Friday, December 6, 2013

Magelica's Voyage - The Perfect Holiday Gift For Young Girls!

If you're looking for a great holiday gift for a special little girl in your life, then I have the perfect gift idea for you!

There is a fabulous book called Magelica's Voyage and it is perfect for young girls.  If she loves to read and loves magical stories and beautiful pictures, then this book is perfect!


Magelica's Voyage is a wonderful book aimed at helping young girls build self esteem, learn to love themselves, believe in themselves and believe in love and the magic of life.  The character of Magelica was created to be an inspiration to young girls around the world.  

Magelica is a beautiful girl that was hatched from an egg the color of sapphires.  She longs to know where she came from.  So with the help of her friends, she sets out on a magical voyage to discover who she really is.  Its a great motivational book with a magical story that young girls will love!

Magelica's website is really fun too!  You can learn all about each of Magelica's magical friends from the book.  Magelica's website also has some fun freebies.  You can download a free Magelica coloring book and you can also download a free Magelica sticker book. 

Emma loved the book and loved having her daddy read it to her.  She seems to really be drawn in by the colorful illustrations.  Shes a little too young yet to truly appreciate the strong message in this story, but I know in a few years shell be able to appreciate and understand the message of Magelica and her magical voyage with all of her magical friends.

Magelica's Voyage also comes in a gift set that include Magelica's magical feather necklace.  The handmade necklace features two beautiful feathers.   You can choose to keep both feathers or you can keep one and share the other with a special friend.  Magelica's magical feather necklace is said to bring positive energy to who ever wears it.  And its fashionable and the special little girl you give this too will love showing it off.  Its a great friendship gift!

Be sure to visit the Magelica's Voyage website to learn more and to order your book or gift set!  You can also LIKE Magelica on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

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  1. I wish I had a niece to give this to! This looks really neat! The necklace is really pretty as well!