired me to want to have a home birth (I didn't get to have one with my first baby but I'm determined to have our next baby at home).  Shes also the reason I cloth diaper Miss Emma Bee!  I blame my obsession with cloth on this post here.
Shes a truly inspiring momma and a great mommy to get advise and learn from. Plus she just a cool gal.   It seems like every time I'm sitting at home with my baby and I come up with some question and I need a real mom's perspective, its the first website I turn to!

Plus her kids are adorable!

So cheers to Baby Dickey!  Thanks for being my go to mommy blogger!

Register for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt of May 2013

CLICK HERE to Register for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt of May 2013

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is sponsored by Diaper Decisions.  This is taking place during the entire month of May 2013!  Its a super fun activity and a great way to win some awesome prizes!

Click on the link above to register!

Its the 15th semi-annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt which is an internet scavenger hunt running from May 1-31, 2013.  In order to participate (and win) all you must do is visit the participating sites on the hunt during the month of May.   You will be given clues to find the Cloth Diaper Hunt icons.

"The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is the original online scavenger hunt designed to promote the small businesses of WAHMs (work-at-home-moms) who offer eco-friendly products and DIY materials."
-Diaper Decisions

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paint the Trail - Artwork by Jeff

Our cousin Jeff is an amazing artist based out of central Florida.  His artwork can be seen on fence panels along the Seminole County Trail.  He works with spray paint, brush, air brushing, the guy is spectacular!  Hes becoming quite a growing sensation and has developed quite a following.

Today he's working on painting car!  A fellow fan dropped off his car because Jeff posted on Facebook that he wanted to paint someones car.  He's posting video updates on the artwork in progress!  "LIKE" Paint the Trail on Facebook to see the final work of art!

  Check out his website and view his artwork!

Paint the Trail

You can also "LIKE" him on Facebook!

Paint the Trail on Facebook

Cloth Diaper Wing Droop- An Easy Fix in Four Easy Steps!

Now that little Miss Emma Bee is getting closer and closer to 7 pounds, I decided to give her a go in her One Size diapers to see if they finally fit.  

Since Emma Bee was a preemie, shes been going back and forth from newborn size cloth diapers, which we only have a few of, and disposables (yuck).  When she first came home she was tiny.  And I mean...TINY!   At her smallest she was 5 pounds 5 ounces during her Jaundice recovery.  While I was pregnant, I had only purchased a few Grovia Newborns and some Trend Lab One Size cloth diapers from Kohls.  When Emma Bee came home she was even too small for the Grovia newborns.  So for a while, until we could order her a couple of Bummis Brights covers with preemie prefolds, she wore Pampers Preemies (which were still huge on her tiny bum).  

She now fits well in her Grovias and her Bummis covers but Emma Bee is a Tinkle machine and dirties them all so fast and when the cloth is in the wash, her bum goes right back into disposables (ew) until the load is clean and dry to start over.  Plus now being a single income (and low income) family, we have to make due with the cloth we have and the disposables we've gotten as gifts.  That means frequent washing!

Luckily today I discovered that she fits into the Trend Lab One Sizes fairly well when snapped down to the smallest point.  They're still a bit big on her, but they work!  Yay!  Only problem is that because they are still big and have to be sized down so much, they have horrible wing droop!  And because Emma Bee is such a wiggle worm, the front of her diaper gets all saggy and bunchy after about 10 minutes of the her wiggling around in it.

As you can see from the photo below.....not very comfy looking, its definitely going to leak if we leave it like that and its certainly not pretty!

So whats my solution?   I decided to add a few more snaps along the sides to keep the wings up and snug along her tummy and sides using my good ol snap pliers!

The nice thing is that since there are several snaps not being used along both ends of the front of the diaper (red arrow below), all you need to do is add a few more snaps along the sides next to the snaps that are already there (blue arrow below).  Ive compared the snaps on other cloth diapers as well and you should be able to do this on most other brands.

Using an awl (pointy instrument that came with my pair of snap pliers as seen in photo below), determine where you would like your snap and poke a small hole through the fabric.  Make sure the hole goes through all layers of fabric and make sure to keep track of the entrance and exit holes.

Take the back of the snap and insert the small peg through the hole as shown in the photo below.

Place the front snap on, with the small peg through the center of the front snap.

Place your snap pliers over the snap, squeeze and voila!   Your snap is snug and in place!  You can add as many as you need to get the perfect fit for your baby.  My tiny baby needed 3 more snaps on each side.  Each snap took about 30 seconds to secure!  Definitely worth the time spent!

The great thing about the Babyville Boutique snap pliers that I use is that it does not even require much pressure to secure the snap so a person with weak hands could easily apply these snaps with these pliers.

Now snap baby in and see the difference!!!  


Product Review: Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers

This is definitely a MUST HAVE for any cloth diaper momma in my opinion!  My new favorite toy!

I purchased my Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers and white snaps at my local Joann Fabric store when I was pregnant and decided I would cloth diaper my baby. I figured it might come in handy if I needed to replace any broken snaps on my diapers or if I ever decided to sew my own covers. These snap pliers are amazing! The set comes with everything you need and even has additional accessories for different size snaps. Its easy to use, well made, durable and takes about 30 seconds to insert a snap!

Another great thing about these pliers is the cost! You can purchase a pair of Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers at Joann Fabrics at regular price for only $19.99 but quite often they are on sale for 50% or you can keep your open for one of their coupons. I got mine on sale %50 off so I only paid about $10 for it. Then the next time I was in, I had a coupon and used it towards a bag of snaps. The pliers come with 1 awl (pointy thing to poke the hole for the snap in your fabric), a screwdriver, 2 rubber pressing heads, 2 washers, 3 die trays for size 16, 20 and 24 snaps (to squish the snaps together on your garment) and 2 shanks (these also help squish the snaps together). The shanks can be changed out to accommodate different sized snaps. I purchased the size 20 white snaps as they seemed to be the most common size snap on cloth diapers. The pliers also come with a great instruction sheet with text and pictures. You could probably learn how to insert a snap with just the pictures alone. For my first use of the pliers I decided to add some extra snaps to some of my One Size diapers to help with wing droop. Each snap took literally about 30 seconds to insert!

There are probably plenty of things you could use these pliers for around the house! I'm good at sewing buttons onto shirts and things but its a pain and I don't like doing it. Hopefully Mr. Bee doesn't mind me discussing his delicates in public but I have to mention this little discovery. I know some men tend to have a boxer button preference. Some men just prefer boxers that have a button on the front. Some men don't care, but Mr. Bee likes a button. I don't know how many times we've been out shopping and Mr. Bee just happens to spot a great pair of boxers in some wacky print that he just has to have. Then he realizes that there is no button. Poor Mr. Bee! He refuses to get them because the button is a must for him but I know hes disappointed. Now as I mentioned, I'm good at sewing buttons on, and I'm always happy to sew a button onto his undies if it will make him happy, but the biggest headache for me, is the button hole. Well no more boxer buttons for me!! Use these snap pliers to add a snap instead of that pesky button and button hole!

Voila!! Boxer snaps!!

 You can find more information about these snap pliers at Babyville Boutique's website along with lots of other information about their products and projects and their blog at:

Babyville Boutique

I would LOVE to hear some comments if you have any other great ideas for ways you could use these pliers and snaps!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this review. I bought my own product and took my own photos.  This review is my true and honest opinion, cross my heart!!