Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Blog Post About A Blog About My Favorite Super Mom

I really just feel the need to plug one of my favorite blogs because its honestly the first blog I had ever read and pretty much the reason I decided to start a blog myself.

I was fortunate enough to meet a super cool lady during college and got the opportunity to study and travel with her way before she was the wonderful wife and super momma that she is now.

Her blog is amazing!  So personal, open and honest and at the same time educational and she offers some great information, ideas, giveaways, recipes, do it yourself projects, product reviews and just a wonderful insight on life and parenting.  She invites you into her life like you're part of the family.

Shes a proud VBAC mom and the woman who inspired me to want to have a home birth (I didn't get to have one with my first baby but I'm determined to have our next baby at home).  Shes also the reason I cloth diaper Miss Emma Bee!  I blame my obsession with cloth on this post here.
Shes a truly inspiring momma and a great mommy to get advise and learn from. Plus she just a cool gal.   It seems like every time I'm sitting at home with my baby and I come up with some question and I need a real mom's perspective, its the first website I turn to!

Plus her kids are adorable!

So cheers to Baby Dickey!  Thanks for being my go to mommy blogger!


  1. Emily has also inspired me in similar ways like having a Birth Center birth! I wanted a home birth but my SO said no which makes me sad but the birth center was just as nice if not nicer since it had a HUGE tub!

  2. Mama Bee (The Bee Hive Buzz)May 18, 2013 at 10:44 PM

    Same here Christa! My SO said no to the home birth as well. He was very nervous with it being our first baby and I understood that being in a hospital was comforting for him. I had to keep reminding myself that even though I was the only one giving birth, I wasnt the only one having a baby. If hes still reluctant on the home birth when it comes time for our 2nd, Ill look into more of a birth center option. The tub at our hospital was too tiny for my full figured rump :(

  3. Awwww, I <3 you, Maegan! And Christa! My blog has fallen to too many reviews and sponsored stuff lately, I feel, and I keep trying to find the time to get back to the stuff I love. Happy to hear I inspired you and I'm thrilled you have a blog and I get to follow along with YOUR life now! :) We have to meet up again someday - I was just looking at old photos, like when we went out for your bday and you took a shot out of my boobs hahaha. <3 you!

  4. I've always wanted to try itti bitti diapers. Thanks for this post and introducing me to another mama blog.