Friday, September 19, 2014

Effortless Meals & More Time For Family Time

I love to cook!  But....not as much as I used to.  Were just so busy!  Too busy sometimes.  Cooking isn't fun anymore when its rushed.  And cooking definitely isn't enjoyable when it cuts into our limited family activity time.  Families these days have so much going on and so many activities and really, so many parents work a lot of hours that meal time sort of gets...well....put on the back burner.   We grab a bite and eat on the run or when we do sit down for a family meal, its after mom spent an hour or more preparing it.  And once its done, theres no time for anything else.  I like quick.  I like easy.  I like effortless.  But I like meal time spent together as a family, talking about our day and enjoying each other's company.  Coca-Cola has partnered with Walmart to give families just that.  Quick, easy, Effortless Meals together as a family with more time to spend doing things together that make us a happy family.

If you head on over to your local Walmart, you will find Coca-Cola's Effortless meals in the Deli department.  There are several delicious options to choose from.  We sat down for a Rotisserie Chicken, some Mustard Potato Salad and an ice cold Coca-Cola.  Miss Emma had milk of course (with some strawberry for a special treat) but she loved her Chicken and potato salad!

It was quick, it was easy, it was cheap and it took no effort on my part!  All I did was pick it up, dish it up and serve my hungry family.  My husband works a lot of hours at his job and he works long hours.  He doesn't get much time to spend as a family.  So when hes home, our time is precious!  We love going for walks, going to the park and going for long hikes outside and soaking up as much fresh air and sunshine as we can.  We can't do that if were stuck in the kitchen watching a chicken cooking in the oven.  So with our Effortless Meal, we were able to sit down and enjoy a yummy dinner together and still have time for a long evening walk before Emma's bedtime.

And I mentioned there are options!  We choose the chicken and mustard potato salad, but there are several different potato salad recipes to choose from as well as pasta salads and cole slaw for sides.  There are also take and bake pizzas with lots of topping choices and combinations to pick from as well as sub sandwiches that look amazing!  You can pair your entree with a side option and a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola!  And if you want, you can even pick up some fresh fruit for a side or for desert or a salad to go with.  Everything you need is right there!  We decided to pick up some cole slaw too.  It looked too good to pass up!

Our Rotisserie chicken was fantastic!  And the next day, I even had left over chicken to make some quick and easy, effortless chicken salad sandwiches for Emma and I to have for lunch.

Momma Bee's Recipe for Effortless Left Over Rotisserie Chicken Salad
Makes 2 tasty sandwiches
Prep time: 7-10 minutes
Combine the following ingredients on some lightly toasted whole wheat bread.
  • 1 Cup shredded or cubed  Left Over Effortless Meals Rotisserie Chicken (I pick it right off the bone)
  • 2 Tbsp. Mayo
  • 1 tsp. Stone Ground Mustard
  • 1 Tbsp. Diced Apple
  • 1 Tbsp.  Red or Green Grapes (cut in half)
  • Pinch of Ground Pepper
  • Optional - Add a few walnut crumbles for some extra crunch!
  • Optional - Lettuce, tomato and fresh sprouts are delicious on top!

Enjoy less time preparing the meal and more time enjoying the meal together as a family. More time for playing.  More time for fresh air outdoors.  More time for crafts.  More time for sports.  More time for reading bedtime stories.   More time for talking.  More time for make-believe and making couch cushion forts.  More time together.  More time for everything that really matters!

So pick up your Effortless Meal brought to you by Coca-Cola and Walmart!  
And don't forget to go online to

A special THANK YOU to The Coca-Cola Company
for providing us with this Effortless Meal and some extra time together!

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company.  All opinions are my own!

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