Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dr. Browns Puree & Simple Blender and Food Storage Pods With Stackable Freezer Tray Review

We love Dr. Brown's products, pure and simple!  Dr. Brown's has been a part of our baby's life since she was just about a month old.  Our first experience with Dr. Brown's was with their amazing Natural Flow Bottles!   If you're looking for a great baby bottle, be sure to read my review of Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles!  But Dr. Brown's doesn't just make bottles, they have everything you need to feed baby from their first bottle to first purees to solid foods and even have everything you need to make your own baby food!

Emma has started eating her first purees and I've been making all of her baby food from scratch.  I made a lot of her first foods from vegetables right out of our garden and Dr. Brown's sent us some of their products to help make Emma's baby food making process quick and easy!

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The wonderful folks at Dr. Brown's sent us their Puree & Simple Blender and a set of their Food Storage Pods & Stackable Freezer Tray!

My husband was really excited to try out the Puree & Simple Blender because hes a chef and loves using immersion blenders.  Since Dr. Brown's Puree & Simple Blender is a professional grade immersion blender, he was curious to see how Dr. Brown's blender would compare to some of the others hes used.  And he was really impressed!

A friend of ours got us access to a pear tree that was overloaded with ripe pears so my husband and I decided to test out the Puree & Simple Blender on some baby food pear sauce!  

Making pear sauce is similar to making apple sauce.  Just clean, peal, chop and throw them into a pot with a little bit of water (but not too much) and let them slowly cook down on the stove top.  But pears have a different consistency than apples so for me, it usually takes a lot longer to cook them down and I never really get them completely smooth.

After some slow cooking on the stove top, our pears were nice and hot and soft.  My husband used the Puree & Simple Blender to puree the pears to a nice smooth and creamy consistency!  It worked greatly!  There wasn't a single lump or pear chunk left in the pot.  It was the perfect texture for Emma!  Just look at the photos.  It only took a couple of minutes and you can see how easily the pears went from chunks to a smooth puree!

Dr. Brown's Puree & Simple Blender has 2 one touch easy to control speeds and is super easy to clean.  Just unlock the stainless steel blending rod and thats all you have to wash!  The cord also has a loop for easy hanging and storing when you're not using it.  We love the blender and if you make any of your baby's food, I would highly recommend getting one of these!  It makes the process so much easier and faster and its a fantastic price!

We also made some green bean puree and beet puree.  Both happen to be a couple of Emma's favorites so far!  After our purees were done, it was time to portion them up and freeze.

We used Dr. Brown's Food Storage Pods & Stackable Freezer Tray to portion and freeze Emma's fruit purees and veggie purees to save for when shes ready for them!  

Dr. Brown's Storage Pods & Tray are so handy and easy to use.  The portion sizes are perfect and they are BPA free!  The tray comes with 6 silicone pods that each hold 3 ounces of baby food and each comes with an air tight lid.  The set also comes with a 30 page cookbook.  The silicone pods are flexible and make it really easy to pop out baby food once its frozen!  

Since I had such large batches of purees, I filled all of the pods, froze them, then popped out the food and stored in freezer bags and repeated several times till all of my purees were frozen in individual portions.  Now, when I need some food for Emma, I can just grab a frozen block of puree from the freezer, thaw it out and its ready for lunch and dinner!  It couldn't get any easier than that! 

But you don't have to limit the pods to just baby food!  They would be perfect for storing homemade basil pesto (which I did) and for deserts and treats like homemade fruit sorbet!  I haven't tried this yet but I bet Dr. Browns Storage Pods would be great for homemade healthy popsicles!  You could easily fill them with orange juice and lay a popsicle stick in each one and freeze!  

There are plenty of ways you could use these pods!  Dr. Brown's definitely had simplicity and healthy eating habits in mind when they made these food storage pods and the blender!  I love the fact that we have come to depend on and trust Dr. Brown's through our journey through parenthood.  There are so many great products that Dr. Brown's has to offer for babies and parents!

I highly encourage you to LIKE Dr. Brown's on Facebook and follow them on YouTube to learn more about all of the wonderful products Dr. Brown's has to offer!

Disclosure:  I was provided product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.  The opinion expressed in this review is my true and honest opinion.  Cross my heart!

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  1. I will definitely have to try this. My husband was just saying how he wanted Michael to try "pear sauce" since they have applesauce. Very cool!

  2. I love Dr. Brown's products, and I love that the company makes supplies for making your own baby food as opposed to buying it.

  3. My sister has been pureeing pears the hard way. I am gifting one of these to her for Christmas!

  4. This is such a great idea for baby!