Monday, November 18, 2013

Eggheads Cloth Diaper Cover Review -Local WAHM Spotlight!

Lets here it for our local WAHMS!

I am a proud cloth diaper mom!  And I am so proud to support WAHMS and especially love our local WAHMS!  I've been on a hunt for great diaper covers in preparation for a family vacation this coming spring.  I still plan on using cloth diapers while our family travels to the beautiful Florida beaches for Emma Bee's first birthday.  So to make things easier for the trip, I plan on using flats, prefolds and covers.  They'll pack easier, I wont have to bring as much bulk and they will be simple to wash at our resort.

There is a great cloth diaper store not far from us in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, called Birth Baby & Beyond that carries everything we need for cloth diapering and lots more.  I spotted these adorable cloth covers while we were in the store browsing one day.

They are called Eggheads Baby and they are super cute!

Angela, the wonderful WAHM at Eggheads Baby sent us one of her covers to try and it is great! I just love her designs!

  Eggheads covers are made with a very durable PUL.  Some have a full print and some have this adorable cotton printed fabric displayed across the top of the diaper.  They have a snap closure with a convenient snap down rise.

  We actually loved this cover so much that the next time we were in the cloth diaper store, we bought another cover.  My husband picked this one out because it reminded him of the flag of Ireland (hes Irish and Scottish ya know).   

  The sizing is great because it has a snap down rise so you can adjust for the prefect fit!   It will fit little babies and toddlers!  The PUL fabrics that she uses are really soft too but at the same time, really durable.  One of my biggest pet peeves with PUL is when it is super thin and too stretchy and it almost feels like you could rip it if you pulled a snap too hard.  But the Eggheads covers have a PUL that is soft and smooth but made really well.  And the quality of the covers is great!  They are really made well and made to last!  These covers are definitely going to last us a long time!

Here is a little history behind how Eggheads Baby got started!  Angela started Eggheads Baby in November of 2010.  (HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EGGHEADS BABY!!)  She had been sewing a lot of diapers for her own children and she suddenly realized that her then 6 month old son wasn't going through as many diapers as she was sewing.  But she loved making diapers so much that she didn't want to stop!  Which is a good thing for us right!  Well, she decided to try and sell some of her handcrafted diapers.  She began consigning at Birth Baby & Beyond in Cedar Rapids and her diapers and other handmade products have been a hit!  She is a super busy super mom of 4 who also homeschools her children in additional to running Eggheads Baby.   Her favorite part about Eggheads Baby is doing custom diaper orders because she loves helping people and loves working with people to assess their needs and find a creative solution for them. Typical mom huh!

  So be sure to get in touch with Angela for custom orders!  And she doesn't just make cloth diapers.  Shes a mom of all trades!  Her specialties are "earth-friendly reusable cloth products for home and family." In addition to cloth diapers, she also makes soft-soled shoes, reusable menstrual products, cloth doll items, cloth training pants, reusable sandwich/snack bags, nursing pads, lunchbox napkins, unpaper towels, shopping bags, produce bags and bulk food bags!  If you're interested in ordering some of her products, she is a peach and just lovely to talk to so I know you'll have a great experience!  I highly recommend Eggheads products!

Be sure to LIKE Eggheads Baby on Facebook and contact her for more information on placing an order!  And if you're ever in Cedar Rapids Iowa, be sure to stop into Birth Baby & Beyond and ask for Eggheads cloth diapers!

Disclosure:  I was provided with a cover free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for the review.  The opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions!


  1. These are cute diapers. My niece would go wild for the Elmo diaper on the facebook page. Have you tried any of the fitted diapers she sells?

  2. Her diapers are adorable. I love the diapers that she had made for the fair a year ago (and the recent diapers too).

  3. Her work looks beautiful! I love the prints you have pictured here!

  4. P.S. Did you make those baby leggings? Because they're adorable. My best friend LOVES leopard print, so her future baby must have a pair like that.

  5. I love the diapers I've seen made by Eggheads!

  6. These are adorable (: I love buying from WAHMS