Sunday, November 30, 2014

There Really Is Nothing Cuter Than My Baby's FuzziBunz! FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

You have to admit I'm right!  There really is nothing cuter than a baby's FuzziBunz!  FuzziBunz cloth diapers!  I am a proud PROUD cloth diaper mama.  The whole month of November has been dedicated to all things cloth and ecofriendly.  The decision to use cloth diapers on my baby is something that I will always be proud of and I hope that I'm able to not only educate other parents about cloth but also inspire other parents to use cloth as well.  One of the cloth diapers that has been with us through this whole journey, is FuzziBunz!

Our FuzziBunz One Size Elites were some of the first cloth diapers we ever tried!  Of course, the first thing that attracted me to FuzziBunz was the adorable prints.  I spotted these babies at a local cloth diaper store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa called Birth Baby & Beyond and thought they were adorable.   The girls down at BBB always have awesome things to say about FuzziBunz.  And as I became more schooled in the world of cloth, I found out that FuzziBunz has a reputation for quality cloth diapers and great customer service.  I have come across mamas that are so dedicated to FuzziBunz that their whole stash is nothing but!  So now being such a big fan of FuzziBunz, I was really excited when I heard that FuzziBunz was coming out with a new and improved design.  I wanted to try them asap!

So as a wonderful addition to our Thankful For Cloth Month Celebration, FuzziBunz sent us a set of their New One Size Adjustable Pocket Diapers.  Now, the reason that they sent us a set was because we wanted to compare the size Small and size Large.  The awesome thing about these two sizes, is the amount of overlap.  My daughter is right in the middle so she fits great in both sizes.  I love this!  You're able to get a perfect fit for an infant with the size small and still be able to use this diaper up to a 30 pound toddler.  And the size Large fits infants from 10 pounds on up to 45 pounds.  But at the same time, both sizes are adjustable so you can adjust to just the right fit using their adjustable leg elastics and adjustable waist!  Its really easy to adjust the elastic.  Simply pull the elastic to your desired size and slip it around the button to secure it in place.  You don't have to mess with this sizing again until its time to move up in size.  The button keeps the size secured in place even during washing!

In my opinion, these sizes are great for families with more than one little one in cloth because you can have multiple children of different sizes that are still able to share diapers.  The diaper on the left below is our size Small and the right is the size Large.

The fit is great on both sizes thanks to the adjustable settings.  Right now Emma Bee is about 28 pounds.  Shes never been a chunky baby and sometimes, that's been an issue with diapers.  She was a preemie when she was born and this kiddo had the skinniest little legs I'd ever seen!  It was hard at times, finding diapers that fit snug around her legs.  Shes filled about a bit now that shes gotten older but still isn't much of a plumper.  Our FuzziBunz fit great, not only around her legs but around her waist too, thanks to the adjustable legs and waist.  We can get a perfect fit as she grows and the diaper is adjustable all around while her body grows and changes.

The PUL is very good quality and the inner lining of the diapers is super soft.  The cool thing about the inserts that come with the One Size Adjustable Pocket is the fact that they are contoured to fit the shape of the diaper.  Not only does this help the way this diaper fits but gives this diaper maximum absorbency.  And its great for night time or a nap diaper for us.  Because Emma almost always sleeps on her tummy so we get extra absorbency in the front while shes laying on it.

And with this new contoured insert, the pocket opening is large and makes the diaper easy to stuff!

I like the snap placement as well.  Some diapers only have 2 snaps on the wings.  But these have 3.  That extra snap on the bottom of the wing is great for keeping the wings up so you don't end up with wing droop which has a big impact on the fit.

FuzziBunz has a reputation for making good quality diapers.  We have been using our Elites for over a year now and they are still holding up very well!  The PUL, lining, snaps, and elastics are all good as new even after a year.  And we don't have a huge stash for a large rotation so our Elites have been used a lot!

I know were going to get a lot of long term use out of our elites after using them for the last year without any complaints so I have faith in these new pockets!  And the new One Size Pocket Diaper design wasn't just thought up on a whim either.  This new design was put together by a 20+ year product design engineer who is also a grandfather of 9!  So this gentleman definitely has an expertise in not only design, but taking care of babies too.  This is definitely a carefully thought up, quality product and I'm so glad we had the chance to try it out!

And look how trim this diaper is under pants!  Cloth diapers and pants arent always the best of friends but these are so trim.  This is Emma wearing her size small under some pajama pants.  It almost looks like shes got regular underpants on underneith!

Here is the FuzziBunz sizing chart to help you decide what the right size would be for your little one!
This chart can also be found on the FuzziBunz website!

You can order the new FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable Pocket Diapers on the FuzziBunz website!
You can also find them online at a couple of my favorite online cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet and Nurtured Family as well!

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  1. I got a OS Small and Large as well. One for my 30 pound toddler and another to try on my soon-to-arrive newborn. I can't wait to see how the OS Small fits. The Large is quite trim!

  2. I like the fact they have an adjustable setting so it will fit more than one size. Those are nice!