Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Tree Decorating Tradition - Christmas Past, Present & Future Theme

So my husband and I came up with this idea for decorating our Christmas tree this year from a movie we had seen a while back.  In this holiday movie, a family had 3 Christmas trees to represent Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future.  In the movie, the inspiration came from the Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickens.

Well, we decided to do this for our tree this year...or should I say trees.  We decorated three Christmas trees in our house!

The first is Christmas past.  Its in our family room by the front window.  For this tree, we decorated with all of our sentimental ornaments, each ornament my husband and I have given each other over the last dozen years and ornaments from when I was a baby.  Unfortunately my husband's family lost his Christmas ornaments from when he was little so we don't have any old ones of his.  But this tree is full of all of our special ornaments from past Christmas'.

The second Christmas tree which in our entry way, is decorated as Christmas present.  For this tree we decided to do something more sleek and modern with matching ornaments and a red and gold color theme.

Christmas tree number three, is Emma Bee's Christmas tree.  This one is in her bedroom.  She loves having her own Christmas tree and lays in bed watching the lights glisten as she falls asleep every night.  This tree is Christmas future and is decorated in silver and gold.  This one was inspired by Rudolf and Yukon Cornelius' song about silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree.  Emma Bee's Christmas tree represents Christmas future because that's what she is, our future.

Emma Bee's Christmas tree has a star on top but we still need stars on top of Christmas past and present.  But the three of us will be going to pick those out soon.

This is going to be our new family tradition each Christmas.  I wanted to share in case any of you were looking for a new fun family decorating tradition or needed a little tree trimming inspiration!

Happy Holidays 
to all of my wonderful readers!!

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  1. your trees are beautiful!

  2. I just watched that movie a couple weeks ago! I believe it was called "A Christmas Kiss". Cute movie, and great idea. The trees look awesome :)

    1. That might be it! :D Hubby rented a stack of holiday movies from our public library and it was one of 4 we watched. Thank you!

  3. The trees are beautiful!! What a great idea. Wishing you and Brian and Emma Bee and very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  4. This is SUCH a cool idea! And I love your house! I wish we had the space to do something like this! Maybe next year we'll get to move into a house and do something this. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the idea of the kids having their own tree to decorate in their bedroom. I can only imagine the crazy mess that my boys would put on their own tree. LOL!

  6. We finally got our tree up on Saturday, and neither I nor my husband can find the tree skirt. Oh well! And it's pretty much naked because our cats love to knock down and break ornaments (we had that problem last year). I'll just have to content myself with admiring other people's well-decorated trees (like yours!).