Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dritz Iron on Letters Review

So most of you who have come to know me somewhat well, know that I have become quite an addict of Babyville Boutique, Dritz, and Dylon products!  But Babyville Boutique, Dritz and Dylon are just a few of the many fabulous brands under Prym Consumer USA, Inc.  Prym Consumer USA, Inc. houses several top of the line brands.  They are the largest distributor and manufacturer of quilting, sewing and crafting notions in North America!  So my favorite Dritz products like my amazing Dritz fabric glue stick and fabric scissors, the Dylon fabric dyes that are brightening my home and all of the fabulous Babyville Boutique notions, fabrics and instruction books are all one big happy family of fantastic brands from Prym Consumer USA, Inc.  As I've been introduced to more and more of these great products, I'm realizing as I'm going through my sewing box and desk, that at least 75% of my sewing tools are from Prym Consumer USA, Inc. brands!

So when my friends at Babyville Boutique wanted to know if I would be interested in trying Iron On Letters by Dritz, the answer was a given!  But I assumed they would be like an applique.  I figured there would be a simple alphabet, maybe in different colors.  I had NO IDEA how much fun these iron on letters would actually be and how many fun projects ideas I could use these for!  My list is growing way too fast.

 photo Dritz_zpsda7d7cba.png

Dritz Iron On Letters have the entire alphabet available but and they come in so many cool fonts making it so easy to find a font to accommodate the project you have in mind. Whether you're making team shirts or shirts for a fundraiser or event, or just fun name projects for your kids, these iron on letters are simple to use and super sharp!

Each set of letters comes with one or more sheets so some of the fonts give you more than one of each letter.  Fonts don't just come in one size too so you can use a larger or smaller font depending on the size of space you have for your letter placement.

My first idea for these letters was inspired by Independence Day.  The 4th of July was approaching and not only was it going to be the day we celebrate our nation's independence, but July 4th was also Emma Bee's 100 day birthday!  So I needed to make something festive for the occasion.

I remembered that I still had some of those awesome Dylon Fabric Dyes that you may remember me writing about not too long ago.  Read my review of Dylon Fabric Dyes for more info on these super colors!  I just happened to have Tulip Red and Jeans Blue Dylon Fabric Dye and a white onsie in Emma Bee's current size. Perfect for making a red, white and blue tie-dye onsies for Emma Bee to wear for our Independence Day fireworks celebration!   When you live in Independence, Iowa you have to go all out for Independence Day!  So once again, we were busy tie-dying a new outfit for our little Bee!

But of course, I still had to incorporate some lettering. Well, since its Emma Bee's 100 day birthday, why not just tell the world!!

I used Dritz Iron On Letters to put text on Emma Bee's new 4th of July onsie reading "I am 100 days old."  Since I only had letters and not numbers, I got creative and used an "I" and a couple of "O"s to make the "100."  Dritz Iron On Letters are so easy to apply.  All you need is an iron and a heat safe surface like an ironing board.  Set your dry iron to the wool setting and let it heat up.  Simply cut out the letters you want to use, place them letter side down onto your fabric and press the iron on for about 12 seconds.  Flip it over, press with heat again for another 10 seconds or so, let it cool, peel the sheet off and there you have it!  Easy as pie!

Now she's all ready for the fireworks!

Her "I am 100 days old" tie-dyed onsie was so cute for her very special first 4th of July and it will also be a really cute keepsake for her.

While I was having so much fun making Emma Bee's new onsie, I came up with another really fun idea for the Dritz Iron On Letters.  I've seen baby nurseries where parents have placed their baby's name on the wall above the baby's crib.  I wanted to do something along those lines but wanted something I could hang on the front of her crib.  Of course, it has to be soft and safe if its going to be on her crib.   I actually make my own cloth wipes for her diaper changes and I had some really cute pieces of fabric left over made of 100% Cotton Flannel fabric.   I cut some squares and surged two pieces of flannel together to give it some thickness.

Then I started to add my letters.  As I said before, they are so easy to apply with the iron!  Just cut out your letter, place it letter side down on your fabric.


And press for 10-12 seconds!  Flip, press, cool, peel and you're done! 

  Then I took some pink ribbon left over from an old project and cut strips so I could hang my letters from the front of the crib.

Ohhh but before I go onto my next steps, I headed upstairs to our office where I keep my sewing machines and found this waiting for me on my desk.....

Remember that review I did of the Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers and Snaps?  Well that right there is a pile of my husband's underpants.  My husband's subtle way of telling me that he'd like some snaps added to his underpants fly.   I'm starting to think I'm not the only fan of those snap pliers in our house!

Anyways, back to my hanging letters.  I used my sewing machine to make a simple stitch to attach the ribbons to each letter.

Now they are ready to hang!

If you like this project idea, there are other ways to hang the letters if you dont have a baby crib.  You could always install a decorative curtain rod above your child's bedroom or playroom windows and hang your letters from the curtain rod. 
I have so many more projects in mind for these letters!  I cant wait to do more with these!   I know there will have to be some "Mr. Bee, Momma Bee and Emma Bee" t-shirts made.  The great thing is that these letters make it so easy to personalize things.  Making t-shirts for fundraisers, team shirts and shirts for other events, adding your name or just a fun saying is so easy.  I remember when I was little, my favorite t-shirt was a little white shirt that said "dont worry, be happy" on it.   I dont know where mine ever ended up but I think Ill be making one for Emma Bee in the near future!

I was provided product at no charge to facilitate this review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my true and honest opinion. Cross my heart!


  1. Too cute! I LOVE the name banner on her crib - great idea!

  2. Thats a gorgeous crib! I love what you did with these letters. esp the banner. ive been wanting my daughters name in her room somewhere but didnt know how to do it. thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Always wanted to try iron on letters. Will check them out. Cute baby btw!

  4. Wow! That is so awesome! Your nursery is very pretty! And I am really jealous of your sewing machine set-up. I've been hoping for a sewing machine for Christmas! (We'll see!!)