Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dritz Cheesecloth Review

I am a tea fanatic!  I am seriously addicted to tea!  I always prefer tea over coffee and have an entire shelf in my kitchen cabinet designated to my tea collection.  I've actually brought teas back from China, South Korea, Kenya and Argentina.  I love all sorts of teas in all sorts of flavors and blends.

My favorite way to brew tea is with loose leaf tea!  forget the pre-made tea bags.  Normally, I fill a large glass jar with water and some loose leaf tea and set the jar out on our porch in the sun to steep.  When its ready, I bring it in, strain out the tea leaves, pour my tea into a new pitcher and compost the used tea.  Sun tea is our favorite kind of iced tea!  But since I'm becoming so busy as a new momma,  I needed a way to cut some time off of my steeping routine.  So I decided to try using some cheesecloth to make my own tea bundles.  This way I can still use my favorite loose leaf teas but spend less time making it.

Being a dedicated crafter and self proclaimed grandmother taught/self taught seamstress, I've become a big fan of Dritz products.  They carry a wide variety of sewing tools and notions.  So I decided to try Dritz Cheesecloth to make my tea bundles.  Dritz Cheesecloth can be found in many crafting and sewing stores such as Joann's because its uses range from crafting and sewing projects, to culinary and household uses such as cooking, baking and canning.  It can also be used to clean and dust and to polish your car or furniture. Its absorbent and re-usable and 100% cotton.

I started out by cutting a square of cheese cloth to use for my homemade tea bag/bundle.

I filled the center of the cloth with some loose leaf raspberry tea.

I wrapped up my tea bundle with a rubber band and placed it in my jar.

 The great thing about Dritz Cheesecloth is that its loosely woven to allow for the water to flow nicely through the cloth in order for the tea to steep.

I have a new and easy tea routine thanks to Dritz!

I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I purchased my own product and the opinion expressed in this review is my true and honest opinion.  Cross my heart!


  1. this is pretty neat! Ive never seen tea made this way before. thanks for the cool idea!

  2. That is awesome! I have been wanting to make my own "tea bags" and this looks like the perfect solution.