Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Kelly's Closet FREE CLOTH DIAPER Coupon Code!

Kelly's Closet has a new coupon code for a  

This one should be good because its a guaranteed value of $17 or more for your free diaper!

The minimum purchase is $69 and that will also qualify you for FREE SHIPPING!

Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm a true cloth fanatic....but I don't do well with surprises.  Here is what I do....  I like to shop around the site and peek at all of the cloth diapers that are over $17 and try to guess which one I'd get.  I know....crazy....but I'm crazy about cloth!

So don't miss out on this one!

I am a proud Kelly's Closet Affiliate.  This post contains affiliate links.

1 comment:

  1. Looking through the diapers to see which one I might be sent sounds like something I would do. haha I've heard that some people got the new BumGenius as their free.