Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Royal Fluff Treatment! Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers Review + GIVEAWAY

I love fluff!  Cloth diaper fluff!  I've always sort of felt that using cloth diapers is like a pampering treatment for my baby's bum.  Like I'm kind of spoiling her.  Cloth diapers are so great for my baby.  They are healthy for her.  They are so incredibly comfortable!  I mean really, have you ever sat and held a disposable diaper in one hand and a cloth diaper in the other?  There really is no comparison for comfort. My sweet heart is getting a treat when I put her in cloth.  And I'm proud of that!  I just every baby could be cloth diapered.

We tried a new diaper recently.  They're called Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers!  I just love the name and when I heard about them I was super curious because I hadn't heard of them until recently.  I looked at some of their prints online and was just dying to try them.  My first impression of them was that they were just too cute!  So the Royal Fluff team sent us a couple of their diapers to see how they worked for Miss Emma.  She loves them and I really like them too!

Royal Fluff sent us their Black Floral print and their Strawberry print!  Emma's daddy loves the Black Floral and I am partial to the Strawberry!  They are both adorable prints and there are several other cute prints to pick from too on the Royal Fluff website.   I haven't been able to figure out which one Emma likes better because shes seems pretty amazed by both.  When she was in the floral, she just kept saying "Oh flowers! Oh flowers!"  And when shes in the strawberry she says "Oh pretty!"  So I think hes approves of both!

But of course, the cuteness factor isn't everything.  Functionality and quality are key!  So lets talk function and quality.   In my opinion (and I've used a lot of different diapers with Em) these are pretty good quality!  The PUL is heavy duty, not thin and flimsy.   I've tried a couple of other brands that have PUL that seems so skimpy that I'm afraid I'd rip it if I pulled the snaps apart too hard.  Its been a long time since we used those diapers because they wore out fast.  But our Royal Fluff PUL is top notch.  I've been cycling these through our diaper rotation very frequently since we got them so that I could get lots of washes and use out of them to see how they would hold up.  They've been used a lot since we've had them and they are holding up great so far!

The inside lining is a super soft fleece and the diaper comes with a soft and thick microfiber insert that is really absorbent!  We do double up our inserts at night since Em is a heavy wetter anyways but both of our Royal Fluff inserts hold up great for her at night.  The diapers are easy to stuff too because the pocket opening is nice and big but has nice snug elastic too.  Our Royal Fluff cloth diapers are one size pocket diapers.

The leg elastics are sewn perfectly with lots of stretch.  We've gotten a good snug fit around Emma's legs in these diapers.  And the fit around her tummy is nice too.  Since it fits her curves so well and because the inserts are really absorbent, we haven't had any leaks so far.

And of course the diaper has a snap down rise so you have lots of sizing options and the diaper fits from about 9 to 32 pounds.  The snaps are good quality too which is a huge plus for me.  They snap nice and tight which is awesome since my sneaky toddler knows how to unsnap her snaps and if they aren't good quality snaps, shell get her diaper off and run around the house like a crazy little naked person.  Shes at that point in her life when her first priority is getting naked and running around the house giggling and super proud of herself.  But mommy is more concerned about my baby not catching a cold....and not tinkling on my floors before mommy notices baby's lack of bum coverage.  So I prefer when the snaps are tight, secure and the diaper stays on.  She hasn't gotten these diapers off yet!

Overall, I was happy with these.  The prints are super cute, I like the quality and they have worked well for us.  Be sure to check out the Royal Fluff website to see all of their adorable prints!  You can also connect with Royal Fluff on Facebook and on Twitter!

By now I'm sure you're probably super curious right?  And you've probably gone on the Royal Fluff website and spotted a few prints that you're madly, royally in love with right?   Well lucky for you my friends!  Because the folks at Royal Fluff are so awesome and they are offering one lucky winner, a chance to WIN.....TWO Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers!

One lucky winner will receive
TWO Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers!
Winner can choose boy, girl or gender neutral
and Royal Fluff will send 2 surprise diapers!
I just LOVE surprise fluff mail! 

Giveaway ends 1/15/2015.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
One winner will be randomly selected.   Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize.
If prize is not claimed, a new winner will be selected.
Good Luck!

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal Probiotics Review

There is nothing worse than an irregular GI system.  Keeping your digestive and GI system healthy is so important because there's nothing worse than feeling sluggish, low on energy and just plain feeling yuck.  I've felt like that before and I've had points in my life when I wasn't healthy and my immune system wasn't getting the help it needed to fight colds and germs and keep me healthy.  And when I feel yuck and run down, I can;t keep up with my daughter and can't keep my house held together.  So that's why I started taking probiotics.  Because they help with all of that!

