Saturday, November 30, 2013

Super Simple Holiday Safety Tips


The holiday season is finally here!  

And this year will be our baby's first Christmas!

Now that were parents and have a baby to celebrate the holidays with this year, we have to completely change the way we do things.  Like decorating for example!

We can't go about decorating in the same way we used to and honestly, we probably weren't practicing the safest holiday decorating strategies.  As a parent, I'm discovering so many ways we can make our holidays safer for us and safer for our baby!

The holidays are a time of year that seem to bring up a surge of home accidents and injuries related to holiday decorating.   Live Christmas trees are usually the first culprit you think of when you hear about holiday accidents and home fires for instance.  Did you know that 30% of all home fires occur between the months of December and February?  And live trees are not always the reason behind these.  Incorrectly using extension cords, faulty wires and not using power strips and surge protects contribute to these accidents!  Not to mention the use of burning candles and using the wrong types of lights when decorating.

Here are some super simple safety tips to celebrating a safe and happy holiday season:

Tip #1:
Use flameless candles instead of burning candles!  I will admit, I am notorious for forgetting that I have a candle burning. I don't often burn candles so remembering to blow them out after some time is something I forget.  A great way to minimize your risk of a fire from burning candles, use battery operated ones!  You don't have the safety risk of fires, you wont have to worry about little hands getting a hold of a hot candle and you don't have to worry about the mess of melted wax.

Tip # 2:
Always use an ESFI approved surge protector when plugging in multiple electric holiday decorations.  Never connect several extension cords or load an outlet with multiple plugs and extensions.  By using one surge protector, you can protect your homes electrical system, your possessions and have an easy way to turn decorations such as lights, on and off.  

Tip #3
Use LED lights!  Incandescent lights can generate heat.  But LED lights are cool to the touch and can minimize the chance of fire.  Plus, LED lights are much more energy efficient so the life of your lights will be much longer and save you money in the long run.   LED lights are made with epoxy lenses, not glass.  This makes them much more durable and minimizes your risk of cuts or other injuries if they do break.

I learned all of these great holiday safety tips from 

For more holiday safety tips, 

The Electrical Safety Foundation International sent me some product samples to help make our home safer this holiday season.  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own!  All of this fabulous safety information can be found at the ESFI's website!


  1. My hubby loves candles, and I always stress that they will be left lit. Maybe it's time to pick up some electric ones.

  2. Using LED lights ensure safety and also save power consumption.

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