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Snappi Diaper Fastener and EPIBI Diaper Liner Review & Giveaway!!!

As a new momma and new to the world of cloth diapers, the vast sea of knowledge I'm gaining on cloth diapers has filled my brain to full capacity!  There are so many different kinds of diapers and covers and fasteners and liners and accessories, its hard to keep them all straight and hard to know what to choose.

Maybe my drive to use cloth diapers comes from the fact that my mother used cloth for me.  But of course, in 1985 cloth diapers were much different than they are now.  Now we have these fancy high-tech cloth diapers in every color and every pattern you could ever imagine with snaps and aplix closures and different kinds of  liners and inserts!  We have pocket diaper, all in one, all in twos, hybrids, theres just so many.  But of course, we still have the same flat and prefold diapers that my mom used on me but now we have cool diaper covers that have advanced far beyond the "plastic pants" I had to wear over my prefold when I was a baby.  And when my mom used those prefolds on me, she had the burden of having to pin them onto a wiggling, squirming baby with a big ol safety pin.  But things have changed.  And they've changed a lot!

We have several pocket diapers as well as fitted diapers with covers and some prefolds. But I haven't used our prefolds yet because I just couldn't bring myself to pinning them onto my baby.  The idea of accidentally sticking my little wiggle worm while I'm changing her just makes me cringe. My little one is a heavy wetter and I've needed something to help keep her feeling dry.  I heard about this revolutionary diaper fastener that eliminates the pinning and has completely changed the way we prefold our babies.  Its called the Snappi by Snappi Baby and they also carry EPIBI Diaper Liners that are washable and reusable.

 photo SnappiLogo_zps996418e7.png

When Snappi sent me one of their cool and somewhat unusual diaper fasteners and an EPIBI Diaper Liner to try, I was really eager to get these on my baby and see how they work!

The thing I really liked about the Snappi, is that there are no pins or sharp things that poke.  The Snappi is made of a stretchable, non-toxic material that contains no latex, no silicone and its CPSIA compliant!  Its super easy to put on and its secure!  To fasten you simply hook right, hook left and then hook center.  Its as easy as pie! 

 photo Snappi2_zpsc17f218b.png

Emma seems to be really cozy in her prefold, don't you think?

The Snappi comes in 2 sizes.  Size 1 worked perfect for my little 13 pound squirt and there is also a size 2 for toddlers!  Snappis can be purchased online directly from Snappi Baby.  There are also numerous retailers that carry the Snappi.  The Snappi comes in a variety of colors including white, mint, pastel pink, pastel blue, dark blue, purple, dayglo yellow, dayglo pink, dayglo green and dayglo orange.
 photo snappis_zpsf9d6e555.png

We really liked the EPIBI diaper liner!  The two sides are made of different fabric so that the side facing baby's bum is soft and comfortable. And they also have a contoured shape for the perfect fit inside a cloth diaper.  But just note, EPIBI diaper liners are not a soaker or insert and are not made to be heavily absorbent.  The main purpose of these lines is to wick away urine and ammonia from skin.  This means that it pulls the moisture in and away from baby's sensitive bottom leaving baby feeling dryer and helping to reduce diaper rash. That's great for us because my little one has sensitive skin.  And  EPIBI Diaper Liners are also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. You can wash and continue to reuse these liners again and again!  This can save you a lot of money by choosing these over disposable liners.  We're all about being green and saving money.  And they are so soft!  You can purchase EPIBI Diaper Liners directly through Snappi Baby online.

 photo Liners_zpsa4601679.png

Not only is using a Snappi safer for baby, but using a Snappi with flats or prefolds and a cover can actually be cheaper than buying a stash of pocket diapers or all in ones.  And you can save even more money by using EPIBI Diaper Liners and cutting out the disposables ones.  You might even save your little ones bum from diaper rash.  Well definitely continue to use the Snappi and the EPIBI Diaper Liners as part of our diaper routine!

Who's a happy Snappi baby?

And now for the 

The fabulous folks at Snappi Baby 
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  Photo above shows my blue Snappi but the winner will receive a Purple Snappi :D

Giveaway ends 7/24/2013. Open to US only.  One winner will be randomly selected.  Winner will have 3 days after giveaway ends to respond to claim their prize!  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly selected.

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  1. We love using our Snappi with prefolds or flats. They have definitely modernized cloth diapers!