I was sent a sample of Microbiome Plus + Gastrointestinal Probiotics to try.  Overall I was pretty happy.  They have a super boost for your digestive system and extra boost for your immune system too to keep everything strong and healthy.  And they contain symbiotic prebiotics and probiotics that work together to keep your system healthy.  My only complaint is that you do have to take these with food and you take them twice a day.  So its kind of a pain if I'm having a really hectic busy day because I have to remember to take it when I eat.  I do like probiotics that can just be taken once a day right away in the morning with no need for food in my belly because I don't always eat right away in the morning.  I should, I know.  But lets face it, I'm a mom, I'm taking care of a toddler along with numerous other things so once everyone else is taken care of, then its moms turn so every day is different for me.  But aside from that only issue, I was happy with these.

You can order a full month's supply on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.
All opinions are my own.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Postcard From Santa

Last year, Emma receive a letter from Santa Claus himself!  And this year, I had hoped that she would receive on again.  It was such a nice keepsake last year.  This year she got a postcard!  Of course, I got to personalize it but hey, it made her smile and shell cherish it some day.

The postcard is so cool!  I got to choose the design, personalize it just for her and it came addressed to her with a big stamp that said "Special Delivery From The North Pole."  I loved this!

See how awesome it is?

You can order a Postcard From Santa online from!

I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil Review

Ok just to be clear right off the bat, I did review this product myself.  I tested it on my hubby.  My beard doesn't need any conditioning or extra care, its perfect the way it is.....  Just kidding!  But seriously though, I saw this product and wanted to have Mr. Bee try it.  He doesn't have the most extravagant beard but its a beard all the same and deserves some pampering now and then.  So he tried the Wisdom Beard Oil from Can You Handlebar.

It smells amazing!  And its all natural.  Its made with olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil and blends of essential oils for a great scent.  Its moisturizing, conditioning and natural.  Not only is it great for hair but great on the skin too.  And a little goes a long way. You only have to use a little and work it into your beard for soft shine and great scent!  The scent smells like fresh cut spruce and cedar so is a very masculine scent.  I would definitely recommend this product!

I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Jammies Infant Sleep Sack Review

When Emma was little, I loved putting her in a swaddler when she slept.  Its safer for infants to be swaddled so they don't get smothered with a blanket but still keeps them warm and cozy.  Plus, the swaddle makes them feel safe and secure as if they were in mommy's arms.  Emma always slept great when she was swaddled.  Of course, if I had it my way, I'd have never put her down and wished I could have just held her in my arms every second.  But I couldn't so swaddling her was the next best thing. We swaddled with receiving blankets but I saw these sleep sacks and heard great things about them.  We tried a few and they were so convenient since you don't have to master the arm to learning how to wrap baby up.

These Jammies Infant Sleep Sacks are the best!   They are so soft and snuggly and a great way to swaddle your infant and so easy to use them!  They have a velcro closure so there are not zippers to pinch baby and no buttons for a choking hazard.  It so soft and fluffy and the prints are just adorable!  This is a great gift for a baby shower or a new parent or just to treat your baby to something new and comforting.  I love these!

The quality is great!  The stitching is nice and sturdy, no lose strings.  The velcro is soft and not too scratchy and the material is so so soft!

I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Smart Weight Digital Kitchen Scale Review

I have a thing for kitchen scales.  I use them all the time for so many things!  I weigh food portions and weigh ingredients for cooking.  I also use a kitchen scale to weigh small packages to take to the post office so I know what to expect for shipping charges.  And I love making soap!  I always need a good scale for cold process soap making because the oils have to be measured out very precisely.  I got a Smart Weight Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl to use for my soap making and its awesome!

The removable bowl is my favorite part!  Because I can measure my oils with the bowl and dump them right into my pot to heat.  Its accurate too.  I tested it with another scale and it measures up perfectly.   Its easy to use too and its not too big and bulky so it stores nicely in my limited kitchen storage space.  And it measures up to 4.4 pounds with measurement modes of g, oz, ozt, dwt.  The screen is nice and bright to so its easy to read.  I love this scale!  This is my favorite one so far and I've had a lot of scales over the years.  If you want to try it for yourself, you can order it on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

PeachDog DogPlus Hip and Joint Supplement Review

Our family dog Oscar, is a miniature dachshund and mini weenie dogs are known to have hip and joint problems when they age.  Oscar lives at my parents house and visiting him is always a treat.  He just loves my daughter Emma.  Hes such a wonderful companion to her.   So when I had the opportunity to have him try some of these PeachDog DogPlus Hip and Joint Supplements, I was all for it because he needs it.  Hes getting old and his hips and joints do give him some trouble and make him uncomfortable.

