Friday, November 14, 2014

The Day My Kid's Bum Got A Little Bit....FUNKY! An Ode to Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers! #FUNKtionalcloth

An Ode To Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers

We love it when our fluff is Funky
Be it on a baby slim or chunky

With bright vibrant rainbows
And super fun snaps
 They're great for the park
Or for warm winter naps

With those soft stay dry fibers
And fabulous bamboo
Its all about that perfect fit
And they way they hold in the poo 

So if you're cloth diapering
your sweet baby's bum
If you don't have Funky Fluff
You should seriously get some!

Ok... I'm a blogger.  I NEVER said I was a good poet!

But in all seriousness.....who here has heard of Funky Fluff?   I have!  Well, of course I have... obviously.   I came across Funky Fluff way way way back when I was just starting out cloth diapering my daughter.  I had read moms talking about them in cloth diapering groups on social media and when I looked them up online, I thought they were so cool looking!  I'm a sucker for colored snaps and bright vibrant colors.  So when Thankful For Cloth Month was approaching, I knew I wanted to feature Funky Fluff and show you all how cool they are.

The wonderful team at Funky Fluff sent Emma one of their 3 In 1 Stay Dry Cloth Diaper shells with some Bamboo Inserts!  Bamboo and Stay Dry?  Yes, both!    See, the cool thing about ordering Funky Fluff cloth diapers is that you can order a Stay Dry diaper and order some bamboo inserts separately.  Best of both worlds!  I love that because well, I can get picky!  Or sometimes...I'm just indecisive.  And I thought this was a great combo!

The Funky Fluff 3 in 1 Stay Dry system is designed to be used as a pocket, an All-In-Two or an All-In-One.  Stuff the pocket, snap the inserts inside the pocket for an All-In-One or snap them right on top of the lining for an All-In-Two.  So many ways to use this baby!  The Stay Dry has a suedecloth inner lining.  The suedecloth is designed to wick moisture away from baby's bum.  It helps your baby feel dry and helps to prevent rashes from excess moisture sitting their against baby's skin.  And the nice thing about the suedecloth is the fact that its thinner than other fabrics that are typically used as lining and it doesn't pill like some fleeces do.  I've got a few fleece diapers that are really started to look worn.  They're not in bad shape, its just the pilly fleece that starts to look tattered over time.  But the suedecloth looks smooth and sleek while still serving a great purpose.  Emma has been wearing this baby like there's no tomorrow and after several washes its still good as new!

And the suedecloth is better for staining because it doesn't suck up the poo and make it cling to it.  It sort of repels the poo in a way so it just sorta rolls off into the toilet (or garbage, wherever you prefer to dump your poo.)   That's a plus for me!   I hate having to rub and scrub out poo.  I am known to bust out my washboard on occasion but the less mess on my hands the better.  I am a crazy mama when it comes to stains and I am determined to preserve my diaper's resale value.  That's the great thing about cloth!  The investment saves you so much money in the long run over disposables (plus its healthier for baby and for mother earth) and then reselling them when you're done is awesome as long as you can keep them in good condition. You can get a good portion of that financial investment back after reselling.  So the suedecloth lining just seems like a smart choice to me!

And those bamboo inserts I mentioned?  SO SOFT!   Their bamboo inserts are made with 3 layers of bamboo blend terry fabric so they are super absorbent.  The terry is softer than most terry though.  Its almost got like a silky sheen to it.  I love this bamboo terry! Sometimes bamboo is not so fun because some of my bamboo diapers take a little longer to air dry.  We air dry all of our laundry including our diapers.  But these ones actually dry a lot faster than our other bamboo and I think its because of the bamboo blend terry.  Either way, dry time is shorter and that's fantastic for me!  The faster I can get diapers washed, dried and back on my kiddo's bum the better!

 And the inserts snap into the diaper like I said before.  There are two pocket openings in front and back of the diaper and a snap at each end with snaps on the insert.  You can snap it and secure it inside or outside!

You can also buy Funky Fluff's Bamboo Diaper Shell and get their Stay Dry microfiber inserts separately!  Its totally up to you.   You can switch it up however you like!

I like the fit of this diaper.  Its good and stretchy.  Well aren't all cloth diapers stretchy?  No!  I've had stiff ones that are obviously not as comfy to sleep, roll, crawl and poop in and my favorites are always (or Emma's favorites I guess I should say) the ones that are stretchy.  They fit baby curves better and every baby has different baby curves.  Some more than others.  But all baby curves are beautiful and perfect!  And the diaper is slim and trim.  Not too bulky in between the legs which is great for pants and great for running.

Emma has never had a lot of meat on her bones.  She was a super skinny preemie baby and has filled out nicely as shes grown.  Our Funky Fluff Stay Dry shell fit very well around her thighs and around her tummy. And it wasn't bulky either so we got a good fit with pants too.  Sometimes cloth diapers and pants don't always get along but this worked well for us.

I love this color too!  This is the Green & Purple which was recently named "Walk The Lime."  Perfect huh?  I love the purple snaps.  This diaper reminds me of fruit.  Like if a key lime and a plum got together and had a cloth diapered baby would wear this diaper.  If fruit wore diapers... lol.   There are prints too!  Funky Fluff has been coming out with some awesome new prints and colors lately so I would recommend following their Facebook page to stay caught up on their new prints and colors.  They have a lot of fun posts so you can interact with them on Facebook.

Check out the rest of the Funky Fluff collection and their new names!

Not only can you follow Funky Fluff on Facebook but you can stay connected with them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram too!  And be sure to check out the Funky Fluff website.  You can click on SHOP to place an order on their website and there is also a list of their retailers if you'd like to order through your favorite cloth diaper retailer!  Funky Fluff was born and raised in Canada but they have retailers all over the place, even in the US.  So those of us down here (like me) don't have to miss out on this oh so #FUNKtionalcloth!

All in all, I was really happy with this diaper and would definitely recommend giving them a go!
Thanks so much to the Funky Fluff family for making my kid's bum just a little bit funky (in a good way)!

I received a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are my true and honest opinions.  Cross my heart!


  1. I love how this fits! I also love the contrasting snaps and diapers. Such a unique look

  2. "Walk the Lime" is possibly my favourite colour combo... it's my wedding colours! One of my favourite things about the Funky Fluff system is being able to choose the Stay Dry shell but the bamboo inserts! I love a synthetic pocket but prefer natural fibre inserts.

    Your poem is awesome.

  3. Ha ha, I love the poem! These diapers are super cute!

  4. Love your review! I'm excited to try them!

  5. You're quite the poet. :) This is a brand I haven't tried. I like the contrasting snaps.

  6. I just got 2 of these yesterday and I love them! They're super trim. They fit my toddler well, and they get super tiny for newborns!

  7. I'm really new to cloth diapers as my lo hasn't arrived yet so reviews like yours help me to see which diapers are better to invest in and which to avoid thanks