Saturday, November 30, 2013

Show Me Your Stash Storage! A Photographic Guide to How Real Moms Store & Organize Their Cloth Diapers


Since becoming a momma and a cloth diaper momma, I've joined quite a few social media groups and forums relating to cloth diapers.  I'm finding that the best source of information and advice comes from others mommas that have been there, been through it and found the best way to do it, whatever it may be.

So my go-to source for all things cloth diaper other cloth diaper mommas!  Lately I've seen the same reoccurring question...."How do you ladies store and organize your cloth diapers?"

A simple concept but a complex one at the same time.  Organization can be simple and a big pain in the behind.  In my experience, cloth diapering can be stressful if you don't have a good system going.  And I think keeping your cloth diapers, accessories and all of the fluffy stuff organized can make a big difference in whether or not you stick to it or give up.

So I decided, that as a cloth diaper momma, I wanted to see what other moms were doing!  Maybe get some ideas, some inspiration, have an "Ah ha!" moment!  And maybe even help share some new and fun ideas with other moms to inspire your cloth diaper storage and organization!

So with the help of some fabulous fluff mommas, I've put together a gallery of cloth diaper storage and organization ideas to help you come up with the perfect method for your little one's fluff!

Here is what we are doing!

We purchased a cheap cubby shelf from Menards for I think around $30 or so, then purchased cloth totes in cute animal prints from Target for about $10 per tote.  

The totes fit perfectly in the cubes and I have separate totes if I want to keep my diaper brands or styles separate, which I do sometimes.  But honestly, I'm always rearranging and changing it up.  I have a tote for extra inserts and soakers, one for fleece liners and bum care products! 

 I also have a separate tote that I use for fitteds and covers.  

I also love this cubby because when Emma Bee gets a bit bigger and isn't in diapers, she can use the animal totes for toys, books or even clothes!   We also keep baskets of Emma's cloth diapers inside the cabinets of her changing table.  

I also have a shelf just above her changing table, far enough up so she cant kick or grab it.  I use this to put some bum care products and our cloth wipes stash.  I make 100% cotton flannel cloth wipes and love them.  So much better than disposables, better for Emma's sensitive skin and they save us a lot money.  I use a peri bottle with plain water to wet them. 

Here is what Logan from Florida and her cloth lovin hubby are doing to organize their cloth stash!

Logan and her hubby purchased an IKEA dresser to use to store their large cloth diaper stash!  She keeps all of their diapers in the large drawers.

But since the drawers are so large and spacious, to keep their diapers from flopping around and to keep them organized by brand, they use these great bins that they also purchased from IKEA!  Logan is an organization guru and even keeps her stash organized by brand in alphabetical order.   This is fantastic!  I know who to get in touch with if I ever need some organization tips!

Logan's dresser also works great for their changing station.  Logan and her husband have a great video on Youtube where they talk more in depth about their cloth diaper stash and their changing area and storage.   I love how enthusiastic Logan's husband is about their cloth diapers!  Its great to see a daddy getting into cloth!

Here is what the fabulous Megan Euler has done with her stash!  

Megan and I would get along great in my opinion because I'm a lover of all things vintage and antique!  Megan actually repurposed a gorgeous antique book case as her cloth diaper storage case.

The book case belonged to Megan's mother and is perfect for storing cloth!  As you can see, the depth is the perfect depth for stacking cloth diapers and for a cloth wipes stash!  Not only has Megan found a unique and lovely way to store her cloth diapers, but now she has an amazing family heirloom to pass on.

I've seen old book cases like this in antiques stores before and drooled over how amazing one would look in my house but it never dawned on me to use one for storing diapers.  

Brilliant and fabulously done momma Megan!

For those of you that love DIY projects, this momma has a great method that you'll love to duplicate! Amber and her super helpful and handy husband from Pensacola, Florida created this cool wall storage for a bargain price!

Amber and her husband bought some woven baskets at Joann's for a steal!  They managed to find them on sale for only around $7.50 a piece!  Her husband used Rust-Oleum paint +primer to spray paint the baskets the perfect colors for their baby's room!


But, because these are baskets and it may be difficult to keep them secured to the wall with diapers stored in them, he had pieces of plexiglass cut at the local hardware store for about $6 total for the six baskets, to place inside each basket and then attached them to the wall with screws.  Such a clever guy!

And viola!  What a great way to store your diapers with easy access to them while you're changing baby!  And for such a great price too.  This is a fun, creative and low cost project that your mommy friends will be jealous of!  And the baskets are the perfect size for diapers.

So I hope these wonderful mommas have given you a little creative spark and some inspiration for your cloth diaper storage and organization!  

I'd love to add more ideas and photos so if you have stash storage that you'd love to show off, email me your photos to

Thank you to all of the lovely mommas and their hubbies for their creative contributions and willingness to share their ideas and techniques!



  1. I love your cubby idea. I don't just like it for your purpose, but in my house it would serve well for my craft area or for the kids toys or even for my office area. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Perfect timing on this post! I have just been thinking about what I'm gonna do about a diaper station because until now I've just kept all of it in baskets in my daughter's crib since she is still sleeping in a bassinet, but she is growing so fast she'll be sleeping in that crib in no time! I wish she could just stay tiny forever :(

  3. I love this post! I love seeing other mamas' cloth diaper storage ideas. Our method works, but my son likes getting into his diapers so I'm picking them up a lot. I want to find a dresser or something similar that keeps them out of baby's reach.