He seems to like them!  They are chewable so he thinks hes getting a treat.  He was skeptical at first but once he tried one he liked it.  He hasn't been taking them long and since hes a dog, its hard to tell how much of an impact they are having but based on the ingredients, they are worth trying in my opinion.  They are made of all natural, human grade ingredients.  They contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and PeachyDog's proprietary dark cherry & berry blend that is packed full of anti-oxidants.  These healthy ingredients all work together to reduce pain and inflammation. Plus these ingredients aid the restoration of joint integrity while at the same time improving overall health.  And they are great for both dogs and cats.  See?  Totally worth trying!

I received a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Living Natural Advanced Probiotics Review

I really like taking probiotics!   There's so many good reasons to take them.  My daughter has taken them too to help boost her immune system when shes been fighting a bad diaper rash.  I've taken them for many different reasons.  Its always good to have a healthy, productive digestive system and taking probiotics can also be very beneficial for a woman's health too.

I was sent a sample of Living Natural Advanced Probiotics to try.  These were great!  The size of the pill was a good size and not too hard to swallow.  They didn't upset my stomach and I didn't need to take them with food.  They are actually better when taken on an empty stomach.  I really hate supplements that require food in your stomach because it limits when you can take them if you don't want to end up with stomach cramps.  And my stomach is really sensitive.   I had no digestive issues with these at all.  The bottle comes with 60 tablets and you can choose to take either one or two tablets each day.  So you;'' either have one month or a 2 month supply.  So they last a while which is great too!  And they have 15 million CFUs so its a good strength to give your body the boost it needs.  They don't leave any odd aftertaste or anything either!

I'd recommend trying these for sure.  I enjoyed taking this brand!   You can order these online from the My Living Natural website!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chef Proven Professional Zester Grater Review

We love kitchen gadgets.  For a long time now, I've been zesting citrus and grated cheeses with cheap products that didn't really work well.  I've wanted an actually zester for a long time and recently got a Chef Proven Professional Zester Grater.

This worked great!  The first thing I used this for, was for a cold process soap recipe.  I love making homemade soaps and love making natural recipes with natural ingredients.  I recently make a lemon soap bar and used our Chef Proven Zester to make some lemon zest that I dried and added to a soap along with some lemon essential oil.  The dried lemon zest made a great addition for exfoliating the skin and also gave it a nice natural lemon scent to accompany the essential oils.  The zester is good quality and has held up well after lots of use and lots of washing.   You can use this zester to grate cheese too!  I cant believe I went so long without having one of these.  I think its one of those kitchen essentials that you should just always have on hand.   My husband is a chef and likes making citrus zest for sushi at home and we always use fresh cheeses and slice, shred and grate it ourselves so this little gadget is going to come in very handy. You could even use it to grate chocolate over an ice cream sundae or to use as a garnish for a chocolaty desert.  There are lots of ways to use this!

You can purchase one and try it for yourself by ordering it on Amazon!

I received a sample product free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Find Me I'm Yours! A Revolutionary Transmedia Experience!

I'm a total romantic!  And I LOVE a good love story!  I just discovered a new eBook that I think you are going to LOVE and it just came out last month.  Its the story of a girls search for true love in a transmedia world!

Its called

Here's a little teaser from the Find Me I'm Yours website...

"FIND ME I'M YOURS is a highly entertaining, unconventional virtual page-turner. Become immersed in Mags’s world through original artwork, hand-written lists, graphics, and Instagram photos within the book. You can go even deeper into the Find Me I’m Yours universe by clicking on embedded links leading to interactive content that’s expertly woven through the novel."

The storyline is so fun and the book is interactive!  Find Me I'm Yours is an awesome multimedia project created by acclaimed entertainment pros Hillary Carlip and Maxine Lapiduss.  Its a great story for moms, sisters, daughters to enjoy together.  Is a fun, beautiful and heartwarming story of finding true love.

