Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cutting Mr. Bee's Curls In Memory of Penelope Davis

For most of you who became enchanted by little Miss Penelope Davis earlier this year and followed along on her journey, I'm sure you feel the same as we do.  Unable to forget her beautiful eyes and her loving soul.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about Penelope Davis in some way.  That little sweetie taught me some valuable lessons in life.  To take every single day as a blessing.  To find joy and laughter in every moment and to live a life filled with love and family and to cherish each and every wonderful memory that I am blessed to be able to share with them.

Ever since Penelope passed away on Memorial day, we have been wanting to do something in her honor.  Mr. Bee has been wanting to do one thing in particular but he has been waiting for the perfect time.  Penelope reminded us a lot of our daughter Emma who is very close in age to Penelope.  After I had Emma, I cut off 19 inches of my hair and donated it to Wigs For Kids. Well.....Mr. Bee has been blessed with something I've always been quite envious of......beautiful long brown curly locks!

Mr. Bee decided that he wanted to cut his hair and donate it to Wigs For Kids in honor of Penelope, so that a little girl battling cancer might be able to have beautiful curls.

He decided that yesterday was the day!  It was HOT!  Because its Iowa....   It was so HUMID!   So boy was he a frizzy frazzled fuzzy mess of humidity induced curly fluff!  But he did it!  I've been cutting Mr. Bee's hair now since 2011 and have given him his last 4 or 5 haircuts.  Hes been growing his hair out now with no cuts or trims since summer of 2012.  Apparently with no stylist training, I manage to do a decent job cutting his hair.  He was hoping for sort of a Justin Timberlake meets Boardwalk Empire/Prohibition Era sort of look.  I think we did ok!  I haven't seen him with short hair in a long time so honestly....I'm really diggin it!

We made a family event out of it.  We sat out in Emma's garden out in our back yard and Daddy sat in the lawn chair and pushed Emma in her swing while Momma cut Daddy's hair.  He wanted me to put his hair in several small pony tails as close to his scalp as possible so that we could get as much length out of it as we could.  The longer the hair, the more use Wigs For Kids can get out of it when making wigs for children who need them.

Here is how it went!

After everything was done,
Mr. Bee ended up with a full bunch of 12 inch curls to donate!

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