Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Save the Piggys! A Backyard Saftey Tool Review

The Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep!
Another MUST HAVE for any parent and homeowner! What is it? A magnetic sweeper.  It sounds odd but its honestly just what it sounds like.  It looks like a broom on wheels....but its a magnet! 

Photo: Empire/Blains Farm and

My husband and I bought our first house just this past December 2012.  Since the snow has melted we seemed to be finding odd things in our yard......nails and screws have been the biggest concern!   Since at some point down the road, Emma Bee will be playing in this yard, we decided to borrow a magnet sweeper from my Papa (Emma Bee's great grandpa) so we could see if there were any other unfortunate items in the yard that could pose a possible threat to Emma Bee's possibly bare piggys in the future.  

The sweeper I borrowed from my Papa is the Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep.  Empire offers a variety of magnetic tools for the home.  The Empire Magnetic Clean Sweep we used can be purchased at Blain's Farm and Fleet for right around $25.  What a value considering what you can accomplish with it!  The angle and handle length are adjustable.  Its light weight and durable!

After less than an hour of "sweeping" our yard, you would not believe what I "swept" up!!  Everything you see in the photo below (except the shards of glass, those I managed to spot while sweeping), was picked up with this magnet sweeper and I didn't even get a chance to do the entire yard!  Can you imagine the sheer piggy carnage that could have occurred with all of this left in our grass, just waiting to be stepped on?!?!

I say every parent should invest in one of these as a precaution!  You never know what could be there waiting to poke those precious piggys!


P.S.  The below photo is of Emma Bee's 20 hour old piggys :)  I LOVE LITTLE BABY FEETS!!!!

I was not compensated in any way for this review. I borrowed the product for this review.  This review is my true and honest opinion, cross my heart!! 


  1. wow! thats a lot of stuff to find in your yard. I didnt know things like the clean sweep existed but I think itd be really neat to use one. def great to have for a yard that little run around in

    1. I was shocked at what we found! Its even good to have one if you do any landscaping or gardening. I did another sweep really close to our foundation before I added new flowers and mulch around our house a few weeks back. I found more nails and screws then too! Or if you have your roof redone. You never know if all of the nails get picked up after a new roof! Yikes!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! I didn't even know you could buy something like this. Go figure! If we had a yard for DS to play in, I would definitely want one of these. Glad you like it!

  3. I've never heard of anything like this, but it is an amazing idea. How does it work in areas with taller grass or rougher terrain?

  4. I could so use this in my yard. My neighbors did construction on their home last fall and I know theres nails and screw all over my backyard. This is a good idea.