The story is about this cool gal Mags Marclay who is an offbeat 24-year-old struggling artist living in beautiful L.A..  She decides to make a dating video with the help of her BFF and after buying a video camera off of Craigslist, the two discover a video left on the camera.  And in the video is this totally hot, super cool guy who is looking for his soul mate.  The video instructs Mags to go on a treasure hunt to find him and hes left clues all over the city and on the internet.  And in the story, you can go along with Mags to find her dream guy!  There are cool, interactive activities in the clues like real websites that you can visit from the story like BridalVille and FreakMyPet and real Instagram photos.  Its so much fun and such a thrill! Its like you're right there in the story!

Find Me I'm Yours has already received kudos
from Today, CNN and Hypable so its a definite must read!

Check out the book's trailer below!

Now watch the video below to find out how to get it!

Be sure to check out Find Me I'm Yours on Facebook,

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Find Me I'm Yours.  All opinions are my own!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland Giveaway Hop! Win a HotelSpa Designer Collection Arch Slide Bar!

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland Giveaway Hop 
December 10th - 20th, 2014

As a participant in the Winter Wonderland Giveaway Hop
The Bee Hive Buzz is offering one lucky reader, a chance to win a 
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Shower head not included. 

We have a HotelSpa Arch Slide Bar and its great!  Its sleek and modern, easy to install and works great.  We can adjust our shower head by height and angle.  Its great for giving kids a bath in the tub so that I dont have to keep standing up to get the shower head.   Its low enough to reach while Im giving my daughter a bath but still out of her reach.  The price is great too!  I think this product would be great for someone with mobility issues too who might have to use a shower chair but still wants to be able to enjoy the shower.

Giveaway ends 12/20/2014.  Open to US Only.  Must be 18+ to enter
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Good Luck!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Omega 3 Unscented Salmon Fish Oil for Dogs Review

Our dog has dry skin.  Shes a doberman and has really short hair too.  But she has a beautiful coat when its well cared for.  But her skin just gets so so dry.  I've heard that fish oils can help keep a dog's skin and coat healthy so I tried some of this Omega 3 Unscented Salmon Oil from Barker Labs and Lady just loved it!

She seemed to really enjoy the taste and just gobbled her meals right up when I gave her the oil.  The oil comes in a pump bottle so its easy to dispense on her food and gives you exact portion sizes on the bottle so you know just how much to give your dog.  You can also give it to cats too.  It helps with a dog's skin and coat, and promotes a healthy heart and joints too.  And even helps reduce inflammation of the joints.

Lady's skin has been looking really nice since we started giving her this oil.  It doesn't seem as dry as it usually does.  And its winter now too so her skin gets extra dry in the winter.  So I'm happy we have this to use this winter.  When her skin is dry, it gets itchy and she gets uncomfortable.  So this oil can keep her skin moisturized and healthy and keep her feeling comfortable and happy.  And we love our happy dog!

You can order this on Amazon!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Luvs Leak Free Holiday Giveaway!

Luvs is a trusted name in baby care.  The folks at Luvs know that the holidays can be full of stressful moments, lots of party planning and holiday shopping.  With so many things to plan, worry and stress about, Luvs doesn't want leaks to be one of those holiday worries.
So that's why Luvs wants you to celebrate a Leak-Free Holiday!

Luvs is putting on a HOLIDAY TWITTER PARTY hosted by the Luvs Mother Board!
Please join Luvs and celebrity dad, expectant father and Donald Faison for a #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday Twitter Party on Thursday, December 11th, from 9-10pmEST, where we’ll be sharing some personal holiday leak stories.

AND there's also.....
The Luvs Leak Free Holiday Giveaway!

We have used Luvs diapers many times and they have worked great for Emma.  Most of the time Emma is in cloth but there are times that we have to put the cloth aside and use disposables.  Emma is prone to diaper rashes and if they get too out of control or if she has a yeast rash, we have to put her in disposable diapers while we treat her rash with heavy duty diaper rash creams that aren't safe on cloth.  We've used Luvs and they never make her bum red or break out and we don't have any leaks even though shes a heavy wetter.  We've also taken day trips where were out walking all day long.  Since we don't use a stroller and I wear her in a carrier, dragging along a wetbag full of soggy cloth diapers all day along with everything else we need just isn't doable.  So on those days, we've put Emma in Luvs disposables and they work great for days out.  There are other disposable diaper brands that make Emma's bum red and itchy or they fall apart and don't hold up to her frequent tinkles.  But Luvs have done the trick for us when we've needed them!

