Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cloth Diaper Wing Droop- An Easy Fix in Four Easy Steps!

Now that little Miss Emma Bee is getting closer and closer to 7 pounds, I decided to give her a go in her One Size diapers to see if they finally fit.  

Since Emma Bee was a preemie, shes been going back and forth from newborn size cloth diapers, which we only have a few of, and disposables (yuck).  When she first came home she was tiny.  And I mean...TINY!   At her smallest she was 5 pounds 5 ounces during her Jaundice recovery.  While I was pregnant, I had only purchased a few Grovia Newborns and some Trend Lab One Size cloth diapers from Kohls.  When Emma Bee came home she was even too small for the Grovia newborns.  So for a while, until we could order her a couple of Bummis Brights covers with preemie prefolds, she wore Pampers Preemies (which were still huge on her tiny bum).  

She now fits well in her Grovias and her Bummis covers but Emma Bee is a Tinkle machine and dirties them all so fast and when the cloth is in the wash, her bum goes right back into disposables (ew) until the load is clean and dry to start over.  Plus now being a single income (and low income) family, we have to make due with the cloth we have and the disposables we've gotten as gifts.  That means frequent washing!

Luckily today I discovered that she fits into the Trend Lab One Sizes fairly well when snapped down to the smallest point.  They're still a bit big on her, but they work!  Yay!  Only problem is that because they are still big and have to be sized down so much, they have horrible wing droop!  And because Emma Bee is such a wiggle worm, the front of her diaper gets all saggy and bunchy after about 10 minutes of the her wiggling around in it.

As you can see from the photo below.....not very comfy looking, its definitely going to leak if we leave it like that and its certainly not pretty!

So whats my solution?   I decided to add a few more snaps along the sides to keep the wings up and snug along her tummy and sides using my good ol snap pliers!

The nice thing is that since there are several snaps not being used along both ends of the front of the diaper (red arrow below), all you need to do is add a few more snaps along the sides next to the snaps that are already there (blue arrow below).  Ive compared the snaps on other cloth diapers as well and you should be able to do this on most other brands.

Using an awl (pointy instrument that came with my pair of snap pliers as seen in photo below), determine where you would like your snap and poke a small hole through the fabric.  Make sure the hole goes through all layers of fabric and make sure to keep track of the entrance and exit holes.

Take the back of the snap and insert the small peg through the hole as shown in the photo below.

Place the front snap on, with the small peg through the center of the front snap.

Place your snap pliers over the snap, squeeze and voila!   Your snap is snug and in place!  You can add as many as you need to get the perfect fit for your baby.  My tiny baby needed 3 more snaps on each side.  Each snap took about 30 seconds to secure!  Definitely worth the time spent!

The great thing about the Babyville Boutique snap pliers that I use is that it does not even require much pressure to secure the snap so a person with weak hands could easily apply these snaps with these pliers.

Now snap baby in and see the difference!!!  



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm currently pregnant with my first and doing lots of research on cloth diapering, as well as entering several giveaways for diapers and other supplies. I'm so glad to find how easy it is to make some diapers fit better on little bodies. I don't know how big my little one will be when born, but I want to be prepared for anything. I'm sure adding snaps void the warranty on the diaper, but since they have such a great resale value, not much money would be lost if the diaper doesn't work for other reasons.

  2. I think Happy Heinys makes preemie diapers, for future reference. Thanks for this post! You're so talented; I would never think to do this!