Monday, June 10, 2013

Babyville Boutique Products Review: Part 1

I'm sure most of you remember my previous review post about my Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers and Snaps!  Since then, my husband has sorted through all of his boxer shorts and made a pile for me that he wants me to add snaps to.

I'm a frequent at my local (about 40 minutes away) JoAnn Fabrics and during my pregnancy, spotted their section dedicated to Babyville's PUL Fabrics, snaps, EZ tapes, patches..... you name it, they've got it.  They've got everything you could think of to make you're own baby essentials like cloth diapers and covers, bibs, diaper bags, clothing, and much more.  They even offer project books with instructions and patterns for how to make so many different things for baby.  I wondered if I could try my sewing skills at a few of their projects but wondered how easy it would be.

After my review of the snap pliers and snaps I was contacted by the wonderful folks at Babyville Boutique.  They offered to send me some of their other fun products to try.   And of course because of my new found love affair with Babyville Boutique, I was thrilled to do some crafting and see what else Babyville has that I might fall in love with!

I received 2 pattern and instruction books, some PUL fabrics in adorable girly prints for Miss Emma Bee, fold over elastic (FOE), boutique labels, boutique appliques, pink EZ Adjust Tape,  a Dritz fabric glue stick and a pair of Dritz Fabric scissors.

Ill be doing this review in two parts.  For Part One, I decided to venture into the fabulous world of Babyville Cloth Diapers with Babyville Boutique's Cloth Diapers Made Easy book!   And Part Two......will be Daddy's turn!

I decided to make a Pocket Diaper and a Diaper Cover using the Cloth Diapers Made Easy Instructional Book. I was worried that it may be difficult to make my own diapers, especially the pocket diaper, but boy was I wrong.  This book makes it so easy to understand and the photos make it easy to follow.

The book is great because each project gives you step by step instructions and photos to keep you on track and its worded so that its easy to understand.   The book pretty much has instructions for any type of cloth diaper you could imagine!  And it even has instructions for making your own soakers.  The beginning of the book has some sections on basic "How To's"  and tips that give you instructions on things you'll run into later in the book, like cutting your elastics, choosing and cutting fabrics, applying embellishments and other tips.

For my first  project, I made a diaper cover using the PUL fabric and fold over elastics (FOE).  I LOVE the fold over elastic.  It is so convenient and the great thing about it is that its easy to apply thanks to the detailed instructions in the book and my diaper cover has nice clean soft edges around the legs and belly. 

And cutting my PUL Fabric was a breeze thanks for the Dritz Fabric Scissors that Babyville was kind enough to send along. These are the scissors recommended in the book and I can see why.  The cut is as smooth and clean as can be.  Ive gone through numerous pairs of fabric scissors in my lifetime so far and have not owned a pair that cuts this clean.  And with PUL fabric, you want to get  a nice smooth clean cut edge.

For the closures I used Babyville's EZ Adjust Tape to make an aplix closure in front.  This is really handy, soft and easy to work with.  I used the Dritz Fabric Glue Stick to get my EZ Tape in the right place and to help hold in in place while I used my sewing machine to do a stitch around the edges.  This was great!  I cant believe I hadn't discovered the fabric glue stick sooner!   Its great because when you use the glue stick, you can avoid pinning.  And too much pinning in the PUL fabric isn't good! 

And while were on the topic of PUL fabric, the prints that Babyville features on their PUL fabrics are adorable.  They have a sweet assortment of boys, girls and gender neutral prints and colors.  The quality is great too.  Ive used other PUL fabrics before that just seem thin and not as fluid resistant as you would expect of a PUL but Babyville's is durable and leak free.  Ill definitely stick with Babyville Boutiques PUL from now on for all of my cloth diapers and related projects!  I'm very happy with my finished diaper cover and cant wait to get Emma Bee into it!

For my second project I decided to do a pocket diaper.  Very different from the cover but still super easy and super fun to make.  And of course the whole reason why I wanted to make a pocket diaper was so that I could use my Snap Pliers and Snaps for the closure.  At first the pocket diaper was intimidating but the book made it a snap!  (Ooh I kinda made a joke there...haha)  There are plenty of pictures to show you exactly what you should be doing.  And of course the patterns are in the book, ready to be cut out.  I again used the fabric glue stick to attach the yoke on the back of the front of the diaper.  It helped to secure it for sewing and worked so much better than pins!  For the pocket diaper I added one of the adorable labels that Babyville sent me.   I stitched it to the rump of my pocket diaper and it says "mama made."  Too cute!


 All in all, I have nothing but great things to say about these products.  There are so many great ideas in the books and Babyville Boutique and Dritz have everything you need to make all of your favorite baby essentials!

In Part 2 (coming soon), Daddy  will be taking a little trip to Babyville and doing his own project using the Baby Essentials Made Easy book and the Babyville Boutique Appliques!  

Product was provided to me at no charge to facilitate my review.  I did not receive any  compensation and the opinion express in this review is my true and honest opinion.  Cross my heart!


  1. Maegan, I'm so impressed!!! I've sewn some baby gowns and onesies before (with patterns) and my own crib sheets... but I'd be scared to try a diaper. But you make it sound so easy! With all this Babyville stuff... that's awesome! And super cute!

  2. Its so funny you mention onsies!! The Baby Essentials Made Easy book that we used to do the tie-dye has instructions for turning a sweatshirt into a cardigan but you can definitely do this with a onsie. Emma has a couple of white onsies that have some blow out stains around the leg openings so Im going to cut the bottom part off and hem along the bottom and do the rest of the cardigan instructions to open up the front and add snaps. Plus the short sleeves will be nice for summer. Emma Bees a wiggle worm so sometimes snapping up is easier than over the head :)

  3. I think itd be fun to try to make diapers but I know mine wouldnt turn out very well, prob not even usable haha. yours came out very nice!

  4. You make it seem so simple, and though the Babyville Boutique book claims to make it simple, I would probably mess it up. I just started sewing (yesterday), and I've caught the fever! Must. Sew. Everything. Lol
    I think I am going to try these next time I go to JoAnn's! Thank you!