Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Doctor On Demand Review & Giveaway - Win a $200 Target Gift Card from Doctor On Demand

One thing Ive discovered as a first time mom, is that I've always coming up with more and more questions to ask our pediatrician.  Whether its a question about a rash, teething, tummy aches and especially questions about over the counter medications and remedies.  The only problem is that our pediatrician isn't always available.  Sometimes its a weekend and even during the weekdays, hes swamped because hes a great doctor, very well known in our community so hes always booked up and cant always answer phone calls.  So when I heard about Doctor On Demand, I was really intrigued and thought maybe this could solve some of our problems!

Here is a little bit about Doctor On Demand.  Its an app.  A free app!  It allows you to call in over the phone or via video and talk to live licensed physicians on the spot.  And all of the physicians are background checked as well.  They can answer medical questions, give advice on non-emergency issues such as mild infections, sports injuries, pediatric questions and short-term prescriptions. Its only $40 per call and you only pay when you actually talk to a doctor.  Its a free app so its free to sign up and there are no subscription fees.  Sounds awesome right?  Well I got a chance to sit down and have a call with one of their physicians to see if its really as great and convenient as it sounds.

I'm a little torn to be honest.  There are things I like about the app but there are things that I don't like.  First off, when I made my call, I decided to ask a question about my daughter.   We have had a pretty weird spring and summer and the bugs have been terrible this year.  My daughter is always getting bit up by gnats and mosquitoes and the bites are usually pretty large and red.  Much larger and much more red than the bites my husband and I get.  Hydrocoritsone cream is usually our go to remedy for itchy bug bites but it doesn't help for her.  It doesn't reduce the redness or swelling and doesn't seem to help with itch.  So when I made my call, I wanted to know what is safe to put on bugs bites on a toddler.  The doctor wouldn't provide me with any answer or advice without seeing my daughter on the video.  But my toddler was in bed.  It was late at night.  I had waited until after everyone had gone to bed in order to make my call because since I was reviewing this app, I wanted the call to be uninterrupted.  The doctor suggested I get her up out of bed.  But get a toddler up out of bed late at night?  That's definitely not going to happen!  I run the risk of her crying all night long and not getting back to sleep.  It was hard enough getting her to sleep in the first place.  My biggest problem is just that I didn't know I would have to take a video of my daughter.  

The doctor also wasn't really willing to talk to me when I told her I was writing a review about the app.  So I was connected to the doctor and the doctor didn't want to help.  I came up with a simple question for the purpose of the review.  My daughters bug bite issues have been an ongoing thing since Spring first rolled around but this wasn't any sort of big deal. I just wanted some general information about what is safe to put on a toddler's bug bites other than hydrocortisone cream.   Once I promised to leave her name out of this review, she told me to stay away from certain brands of baby washes that contain certain fragrances.  My call in my opinion, wasn't helpful but I honestly think that it was just that particular doctor.  I wasn't impressed with her.  I also wasn't happy that I wasn't able to get just general information without getting my daughter out of bed.  There should be some sort of pop up before the call connects saying something like "We see you are calling for another person.  This person is required to be present during the call in order for us to help you.  Please confirm that they are present."  Something like that.......  That would have been much more helpful.

Now aside from my particular call.  Considering the app in general and the whole idea behind this app, if you are able to connect with a doctor that you like, I think this app can be really helpful.  By the time you get done at a doctors office, you usually end up paying an office co-pay and some percentage for co-insurance just for the visit.  And half the time the doctor will tell you to go home and buy some sort of over the counter remedy anyway.  With our insurance copays and coinsurance, $40 per call is a really good deal and much cheaper than visiting a doctor in person.  Plus this way, I can do it from home.  I don't have to pack up my toddler and drive 45 minutes to a doctors office.  Yes, our pediatrician is 45 minutes away so its never a quick and easy trip and its just as far of a drive to go to any sort of after hours urgent care facility.  I might use this service again depending on the medical issue.  It seems like more often than not, my big questions seem to arrive on a Saturday when the doctor's office isn't open and I either have to rely on answers from the Internet and my mother (I love my mother's advice but as she usually reminds me, its been almost 30 years since shes had a baby to take care of 24/7) so I usually end up at the pharmacy trying to wing it on my own.

Immediately after the phone call, I received an email from Doctor On Demand letting me know that since I wasn't able to get my daughter on the phone, I received a credit for another call so that I could call again when she is up and about.  So that was really nice!  I guess the doctor immediately updated Doctor On Demand to let them know that my call wasn't successful and it didn't count against me.  So that's a huge plus and shows me that they do have great customer service!

So overall, I would try Doctor On Demand again.   Each situation is different and every doctor is going to be different.  The cool thing is that the app does give you the option of making a favorites list out of the doctors you have talked to so you can keep track of the doctors that you've had the best experience with so that you can use them again.  That's a big plus for me!  And if you're stranded on a Saturday afternoon with a non-emergency medical question that needs to be answered, I would recommend trying Doctor On Demand!

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  1. Interesting concept for an app - still think I'd rather go to the doctor in person, though.