Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Emma Bee!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet baby girl!

Today is Emma Bee's first birthday!  I can't believe my baby is already 1 year old!  Its just amazing how wonderful this past year has been and how much this little person has changed my life. I can't imagine life without her.  We've had so many great adventures this year and its been a blessing to watch her grow and learn each day.  Emma has such a big personality and such a big heart.  I'm so proud of her!

Happy Birthday sugar!
Momma loves you SO MUCH!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little! Looks like she really enjoyed that. My youngest will be one the beginning of May :]

  2. Ha! She looks grossed out by the frosting in the first picture but then she certainly had fun with it!!! Love it. Happy birthday, Emma!