Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bummis From Birth to Potty Learning - My Bummis Cloth Diaper Reviews

My baby was a preemie and she had a teeny tiny little booty.  I had a hard time finding cloth that would fit her tiny bum at first. And since she was born early, we hadn't completely started a sufficient diaper stash yet so I was frantically collecting teeny tiny cloth diapers for her little bum.  We had a few that worked well but we needed more to be able to do cloth full time.  I was lucky enough to find Bummis and their Newborn Pack with Bummis Super Brite Newborn Covers and Preemie Prefolds.  They worked great for her little bum and I was happy because my little baby was in cloth!

We loved Bummis from the start, literally.  So of course as Emma grew older I wanted to test out Bummis again.  And since Thankful For Cloth Month is dedicated to great cloth diapers, I knew we needed to talk about Bummis.  Bummis has so many great diapering options.  And the neat thing is that their options are so interchangeable.

The Bummis team sent us a few things to try and I love this combo.
They sent us one of their Flannel Fitted Diapers, one of their Duo Brite Inserts and a Simply Lite Cover!  

I was so stoked to try this fitted.  We haven't used too many fitteds surprisingly.  We used fitteds early on with Emma because we were fortunate enough to get some cloth diapering help from a local diaper store that offers a lending program and used a set of fitteds for a while.  They weren't Bummis but they worked.  So as much as I love Bummis, I was excited to try this fitted.

The inside is so soft! I really wish there was a way to describe the softness and be able to do it justice but its just one of those times where you'll just have to trust me and get one so that you can feel for yourself.  The inside is made of a luxuriously soft 100% organic cotton sherpa.  The softness like I said, is just indescribable.  Its perfect for my baby's sensitive butt!  The outside is a soft 100% cotton flannel and the prints are just too cute!  And its really absorbent!  The non-Bummis fitteds we tried before weren't super absorbent.  Emma is a heavy wetter so we were changing those other ones often but she lasts a while in this fitted.  Plus if you need to, you can add one of their boosters to add extra absorbency.  And its got a snap down rise so that you can adjust the size for a perfect fit.

The Simply Lite Cover works great over our Bummis Fitted!  And this print is awesome!  I don't always gravitate towards soft pastels and "baby" prints and colors.  Were a unique family with colorful personalities so I love wild and colorful fluff.  This Simply Lite cover is perfect for my colorful personality and perfect for Emma's silly little sense of style.  Its a One Size cover so it has a snap down rise and fits from 8 to 35 pounds so pretty much from birth to potty learning.  That makes this a very economical system so that's great if youre cloth diapering on a budget.

The snaps on our Simply Lite Cover are snug when secured. That's great for when my busy toddler tries to remove it.  She hasn't managed to get this one off yet!  And the inside of the cover can be wiped clean and used again before tossing it in the diaper pail.

You can also use the Simply Lite Cover with that Duo Brite Insert I mentioned!  Just lay the insert in your Simply Lite Cover or snap it into a Bummis Duo Brite Wrap Cover and you've got an All-In-Two style diaper!  So its nice when these are interchangeable and you're not stuck with using something just one way.

Our Duo Brite Insert is really soft and very very absorbent.  Its contoured so it fits great inside Emma's cover and allows for the absorbency to be distributed without having all of the bulk in the middle.  Its double sided and has a double layer with "stay-dry" polyester on one side and soft organic cotton on the other side.  Plus there is a strip of stitching right down the center to allow it to dry faster.  We line dry everything so inserts that dry fast are always a good thing for us.  These babies come in two different size so that you can get a big enough or small enough size for your kiddo.

Overall, I was really happy with our Bummis Flannel Fitted, Duo Brite Insert and our Bummis Simply Lite Cover.  We also loved that Bummis Newborn Pack that came with the Preemie Prefolds and Newborn Super Brite Covers that we had when Emma was first born.

Bummis products are made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA. Awesome!  Be sure to check out the Bummis website to see their other diapering products.   The Bummis website has a long list of places to buy Bummis products or you can order from some of my favorite cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet and Nicki's Diapers!

And be sure to connect with Bummis on social media!

I was provided with sample products free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  Post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are my own!


  1. I have that Simply Lite cover in Playful Painter as well! I love it. It doesn't really fit my son anymore, but I'm excited to try it on my newborn because it gets really tiny. Thanks for your review!

  2. I ordered some bummis this black friday. I hope they are as good as they sound