Sunday, September 1, 2013

CJ Stole My Hubby's Beard! CJ's BUTTer, Spritz & Carcass Cleaner in Green Irish Tweed REVIEW!!

I came to the realization recently, that I haven't seen my husband with a clean shaven face since October of 2012.  Last October was the last time my husband completely shaved his face smooth before "No Shave November" came along.  And then after November came and went, there was no shaving, just trimming.  So I've found myself missing his handsome face and longing for a glimpse of that smooth cheeked man I fell in love with 11 years ago. love wont shave his face for just any old reason.   Its gotta be a pretty good reason!  And he got one!

The awesome folks at CJ's Unique Boutique sent us some of their sensational products in the Green Irish Tweed scent to try and I must say, my hubby has never smelled so good!  And hes loving his super smooth, soft cheeks! 

My husband has this love for beards.  Unfortunately for him, I don't!  I've been asking him for quite some time to shave so that I can be graced with the site of his handsome face again but each time I ask, he politely declines.  

But then we tried CJ's BUTTer and we both loved it!  When I informed him that CJ's Unique Boutique has men's scents and they even have products that he can use for shaving, he actually said that he would like to try them!  And it turns out, he really loved them and likes his new smooth mug!

And the whole process was quite the event!  Of course, in our house you cant just shave a beard and get it done.  

You gotta have some fun with it!

 Umm....this was not the look I had in mind.  Lets keep going!

He used CJ's Green Irish Tweed Carcass Cleaner just like a shaving cream.  Then he used CJ's Green Irish Tweed BUTTer just like an after shave to calm and moisturize his freshly shaven skin.  

Very funny honey. Its getting better, but not quite!

CJ's Unique Boutique also sent us Green Irish Tweed Spritz for a quick and easy after shaving application.

Not only am I not a beard fan, but I am also NOT a mustache fan!   Next!

Ah ha!  Now thats the face I fell in love with!

I think my husband's inspiration to finally shave his beard may in part have come from the name "Green Irish Tweed."  For those of you that know us closely, you may know that Brian's family heritage is Scottish and Irish.  We even had a Celtic wedding, with the hand-fastening ceremony, cutting the cake with a dirk and quite a few handsome men in kilts.  So the idea of this Green Irish Tweed was in many ways intriguing.  

The other half of his inspiration I suspect, may have been the urge to jump on the band wagon....or the Chuck wagon I should say.  In case you haven't read it, you definitely should.  If you head on over to CJ's Unique Boutique and check out their blog, Ryan the Social Media Guy from CJ's has a very fascinating article about how Green Irish Tweed can actually make you a better man.  And according to Ryan, Green Irish Tweed is basically a synonym for "manly."  And what better example of a real man than Chuck Norris himself!  So if Chuck Norris = Manly and Manly = Green Irish Tweed, and if Chuck Norris can still round-house kick a skyscraper to Mars and back even without his beard, well then pick up a razor and shave your face for Chuck's sake!

So to the folk's at CJ's Uniquer Boutique.....thanks for getting rid of my hubby's beard!  

We would definitely recommend you try some CJ's Green Irish Tweed if you haven't already!  You'll be glad you did!

You can purchase CJ's products online and you can also connect with CJ's Unique Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and you can also follow their blog too

I was provided product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my true and honest opinions.  Cross my heart!

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  1. Holy cow! He looks like a new man! My 7yo calls Green Irish Tweed his "man soap" lol

  2. Looking good Mr. Bee!!! I like it!

  3. My husband is planning on growing a beard this winter. I might have to get him some of this for when he shaves it off in the spring!