Friday, November 1, 2013

Protect Yourself and Your Family With React Mobile - A Free App for Andoid & Smartphones!

Recently, I discovered a free app for smartphones and droids that may be just what we have been needing for quite some time now!  It has so many benefits, its hard to know where to start.

The app is called React Mobile!  To put it in the simplest way, React Mobile turns your smartphone or Android into a lifeline!  It allows your friends and family to know where you are when you need them to at any moment.  React Mobile's awesome "follow me" feature allows your personally selected contacts to track your whereabouts in real time.  

Just activate the app's follow me feature whenever you're concerned for your safety or think a safety issue may come up.  Or just activate anytime you're out and about, just to be on the safe side.  You never know what could happen!   And when you're safe and sound at your destination or finished with your early morning jog, just hit the "I'm Safe" button in the app to let your contacts know you're safe and sound!

The creator of React Mobile actually had a very traumatic experience in his college years that later became his inspiration for the app.  He was actually in an intense hostage situation in college.  This life changing experience got him thinking.  He knew there was a dire need for something that will allow our families to find us if we need them to.  We need something that will fit in with growing technologies.  Something that is easy to use and easy to get.  That's where React Mobile comes in!  His first inspiration was to create something that would improve safety on university campuses.  But the idea expanded into something worth while!  Many campus locations are now equipped with emergency blue light phones scattered about.  My university had these types of emergency phones.  I remember seeing them placed around campus but thankfully I never had to use them.  From what I'm told, they are useful but they are really expensive to install and also really expensive to maintain.   And think about it, you don't always know you'll be able to get to them and with React Mobile, you have an emergency locating service in your pocket at all times!

  When you activate React Mobile on your smart phone or android, you can choose which contacts in your phone you would like to have track you.   Say you're like us, Iowa residents.  And its the middle of January in Iowa and you're driving on an ice covered highway, alone,  in the middle of a snow storm.  Its getting dark out and the winter weather is starting to get really severe and the snow is causing very little visibility.  You pull over to a rest stop and activate React Mobile. You can choose for example, to allow your spouse to track your whereabouts over the next 2 hours.   If you were to happen to go into a snow filled ditch and no one can see your car from the road, your spouse will be able to find you using React Mobile and can send for help and the React Mobile app will prompt you to call 911 from your phone.  Click HERE to watch a really great video with an overview of React Mobile!

  If you do find yourself in an emergency situation, simply hit the SOS shield on the screen.  This will activate a panic alert, sending a link with your GPS location to selected emergency contacts via email and text.  You also have the ability to select for this to be posted to Facebook and Twitter!  Once you hit the SOS, it automatically prompts a call to 911.  Since the app is available in the UK, the app will prompt the user to call 12/999 instead of 911.  The app allows you to choose which country you're in so you can use this app while traveling outside of North America as well and it will prompt you to call emergency services that are available in your geographic location!

  My husband and I were just talking the other night about fitness and getting healthy.  I mentioned that I would love to start jogging in the evening after he gets home from work and after our baby goes to sleep but I'm a little worried about jogging in the dark.  There is always the possibility that a car may not see me and I could get hit.  And what do I do if there is no one around and the car doesn't stop?  The other issue is being a woman jogging alone at night.  We live in a generally safe town and a pretty safe neighborhood.  But no matter how safe your neighborhood is, you never know who might just be passing through town.  Well, React Mobile is just what we need!  Before my run, I can activate React Mobile, allow my husband to see where I am and make sure I'm safe for the entire duration of my jog!

Theres also one thing that I never thought of before until I discovered React Mobile.   I carry pepper spray with me in case I'm ever in an emergency situation in which I might need to defend myself.  But......that pepper spray could easily be turned on me.  Pepper spray, whistles, tasers and guns can all be taken by an attacker and turned against the victim!  This never crossed my mind before!  But React Mobile is a personal safety tool that can never cause harm or be used against the victim!  I'm so glad I discovered this app!
  This is a great app for families!  As parents, we worry about our children constantly!  Wouldn't you love a free app that allows you to know where your kids are at all times?  Or what about our parents and grandparents?  My dad had a heart attack several years back. The thought of him having another heart attack while hes alone out on the golf course really makes me nervous.   There are so many different scenarios of things that could happen and reasons why you would want your loved ones to be able to find you!  This app is perfect for helping you feel safer and helping your loved ones feel safe as well.   And its free!  It couldn't get any better than that! 

Getting the React Mobile app is so easy!  You can download the app from Itunes!  You can also download the app from Google Play!   Here is a great DEMO video you'll want to check out to learn more about using the React Mobile app!  Click HERE to watch!

And of course, be sure to LIKE React Mobile on Facebook, and follow React Mobile on Twitter! You can also connect with React Mobile on LinkedIn and on Google+!

React Mobile also has custom branding for educational institutions such as universities and K-12 schools as well as businesses.  For an annual fee, the app features can be customized with the group or team colors and logos for custom branding, with all of the same great safety features.    Click HERE to learn more about React Mobile's private label and custom branding service!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written on behalf of React Mobile.  All opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions.


  1. This is a brilliant idea! I'm going to mention this app to my husband; I'm sure he would be interested in it.

  2. Wow I am so glad I saw this article! This is such a great idea, especially like you said with possible icy road conditions this winter etc. I will definitely share this with my sisters.