Sunday, February 2, 2014

Penelope's Fight Against Neuroblastoma

I recently met a local momma through one of the cloth diaper groups I follow on Facebook.  She was asking for advice about cloth diaper liners.  My heart immediately broke for her.  Her sweet baby girl, Penelope, is battling cancer.  Shes just about Emma's age, almost one year old.  While little Miss Penelope is undergoing her chemo treatments, Shannon, Penelope's momma, is unable to use cloth diapers for her and this poor little baby has such bad diaper rash.  Shannon really wanted to continue to use cloth on Penelope in between rounds of chemo but needed a solution for liners while they are using a very heavy duty diaper rash cream.  So of course, I put in my 2 cents since we've had great experience with fleece liners as well as flushable liners.

After that, Shannon and I talked a bit on Facebook and she told me about her family and a support page the family has created for Penelope.  The cancer this little beauty has been faced with is stage 4 Neuroblastoma.   I would love for all of you to take a look at miss Penelope's Facebook page and support her journey through this tough time for her and for her family.  Mommas need to stick together and support each other and this little lady needs all of the love, support and prayers she can get!

Also, some family members have set up The Penelope Davis Neuroblastoma Fund on to help raise money to support Penelope's treatments and medical bills.  Please consider helping Penelope and her family.  If you're unable to donate, please share the link to her fundraising page so we can get the word out there.  Penelope has an amazing family and they need lots of extra love right now!


  1. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story.

  2. My heart goes out to them and will keep their family in my prayers. Can't imagine all they're going through. What a sweet little angel they have. Loved that you shared their story. We should all pay it forward and do what we can.
    -Grandma Bee