Thursday, August 1, 2013

DrammyPads by DrammyDroopers Review

So I've been hearing a lot of women talking about mama cloth lately.  Mama cloth, in case you don't know, refers to cloth menstrual pads.  I've been doing a lot of reading on the concept out of curiosity.  And from what I'm hearing, there are a lot of women using them and a lot of women love them and swear by them!

Years ago I probably would have just brushed off the idea without hesitation.  But of course, as most of you who know me are aware that I am a serious cloth diaper mama.   Becoming a new mom and discovering cloth diapers at the same time was very exciting for me!  We had discovered a way to not only save money by not having to purchase hundreds upon hundreds of disposable diapers but we were also doing something good for our environment.

I mentioned to my own momma that I was interested in trying some mama cloth.  She scrunched her nose and the first thing out of her mouth was....."ew."   But I didn't let it phase me or sway my curiosity.  I had a feeling there must be something I'm missing.  There must be something that all of these mama cloth mamas know that I don't! 

I've been scouring the internet for the perfect first pad, the one to base my whole opinion on.  The one that will make or break it for me.  Will I love them?  Or will I hate them?  I had to find the right one.  Then I stumbled upon an Etsy shop.  Not only did this Etsy shop make cloth pads, but they make cloth diapers too, among other fun things.  Perfect!  They had the best of both worlds for me. I had discovered DrammyDroopers!

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DrammyDroopers sent me my first set of cloth pads,
which are also known as their DrammyPads
 I was totally stoked!  

DrammyDroopers says it perfectly on their Etsy shop listing for DrammyPads and I quote "if our babies can go eco-friendly with cloth, why cant we."  Well said DrammyDroopers and so true!  DrammyPads are handmade and great quality!  You can really see the care and love that goes into every DrammyDroopers product!

The prints are what hooked me to start.  They offer an assortment of bright and colorful patterns.  Then there's the fact that they fold up and snap to fit snug in a small pocket in my purse or in my diaper bag.

But before I get into the DrammyPad details, I want to tell you a little bit about DrammyDroopers.  I love supporting WAHMs (work at home moms for those who don't know the lingo).  And I love supporting family run businesses.  Well, DrammyDroopers is all of that and a bag of banana chips!  It is family operated and family oriented from start to finish.  

The name DrammyDroopers is a fun story and Heather from DrammyDroopers, was kind enough to share her story with me.  When her daughter was young, she and her Grammy were like "two peas in a pod" as Heather so perfectly put it.  She would always pronounce her Grammy's name as "Drammy." And most parents know from experience that when your baby has a full diaper, they tend to look a bit "droopy." So the name DrammyDroopers came to be.  Heather started making cloth diapers after a friend wanted some help coming up with a handmade diaper for her children.  Heather fell in love with making diapers and since Grammy is a fabric expert and the mastermind behind the DrammyBag, Heather got help from Grammy with all of her troubleshooting and fabric questions.  Her daughter comes up with the fun and creative names for all of the prints, her husband manages the Etsy shop and their team of fabulous personal assistants (Hunter, Shiloh and Emma, the family dogs) are the "break coordinators."  So as you can see, this is a whole family lending a hand in this amazing business which is so obviously in it for one reason, a passion for what they do! 

So... on to the DrammyPads!  They are washable and reusable so you can use them over and over again!  How green is that?!  You're doing something green and good for the environment by not throwing masses of disposable pads into our landfills plus, imagine how much money you'll save each month by not having to purchase disposable pads.  I hate the idea of just throwing money in the trash, literally!  

DrammyPads are constructed of a layer of super soft suedecloth, a layer of batting, 2 layers of flannel and one layer of fleece as a moisture barrier.  These are so incredibly soft and comfortable, there's just really nothing like it.  There's no chance you'll ever find a disposable pad that is as soft and cozy as these!  And they are not bulky either. So even though I am a cloth diaper addict, I don't have to look like I'm wearing one!

DrammyPads are designed for light to heavy flow so there is no need to go to the pharmacy and get a box of light pads and a box of heavy pads.  You've got everything you need all in one.  They have a special contoured shape for the prefect fit.  

They are 9 inches long with wings on each side that snap around your panties to hold them in place.  And just to let you know from my personal experience,  they do not budge!  They stay in place.  I wore them on very active days and never had a problem with them moving or bunching.  And if you have ever used disposable pads then you probably know that icky feeling of a waded bunched up pad in your pants.  Gross!  No thank you!  Well not anymore for this gal!  I'm sticking with cloth for sure.  Another plus for me was that they did not leak and because of the many layers that make it so absorbent, they always felt dry when I was wearing them!

And did I mention that DrammyPads are super easy to wash?  I suppose you can wash them multiple ways.  You could hand wash them by themselves if you want.  Or you could rinse them and throw them in with your regular laundry or throw them in with your diapers.  I'm throwing them in with my diapers when I can and then line drying them. 

So...would I recommend DrammyPads?  Of course!  They are so soft and comfortable, they stay in place and don't bunch up, they are absorbent and didn't leak for me, they felt dry, they are eco-friendly and they're going to save our family a lot of money!  I'll never go back to disposables! I'm a 100% cloth mama for sure from now on!

Visit DrammyDroopers Etsy Shop to purchase your  own DrammyPads and to browse their other fabulous items!   You can also LIKE DrammyDroopers on Facebook!

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I was provided a set of DrammyPads by DrammyDroopers at no charge to facilitate this review.  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my true and honest opinion. Cross my heart!


  1. I have been thinking about making the leap into mama cloth. Thanks for your review! I didn't know DrammyDroopers made mama cloth!

    1. Trust me Mary, if you try mama cloth, you wont ever go back to disposable products! I am so glad I switched! Ill never go back!