Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy Goes to Babyville!!! Babyville Boutique Product Review Part 2

Yep, you heard right!  Daddy took a trip to Babyville.....and all he brought me was these awesome tie-dyed onsies!  And he tie-dyed them himself!

It was so easy with the Baby Essentials Made Easy Pattern and Instruction Book , Dylon Fabric Dye  and Babyville Boutique Appliques we received from the amazing folks at Babyville Boutique!!

Typical dyes I've seen give you very few options for color.  Not to mention the fact that they fade and hardly retain any color after a few washes.  You basically get to choose from your standard colors, red, blue, green and so on.  Not Dylon Fabric Dyes!  The assortment of colors is a vast and vibrant pallet.  My favorites are the many choices of "blue."  I've got blue eyes so I'm always on the hunt for brilliant shades of blue to compliment my eyes.  And lucky me, our daughter has blue eyes too.  So I guess I'll have Daddy make her a blue tie-dyed onsie!! They've got Bahama Blue, China Blue, Jeans Blue, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, who knew there were so many blues!

The Tie-Dyed Onsie project isn't the only fun craft in the Baby Essentials Made Easy book.  They give you step by step instructions on how to make you're own bibs, changing pads, diaper bags, shower gives, toys and much much more!   The next project on my Babyville To-Do List is the Snap Up Cardigan project.  It shows you how to take a sweater and turn it into a snap up cardigan.  The cool thing about that project is that it would totally work for onsies!  Emma Bee hates pulling shirts up over her head so Ive got a mission to turn some of her onsies into snap ups.  

There's a multitude of fun and family friendly activities in this book.  Its not just for crafty moms who like to sew.  Daddy can make his own baby essentials too and so can the kids (with mommy and daddy supervision of course).   There are so many great ideas in this book, you don't want to miss out!

Here is Daddy all ready to go at his tie-dying station!  Rubber bands ready, hands protected, dye mixed and ready to go to town (Babyville that is)!

The Baby Essentials Made Easy book give you step by step instructions starting with prepping your onsies all the way to the end washing.  It shows actual pictures of what the onsies should look like all wrapped up in rubber bands so you get a real visual of what to do. 

You can do any color combination you want or just do a solid color.  Daddy decided to do several onsies and experiment with color combinations.  Since we only had 5 containers to put dye in, he plans on doing more assortments after he empties the containers he used for this batch.  Emma Bee is going to have enough tie-dyed clothes to last her till kindergarten!!

Daddy had so much fun with the tie-dye!  Just remember to have plenty of rubber gloves on hand. Although, after we ran out of gloves, Daddy seem awfully proud of his tie-dyed hand!

Since this was Daddy's project, he even ironed the Babyville Boutique Applique on himself!

More of Daddy's finished art work!

Like I said, there are so many fun projects in the Baby Essentials Made Easy book so this is definitely a book we'll be opening often!  And I see a lot of tie-dying with the Dylon Fabric Dyes and Babyville Boutique Appliques and other embellishments in our future!  Babyville Boutique has everything you need to brighten up your wardrobe!

Be sure to visit Babyville Boutique's website to see more of their awesome products!

Review Disclosure:
Product was provided to me at no charge to facilitate my review.  I did not receive any compensation and the opinion express in this review is my true and honest opinion.  Cross my heart!


  1. omgosh, too cute!!! I love it! What a good daddy :)

  2. Love it. My favorite baby shower activity is tye dyeing various baby items - my little had relieving blankets, onesies, even a swaddle me we bought 2nd hand! Now I know what dyes to try.

  3. those onesies came out so awesome! Id love to do my own like that. they would make great gifts too. i didnt know babyville offered anything like this.

  4. I love tie dye! These are so cute! Ah! I wish we had a Joann's closer by!