Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thankful For Cloth Month 2014 Hosted By The Bee Hive Buzz #ThankfulForCloth2014

Fall is on its way!
And you know what that means!

Sooner than we know it.....November will be here.
Do you know what November brings to The Bee Hive Buzz?

That's right!  Its.....

The 2nd Annual 
Thankful For Cloth Month
Hosted by The Bee Hive Buzz

What is The 2nd Annual Thankful For Cloth Month at The Bee Hive Buzz?
Well... I started Thankful For Cloth Month in November of 2013 as a way for us to pay homage
to something that is quite dear to my heart.  Cloth diapers!

Cloth diapers have been a blessing for our family.  Making the decision to use cloth diapers on our baby was one of the best decisions I've made as a parent.  Not only is it a healthy way of life for my baby and for our family, but it is also ecofriendly.  Do you know how many millions and tons of disposable diapers enter our landfills each year?  Its insane to imagine the amount of waste that is suffocating our earth from disposable diapers and other disposable products.  
By using cloth diapers, were protecting our Earth and showing some fluffy love for mother nature one cloth covered bum at a time!
And its making a world of difference!

Not only is it healthy and ecofriendly for our planet, but using cloth diapers has saved us a lot of money!  Cloth has literally saved our budget and our family during some pretty rough and honestly, scary times in our life since our baby was born.  And its healthy for baby!  Disposable products contain all sorts of chemicals!  So using cloth helps to keep baby healthy and safe!

And since our cloth days first began, we've also made many many other decisions and life changes and have begun using more eco-friendly and reusable products.  Cloth diapers opened us up to a new ecofamily-friendly reusable way of life!
And life has been much happier since!

All of these reasons.....are why we are so so very.... "Thankful For Cloth!"
So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, November is dedicated to all things cloth and all things ecofamily-friendly!

Thankful For Cloth Month at The Bee Hive Buzz
was such a hit in 2013, its back again this year!  Thankful For Cloth Month is a month long celebration of cloth diapers, cloth products and other natural, green and ecofriendly products for families!  And I've got more great cloth diapers, cloth family products and eco-friendly products to introduce you to as well as some green cloth knowledge to fill your brains with.

And remember all of those fantastic GIVEAWAYS in 2013?

Well I've got some spectacular giveaways lined up for my wonderful readers this year!
You will NOT want to miss this cloth filled event!

In case you missed it...
here's a little recap of last year's events:

Join in on all of the fun here
this November for the
2nd Annual Thankful For Cloth Month
Hosted by The Bee Hive Buzz

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