Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Emma Bee's First Watermelon

Emma Bee and I picked our first watermelon from our garden today!  Mr. Bee is super excited to help us eat it when he gets home from work tonight!  Its the first time we've ever been able to get watermelons to grow and from the looks of it, we did a pretty good job!

Its almost as big as Emma Bee is, and boy is she proud!


  1. We tried to grow watermelons and didn't have any luck Did you do anything special ? That one is huge . I love watermelon and would love to be able to grow it and pumpkins .That's a really cute picture .

  2. Honestly Vicki, its beyond me! I have no idea how we managed this. We didn't do anything special. I actually didn't even use any fertilizer because I've been so busy. This is the first year we've lived in this house. The previous owner used to have an above ground flower garden filled with river pebbles that covered the entire backyard. They hauled everything off before we bought the house but the back yard never filled in with grass and was still really uneven and rocky. Our very nice neighbor came over and tilled most of the backyard for us for the garden and for some space to plant new grass seed. The space where we planted the watermelons was dry, rocky and had lots of clay mixed in. Other years when we've tried, we actually had a really good soil plot but no melons grew. So maybe this is just mother nature's welcome home present to us! I do have a cousin that has an amazing organic garden and they use some sort of natural fish fertilizer and the vegetables are just fantastic and loving it. I'll ask them what it is that they are using.

    1. I asked my cousin and they use a natural fertilizer made from a species of carp that has become a real overpopulated problem in the Missouri river. The company is new and called Heartland Harvest Naturals. They said that their garden was loving the fertilizer!

  3. Congrats!! I wish I could have a garden at my house. Between the dog and too much shade doesn't look like it will be happening for a while