Saturday, August 10, 2013

DrammyDroopers AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

So most of you know, I am a cloth diaper momma.  Before I became a mom, I only knew of one other momma in my circle of close friends that used cloth diapers for her babies.  Most of my other friends and mommy friends were really skeptical about my interest in cloth diapers.  And honestly, in the beginning, I was skeptical too!  There is so much to learn about cloth.  There are so many different kinds and ways to use them.   It was overwhelming at first.  But after some trial and error, we've been fortunate enough with a little help from friends, to be able to try some different types of diapers and have found many that work for Emma Bee.

When I was a pregnant and learning, soon to be momma of a cloth diapered baby, I didnt know where to start.  But one thing that seemed to be so popular amongst the cloth diapering forums and social networking discussions was the pocket diaper.   Its a super easy concept!  You have a diaper.  The diaper has a pocket.  You stick your insert in the pocket.  You put it on your baby.  When its soiled, the diaper and the insert go into the wash.   Super simple, quick and daddy friendly too!

There are so many cloth diaper companies out there.  Where do you possibly start?  Well....I have found myself in a recent love affair with Etsy!  There are so many fantastic mommas on Etsy who make cloth diapers.  And great ones too!  Thats how I found Drammy Droopers

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I stumbled upon Drammy Droopers' Etsy Shop and was browsing through their selection of cloth diapers, amongst other fabulous finds.  They also carry some amazing mama cloth!  Check out my review of the DrammyDroopers DrammyPads too!  

DrammyDroopers has so many cool cloth diaper prints, its hard to pick just one favorite.  Actually I could easily build an entire stash consisting exclusively of Drammy Droopers diapers!

Drammy Droopers sent us one of their diapers to try.  I love it, Daddy loves it, Emma Bee loves it and Grandma got the giggles when she saw it.  The print is totally us!  Drammy Droopers sent us their One Size AI2 Pocket Diaper with snap closure in the "Playing In The Dirt" print.  The diaper has a suede cloth inner lining with a super soaker included.  They also sent us one of their super soft sherpa inserts to try out too!

Now, the first thing I noticed about the package was the love that went into it.  Our diaper arrived beautifully wrapped in purple tissue and ribbon with a card telling me everything I needed to know about prepping and caring for our new diaper and inserts!  No need to sit and wonder how much to prep and wash and what type of cycle to use because its all right there!

When I opened up our diaper, the very first thing I notice about the diaper, was the attention to detail!  One thing I have noticed with some other cloth diapers that come in prints. is the fact that the printed design on the back side of the diaper is right side up, but when its all sewn together, the front ends up to be upside down.  That's a bummer and kinda goofy looking in my opinion.  But DrammyDroopers actually uses 2 pieces of fabric for the outter shell of the diaper.  They make a seam in between the legs so when the diaper is on, all of the little critters on our Dirt diaper are all right side up.  DrammyDroopers is perfect for a picky momma like me!

One thing I found that I really liked about Drammy Droopers in general, is their selection of prints.  Theres only so many PUL prints out there but to give you a wider variety of diaper prints and colors to choose from, DrammyDroopers uses a layer of cotton fabric on top of a layer of PUL.  This way there are more prints to choose from and your diaper is PUL protected so it doesnt require a cover.

I've never tried a diaper with a suedecloth lining before.  Im glad I did!  It is super soft and doesnt get pilly fuzz balls like some diaper lining.  And the soaker insert is super soft and super absorbant.  You can fit it into the pocket and snap it in too!  We also were able to try their sherpa soaker.  I liked both soakers/inserts.  Bit the sherpa soaker is my favorite of the two that we tried!  Its made of 2 layers of microfiber and one layer of super soft and fluffy sherpa!  This is the softest soaker I have ever felt! And its absorbant too!  The soft sherpa side faces baby's delicate bum.

Emma Bee has been mesmerized by her new diaper!  Its adorable.  She loves to sit and look at all of the cute little critters on her diaper!  We sat outside in the garden to admire it.  It also has a great fit!  No leaks at all around her legs and fits great around her tummy.  There are snaps to snap down the rise and around the tummy to make the perfect fit!  The diapers and inserts are also made well and you get some pretty wonderful quality for a great price!

And just to give you a little history of DrammyDroopers, the name DrammyDroopers is a fun story and Heather from DrammyDroopers, was kind enough to share her story with me.  When her daughter was young, she and her Grammy were like "two peas in a pod" as Heather so perfectly put it.  She would always pronounce her Grammy's name as "Drammy." And most parents know from experience that when your baby has a full diaper, they tend to look a bit "droopy." So the name DrammyDroopers came to be.  Heather started making cloth diapers after a friend wanted some help coming up with a handmade diaper for her children.  Heather fell in love with making diapers and since Grammy is a fabric expert and the mastermind behind the DrammyBag, Heather got help from Grammy with all of her troubleshooting and fabric questions.  Her daughter comes up with the fun and creative names for all of the prints, her husband manages the Etsy shop and their team of fabulous personal assistants (Hunter, Shiloh and Emma, the family dogs) are the "break coordinators."  So as you can see, this is a whole family lending a hand in this amazing business which is so obviously in it for one reason, a passion for what they do!  

I would definitely recommend DrammyDroopers diapers!  Heather is definitely my favorite WAHM and I encourage you to check out her fantastic shop!

You can purchase your own DrammyDroopers cloth diaper from her Etsy Shop and you can also (and I hope you do) LIKE DrammyDroopers on Facebook!

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Disclosure: I was provided a cloth diaper by DrammyDroopers at no charge to facilitate this review.  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my true and honest opinion. Cross my heart!


  1. I've never used a diaper with suedecloth lining, but I've heard great things! Would love to try it. And I looked on the Etsy shop and you're right about the selection of ADORABLE prints!!

  2. I had never heard the origin story of their name. Neat! I love their prints and the sherpa lining must be so soft!

  3. Oh my gosh...those pictures are just adorable (: