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Light Up Your Life With Solar Power from Big Greenie! Sunforce LED Solar Motion Light Review + GIVEAWAY! #GreenieUpYourLife

I love solar power!  Especially when it serves a purpose.  I do have a lot of little solar light stakes all over my garden and other than being pretty and colorful in the dark, they don't serve much purpose.  But some solar powered devices can not only save energy but they can also save you money!

I love the variety of solar powered products from Big Greenie!  If you missed it, I recently posted an article about Big Greenie's cloth diaper selection.  They carry Best Bottoms Cloth Diapers!!  If you didn't read it, you should check it out, especially if you're a cloth diaper parent.  But if not, that's fine because Big Greenie has tons of stuff for green families.  And even if you're not fully green, they have lots of great products to get you started on a fun ecofriendly journey.

The awesome team at Big Greenie sent us a solar light to try out.  Its a Sunforce 60 LED Solar Motion Light!  It was easy to install and man is it bright!   We installed this light outside on our back porch.  Its really really dark back behind our house and the back porch is our main entrance to our house.  Well.....actually I prefer that guests use the front door.  I have a pet peeve about that.  But our back door is our private entrance and the only entrance that we as a family use day after day. And with it being so dark, its kind of a safety hazard., especially if I'm carrying my daughter up the steps in the dark.  We have several steps to go up to get to the porch so pitch black darkness is not good....and kinda creepy at night too.

So I had Mr. Bee install the Sunforce Solar Motion Light right above our steps.  All he had to do was grab the drill and screw in two screws to secure the light then screw in 4 screws to install the solar charging panel.

The cord that runs from the solar charging panel to the light is really long so we had a lot of options for where to put it.  We choose the spot that we did so that it would get a lot of sun exposure so it would charge well.  We put the cord up along the ceiling in our porch so its not visible from the outside.  The light fixture is adjustable so you can customize how long the light stays on once its activated and how sensitive it is to light and motion.  It also has an Auto function and a standard ON function.  With auto, it turns on with motion.  The ON switch just allows it to stay on.  Like if were entertaining company on the back patio and just want it to stay on constantly while were out there.

The 60 LED bulbs make this really bright!  I was surprised and really happy with how bright it is.  We can see perfectly.  And its great for the dog.  Our dog is kind of clumsy and half the time when she runs outside at night to go potty, she practically falls down the stairs because she cant see.  But now the light turns on as soon as she runs out the back door.  And once you install it, the light and motion sensors swivel so that you can get just the right angle of light and motion detection.  Its awesome because we can reach it where we installed it and can adjust the angle on either the steps or the patio area so that we get the right light depending on what were doing outside.

And of course, my favorite thing about this solar doesn't use electricity so it doesn't cost us a penny to illuminate our back steps!  Its great for when we leave the house while its light out and come back after dark.  Its also an awesome price too!  This light is only $34.99 on Big Greenie's website.  Which is awesome considering how much money it can save you on an electric bill.  Even if you already have a light installed outside your house.  You can replace it with this and save energy!   Love it.

The photo below is what our back steps look like without the light.  Pretty dark huh? And this is with a clear sky and moon light.  Overcast nights are darker.   Imagine having to go up these steps with a baby in one arm, plus groceries and diaper bag in the other.  And add some snow and ice on top of that.  NOT fun! And so easy to trip.  Such a safety hazard!

NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!
THIS my friends is what our back steps look like WITH the Sunforce Motion Light!!!  AWESOME!!!  No electricity to run it, great price, nice bright light, saves energy by charging with the sun.  So cool!!!  Such a no brainer.  No good reason not to have one of these.  This is definitely worth the small investment to buy one. 
Only $34.99 at Big Greenie!!!!

Big Greenie has other ecofriendly and energy efficient products too and they even have pre-loved products!  So you're bound to find something useful and valuable at Big Greenie!  I would highly recommend shopping at Big Greenie and just love their products and their service!  They are such a great group of folks.  You're supporting a family business by shopping with Big Greenie.  And this light would make a great gift this holiday season.  If you have a loved one of friend that is trying to be green, loves solar power or have a friend that is trying to cut their energy costs, this is perfect!   Need a little extra light outside your garage?  Need some illumination in a backyard area for kids playing in the evening or need a light outside a back yard garden shed?  Need a security light outside the back door of your business?  So many places you could use this!

Be sure to check out  to see more of their amazing products and some great gift ideas!

The Big Greenie team is just so awesome!
They are offering an amazing giveaway AGAIN! 

One lucky reader will win one of these awesome
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