Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Crinkle Shirt By Magnus Pater- Product Review

Bonding with your children can be one of the easiest and one of the most difficult things all at the same time.  Bonding relationships between babies and mommas, I think, tend to be such an instant connection for most moms and babies.  As mothers, we carry our babies for months and months, feeling every movement, every wiggle, every hiccup.  Our baby hears our voice, every word, every laugh and even hear our snores.  But for Daddy's, grandpas, uncles and friends, the connection sometimes takes a little time.

My husband and I are always on the lookout for toys and tools and things that we can use to interact with our baby.  We are always on the hunt for things to engage our baby and entice her to interact with us, especially my husband.   He is so proud to be a daddy and wants to build the best relationship he possibly can with our baby girl.

So when I was contact by the owner of Magnus Pater and heard all about his ingenious product called The Crinkle Shirt, my husband and I were thrilled to try it!

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And I'm going to be honest right from the get go.   This has to be one of our top favorite products that we have had the opportunity to try!  I hope Magnus Pater is a company that sticks around for a long long time and has all the success in the world!

So... what is The Crinkle Shirt?   Well, it is a stylish and comfortable, 100% cotton, button up shirt for men, with tools for interaction build right in!  Sounds odd doesn't it?  But take a look....  Here's a  photo of my husband out and about in his Crinkle Shirt.   

Its designed to be worn in any setting whether it is out to a nice dinner, out for a walk, to a ball game, or a picnic in the park, to a family reunion, a trip to the store or for a sharp look in the office.   You can wear it tucked in or untucked and pair different styles of pants with the shirt for different occasions or settings.   Its soft, comfortable and fitted.  It currently comes in Red Checked 100% Cotton or Green Checked 100% Cotton.  My husband is wearing the green and personally, I think he looks super handsome in his crinkle shirt!

Now why is it called The Crinkle Shirt?   See the pockets on the front?  There's the hidden treasures!  Each pocket is constructed with interactive elements to encourage interaction between men and little ones.  Both pockets are equipped with a crinkle material.  One pocket also has a small mirror in the flap and the other pocket flat is made with a textured bubble type material.

But you would think that these pockets would be awful noisy with the crinkle material, but they are not noisy at all!  You only hear the crinkle when you scrunch the pocket material.  The textured bubble material gives your little one something to see and feel and the mirror is a great way to start a fun game of peek a boo!  My little girl's favorite components of the shirt are the crinkle material because she really seems to love the sounds and she loves peeking in Daddy's pocket mirror!

But here is a little tid bit of information about the mirror.  You don't have to worry about it breaking....because its made of plastic.  BUT...its crystal clear unlike other shatter proof mirrors on children's toys that only let your child see a blurred reflection.  

Here's my proof of how clearly your child can see themselves in the mirror!

The genius of The Crinkle Shirt, is in Magnus Pater's "SEE IT, HEAR IT, FEEL IT" concept!

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Now a little history behind Magnus Pater and the reasons why our family has truly fallen in love with this company. Magnus Pater was started by a man named Lars Sequist.  He came up with the idea for his crinkle shirt after his first niece was born.   She was such a busy little girl and always wanted to wander off and check things out.  But Mr. Sequist, being such a proud uncle and so fond of his new niece, just didn't want to let go of her.  He needed something to grab her attention and keep her on his lap.  So he came up with the brilliant idea to integrate devices into a shirt so that he could be more entertaining to her and allow him to spend more time being close with her.

Of course, Mr. Sequist still wanted to be able to wear the shirt out and about without it looking "ridiculous" as he put it.  Mr. Sequist told me that he feels he is like most men who are proud to be a caring role model in a child's life or in his case.  But he didn't want to literally wear it on my sleeve or on his shirt pocket in this case.  This actually reminded me of father's day when so many dads get goofy t-shirts that say things like "I'm a Super Cool Dad" on them.  So cheesy, but Dads wear them anyways, out of love of course.  Well, Mr. Sequist decided that hiding the devices would enable him to go out to dinner with his sister's family and not look out of place but still be able to entertain his niece with his fun and interactive shirt!  What a cool idea!

I remember growing up, my grandpa always worn button down shirts with pockets and I was always peeking in the pockets to see what was in there and always trying to sneak things into his pockets without him noticing.  It would have been so cool for my grandpa to have a shirt like this!  Magnus Pater also sent us one of their Red Checked Crinkle Shirts for Grandpa to try and he loved it.  It was so heartwarming to watch our little girl playing with grandpa and so nice for grandpa to have bonding time with his grand daughter!

It took several years to get Magnus Pater going, lots of testing with different men, fathers, uncles, grandfathers according to Mr. Sequist.  He realized thought the experiences of these men that it was much more than entertainment.  He found from the experiences of these male role models, that this was actually a terrific bonding tool, enabling men to build better relationships with the children in their lives by allowing for more interaction and more time spent together!

The name, Magus Pater has very strong roots with Lars Sequist and his family.  His father's side of the family is Swedish.  He had a great grandfather named Magnus and Magnus in Latin means "Great."  The word "Pater" means "father" in Latin.  So the company name of Magus Pater means "Great Father".  And the word "Pater" is also a call out to the word "paternal" representing a father figure.   Mr. Sequist told me that he likes this name because we all have friends, uncles, grandfathers and fathers influencing our children.  He said "it takes a village as the saying goes" and The Crinkle Shirt and the mission of Magnus Pater is to provide useful ways to enable those close to our children to have a better bonding experience and to be a positive role in our children's lives.   

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This strong bond to their heritage and these wonderful family values, along side the need to be a positive role model in a child's life and to encourage closeness and strong family relationships is why we love Magnus Pater through and through!

Our family highly recommends The Crinkle Shirt!  It would be a great gift for any man in your life!  You can purchase a Crinkle Shirt at MagnusPater.com!

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I received product free of charge from Magnus Pater to facilitate this review.  The opinion expressed in this review is my true and honest opinion.


  1. omgosh, that is too cute! What a great idea! I've seen things kind of like this - although not as cool - for women (patterned nursing bras, striped shirts, etc)... but never for the dads! No need to pack toys, ha. Love it!

    1. This was such a cool idea for a product! We love it and hubby looks super sharp :)

  2. That is so neat! My husband would love this (and so would my son!). Every baby loves the crinkly material!

  3. This is freaking adorable. I love how she's digging in his pockets. My man-creature needs something like this. If it'll keep my daughter happy long enough for me to pee, then I would call it amazing.

  4. What a cute idea for baby and daddy bonding! We'll definitely look into this one (:

  5. SO COOL!!!! What a great idea!! This would make a great baby shower gift for a new daddy or a grandpa!! I love the tactile pocket for babies!! Seriously AWESOME!!