What Luvs has to offer:

Luvs with NightLock offers its largest absorbency are EVER in order to help lock wetness away, which means you have less leaks to worry about during the holiday season and both you and baby an enjoy more stress free time together, enjoying the festivities!
Leaks can disrupt even the most routine baby's sleep schedule and during the holidays, that's no fun.  Keeping baby leak-free all night long can make for a much merrier morning!
Luvs Leak Barrier Leg Gathers ensure that leaks are kept away from special holiday outfits and in the diaper where they belong!

And don't miss the adorable Luvs "Will It Leak" video series! 
Be sure to check it out on YouTube because this year, Luvs is turning clicks into free diapers!
From December 9th - 25th, for every view their Will It Leak "Santa Suit" video receives on their social media channels, Luvs will give a diaper to a child in need through the Children's Miracle Network!
So be sure to VIEW the video below and SHARE with your friends and family this holiday season!

 But the holiday fun doesn't stop there!
This holiday, Luvs is also inviting parents to whip up a baby book for their child in a few quick clicks with Luvs and Tweekaboo!

Enter the GIVEAWAY!!! 

One lucky winner will receive:
Branded Luvs Tote Bag
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 Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate 
Branded Luvs Purple Star Ornament 
My First Kwanzaa Book 
Plush Musical Dreidel 
Hanukkah Gelt 
Luvs Wipes  
Two Packs of Luvs Diapers

Giveaway ends 12/19/2014.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
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Good Luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Tapping Maple Trees: Making Your Own Maple Syrup - Backyard Homesteading Series

We are vendors at our local farmers market.  We sell baked goods, home canned goods and fresh home grown produce and a few other specialty goodies.  We love socializing with members of our community, supporting local foods and of course, we learn new things every market day.  One of the other vendors is a small family run business that specializes in local homemade maple syrup.  People love their syrup and they seem to get pretty good sales.  Ever since we became active in our local foods community, I've been intrigued by the idea of making our own maple syrup.  We love being able to be as self sufficient as possible and I love our little backyard homestead.  Plus, its something educational, useful and interesting that I could teach my daughter and hopefully some siblings in the future.  And.....we have a maple tree in our yard!

So I decided that next year we would tap our trees and I wanted to share the experience with all of you.  Now, we won't be officially tapping our maple trees until about February but I wanted to share the process with you because this is a good time of year to invest in a maple sugaring kit or to ask for a kit for a holiday gift.  Grandparents are always needing extra ideas for holiday shopping so why not ask for something fun, beneficial and interactive that the whole family can enjoy.

We got our kit from Tap My Trees. The kit is awesome and includes everything you need to tap your maple trees.  They even have some great resources to help you get started.

The process of collecting sap to make maple syrup is called "maple sugaring."  Trees that can be tapped for syrup are maple trees.  There are several different varieties of maple trees that can be tapped for syrup.  The most commons ones for tapping are silver, red, black and sugar maple.  Tap My Trees can help you identify the kind of maple trees you have.

Our kit came with collection buckets for the sap that come with lids to keep the crud out, cheesecloth for clean straining, taps (also called spiles), hooks for your buckets and the kit even comes with a drill bit to drill perfect sized holes in your trees.

Maple Sugaring At Home

First you simply drill your hole.  Angle the bit upwards at a slight angle to promote downward drainage.  You'll want to drill your tap hole about 2 to 3 feet up from the ground.

Then, insert the tap and hang your hook over the tap for hanging your bucket.

Attach the bucket to the hook and place the lip on the tap to cover it using the bar in the lip hinge.  You can open the lid while your collecting sap to monitor the sap level in your bucket.

So simple and easy!   Were in Iowa, so we will likely be tapping our trees for sap collection in February.  Sap collection time can be slightly different depending on where you live.  Typically, sap starts to flow through the tree in mid-February to mid-March when daytime temps stay above freeze and below freezing overnight.  You'll want your trees tapped for when the sap starts to flow so that it can be collected in your buckets and then made into maple syrup.
You can find out how to make the sap into syrup on the Tap My Trees website!.

So be sure to check the Tap My Trees website to find out what month would be best to tap your maple trees.  And remember you'll need to tap maple trees.  If you're unsure if you have maple trees or unsure of the maple variety you have on your land, the resources at Tap My Trees can help you figure that out!

I'll be sure to post an update this Spring and let you know how our sugaring process is coming along.  In the meantime, check your trees to see if you have any maples and add one of these kits to your holiday gift list.  Not only is this a great gift idea for homesteading, self sufficient and ecofriendly families but this is a great educational activity for families that homeschool, daycares and an outdoor classroom learning experience.

Have fun and happy tapping!

The team at Tap My Trees provided me with a complimentary kit to use in this post.
I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own!