Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grow The Perfect Cucumber Patch - Backyard Homesteading Series

I'm a proud Lehman's customer!  And if you haven't heard of Lehman's, you're missing out!  Last fall I did a review of some of Lehman's laundry products and that got me hooked.  My husband and I love getting their catalog.  Lehman's carries a huge variety of products to help families live natural, simple and self sufficient lives.  Lehman's slogan says it all......Simple products for a simpler life!

I'm a gardening enthusiast.   My summers growing up were spent outside in the garden with my mother.  She taught me everything I needed to know about loving the garden and the outdoors, growing my own food and even some canning, pickling and preserving skills that I still use to this day!   Now I would say, I'm pretty much the queen of canning.   I remember my mothers cucumber patch.  It was always beyond spectacular.  We made so many delicious pickles and had the most delicious salads from the cucumbers my mother grew.  But after I got older and moved away from home, I could never get them quite right.  I cant really say that I've been able to have a successful cucumber patch since I've been out on my own.  Until now that is!  Lehman's carries tons of products for gardening and now a days, raised beds are all the rage!  And I can see why!  The wonderful folks at Lehman's sent us two of their gardening products.  They sent us their Raised Bed Gardening Set and their Cucumber & Squash Trellis so that I could try them out and try my luck at creating the perfect cucumber patch using Lehman's products!  And I think I'm well on my way to cucumber heaven!

The season started out rocky thanks to this wonderful Iowa weather.   Theres a bit of sarcasm in that "wonderful" if you didn't catch it.   I planted my seeds indoors in early early spring to get a head start.  Then, once the weather warmed up a bit, I moved my plants outdoors to our covered porch.  And of course, you know my luck.  That very next night....we had an unexpected frost and that frost killed off my cucumbers.  But I managed to purchase some from the store and they are doing great!  My raised bed from Lehman's was super easy to assemble!  The bed came with 4 solid walls and 4 corner brackets.   The walls are 4' x 4' x 6"H when assembled so its a great size.  And the components are all made of composite lumber boards which are weather-resistant and rot-proof, so this bed is going to last me years and be able to withstand all sort of crazy Iowa weather.  All I had to do to assemble it was slip the sides into the corner brackets and I was done!  And the trellis was just as easy.  Just unfold and its ready to use!

This trellis is the perfect size for my raised bed!  I planted a cucumber plant on each side of the trellis so that my cucumber vines can weave throughout the wires and move up the trellis.  The best part is that once my cucumbers start to grow, they will hang down underneath for easy picking. And I wont have to worry about critters sinking their teeth into them or rotten spots from my cucumbers laying in the dirt.  My raised bed is great because we don't have the best soil quality in our yard so I was able to fill the box with good quality garden soil full of nutrients for my cucumbers.

And do you know another great thing about both of these products?  The price!  They are very reasonably priced and well worth the buy in my opinion.  I've been pricing garden beds and ready to assemble garden boxes for quite some time now and prices can be pretty crazy.  But you can purchase this Raised Bed Gardening Set online from Lehman's for only $49.95 and the Cucumber and Squash Trellis can be purchased for only $29.95.  Considering how easy these are to assemble, this is such a great deal!

And you can plant all sorts of things in the raised garden bed too, not just cucumbers.  As for the trellis, this would be great for squash and even pole green beans too!  When we picked out the perfect spot for our new garden bed, we decided to relocate our compost bin and place the raised bed in its place.  Well this must have been a good choice because you can see on the right hand side of the upper photo, I have a volunteer watermelon plant that decided to come up right next to the cucumbers. Its got lots of blossoms it so I cant wait for melons.  We also had a volunteer tomato plant come up in the center of the bed as you can see in the photo below.  The seeds must be finding this to be an ideal spot to grow!

I'm so excited for our cucumber patch to take off and Ill be sure to post updates once the cucumbers start rolling in! 


I was provided with sample products free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed in this review are my true and honest opinions.
Cross my heart!


  1. I love cucumbers! I am hopeful we've gotten enough rain this year that water restrictions can be lifted next year, and we can grow a garden again!

  2. Your garden is so cute. I can't wait to grow my own (hopefully next year!).