Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Post!

Well, I have accepted my very first guest post submission here on The Bee Hive Buzz.  The author is a very special person to me and as of now, not a well-known author but I'm confident that she will be one day!  

Ok......its my 6 month old.

Recently Emma Bee has been spending a lot of time sitting on my lap while I work on the computer since I no longer have my laptop and were restricted to an old PC.  Shes been very intrigued by all of these fun and  fabulous buttons mommy gets to push and play with and shes been testing her luck trying to press all of them while mommy is not looking.  So I decided to let her explore, use her creativity and her imagination and see what kind of story she would come up with.  And I must say, it is a very interesting, well written and informative article.  Her punctuation needs a bit of work but who am I to talk!  Other than that, I love it!

Keep reading to see what Miss Emma Bee had to say!

By Miss Emma Bee

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  1. My son LOVES playing on Mommy and Daddy's keyboards too. He really likes to pound on them though, so I'm afraid of him breaking it!