Monday, November 3, 2014

Fabulous Family Fluff Created With Care From Öko Creations

There are few occurrences in my life where I find something that makes me feel like there really is no going back.  Not too many times where I find myself thinking "this is it!  There is no better than this."  Well, that happened recently.  And it was my first encounter with Öko Creations.  If you haven't tried their products, you are seriously missing out!

After I gave birth to my daughter and started using cloth diapers on her, I decided to try my luck with cloth menstrual pads.  I was skeptical.  Getting used to washing dirty cloth diapers wasn't a difficult transition for me.   I think my mommy instincts kicked in right away and I was able to do it, piece of cake!  Cloth menstrual pads on the other hand were easy for me, but not others.  Both my husband and my mother thought the idea was just way too out there!   So not much support around me but I was intrigued.  So I got my first set of pads....and fell in love.  I was floored!  I just could not believe I had spent so many years using disposable feminine products.  The first time using my cloth pads was like this magical eye opening AH HA moment!  Like....what was I doing all along?  Why hadn't I gotten these sooner?  But better late than never!  After my first set, I was hooked.  No going back.  Never again would a disposable feminine product be allowed to enter my house.  I was surprisingly much more content with my cycle after that.  I got a second set, made by a different company and loved those as well.  But I didn't think I could love my cloth pads any more than I already did.  Until I got a set of Regular Cloth Pads from Öko Creations.....  The two sets that I had already, one was fleece and one was suede cloth.  They were great.  But these......these are ridiculously awesome!

Ya know what it is?  The hemp!  THE HEMP!!  The side that faces your body is this lush super soft hemp.  They have wings with a little snap so they stay securely in place.  Which is always good because the one thing I hated about disposable pads......sorry if this creates a horribly awkward visual in your head but I'm sure you've been there too.  The one thing I hated about disposable pads was when they would bunch up and ride up and stick to your bum.  Then your walking around the grocery store trying to do some sort of honeybee waggle dance trying to get comfy and get the pad to stop creepin up your bum.  Worst feeling ever!  My husband is notorious for asking me.... "You going to the movies Mama Bee?"  "No. Why?" I'd say.  And he'd reply "Well...I noticed you pickin your seat!"  .......jerk.    But my Öko Creations pads stay put!  No more wedgies!  And no more obnoxious seat picking comments from the man I love so dearly.  Öko pads for the win!!!

And they're absorbent.....and thin at the same time!  I got a regular set that works great for an average flow.  They aren't bulky at all and still have 3 layers of hemp for super absorbency and the backing is made of a lovely organic cotton print.  This was my "no going back" moment.  Out of all of the pads I've used, these are by far the most comfortable I've tried and absorbent and made with care.  They are carefully constructed and made very well and have held up through much washing.  Each set comes with 2 pads.

Öko's pads are not the only thing that I love now.  I also got a set of their hemp inserts to try out in Emma Bee's cloth diapers.  Their hemp inserts are insanely absorbent.  Emma is a heavy wetter.  I often call her the Tinkle Queen!  The kid has a very healthy and active bladder which is great but it takes a lot to keep her from having leaks.  Often, I have to have two inserts in Emma's diaper to keep her dry unless I want to change her every hour.  I got two hemp inserts and she was able to go quite a long time with just one of the inserts and didn't have any leaks.  The great thing is that I can stuff the inserts in a pocket diaper, or because they are soft natural fibers, I can just lay the insert right in her diaper cover and it can be right against her skin.  Which makes diapering easy if were in a hurry or if my baby girl is being a wiggle monster and wont sit still.  In that case, quick and easy is best!

The edges are beautifully surged and they are the perfect size to do a tri-fold inward and fits nicely in Emma's diaper.  They measure approximately 13 by 15 inches.  I prefer to use these with a cover or just leave them out of the pocket because they are the softest things we own and no other inserts or diapers we have for Emma are this soft.  I like the idea of these natural and super soft fibers on her bum!  If you're a cloth diapering parent you should definitely order a some of these inserts!

Öko Creations is just one of those all around wonderful businesses that really has their customers needs in mind.  Everything is made with love and care!  Lindsay from Maman Loup's Den (another amazing blog I love following) wrote an article on the Öko Creations blog about the Öko Creations headquarters that is definitely worth reading.  Öko Creations is located in Canada if you didn't know already so just a hop skip and a jump north and there they are!

Be sure to check out Öko Creations online because they have lots and lots of amazing products for the whole family in addition to the hemp inserts and cloth pads!  Öko Creations is a family run business that has been designing, creating and distributing ecofriendly family products since 2009!  

For those of us in the US that want to place an order, simply send an email to and they will take your order and arrange for US shipping.  The folks at Öko Creations are working to make online US orders easier and hope to have that up and running in the near future.  
But for now, simply email them and they will get you all taken care of!

You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and on Pinterest!

I was provided with samples free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions.  Cross my heart!


  1. I am so VERY familiar with the "honey bee" jiggle.... LOL

  2. I've not considered cloth pads yet! I'm used to using tampons, so I don't know how I would feel about these. But I would love to try it for the environment!

  3. I love using cloth pads. I just discovered them as I was about to give birth to my second child and am so happy I did postpartum care with them! Amazing difference

  4. Love my cloth menstrual pads! I'm glad you've found something you like!

  5. I'll have to check out this store and see if they have any Black Friday deals coming up. I need some more PP cloth.

  6. I love those patterns (: they're too cute