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Cloth-eez Flat Cloth Diapers GIVEAWAY!! Sponsored By Green Mountain Diapers - 2 Winners! #ThankfulForCloth

Our celebration of cloth has come to an end.  And were closing Thankful For Cloth Month with an awesome giveaway sponsored by the wonderful folks at Green Mountain Diapers!

I love Green Mountain Diapers!  Not only is this a delightful, family owned business but they have tons of great cloth diapering products and resources and amazing service.  I recently posted an article about how to fold flat cloth diapers using Cloth-eez Flats from Green Mountain Diapers.  Be sure to check it out!

And now we have this amazing giveaway and there will be TWO lucky winners!

One winner will receive
One set of Cloth-eez Full Size Organic Cotton Birdseye Flats
One Snappi diaper fastener
& One set of Cloth Diaper Pins

A second winner  will receive
One Set of Cloth-eez Half Size Organic Cotton Birdseye Flats
One Snappi diaper fastener
& One set of Cloth Diaper Pins

Giveaway ends 12//2014.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
Two winners will be randomly selected.  Winners will have 48 hours to claim prize.
If prize is not claimed, a new winner will be selected.
Good Luck!

There are two Rafflecopter forms for this giveaway.
One for the FULL size flats
and the other for the HALF sized flats!

I was not compensated for hosting this giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

Our Favorite Ways To Fold Flats - A Photographic Guide To Folding Flat Diapers

There are so many ways to fold flats!   It was one of the things that discouraged me from using flats when I first started to cloth diaper my baby.  We went a long time without using them because I was just intimidated.  There were so many ways to do it.  How would I find the right way for me?  Well, after a long time researching and practicing, I found several ways that worked well for us.  I decided to put my favorites together for you in this photographic guide.  I'm a very visual person.  I have to see it done to really get it.  So I hope this photographic guide can help you on your journey to mastering flat diapers!

First and foremost, the key to successfully using flats is to use a good quality flat diaper.  Personally, the only good use for a Gerber Flat is for a spit up rag in my opinion.  If flats are going to work well for you, they have to be a real high quality flat diaper.  My personal preference are the Cloth-eez Organic Birdseye Flat Diapers from Green Mountain Diapers.  They hold up to pretty much anything, the price is fantastic for what you get, I'm supporting a small family owned business from buying from them and they have options!  Options are great!  They have full sized flats and half size.  Half sizes are great for newborns and little bums and for making an extra "insert" to add some extra absorbency to your full sized flat if you have a heavy wetter like my kiddo. Half sizes work for bigger bums too.  They also have white and unbleached flats.   Plus, if you order from Green Mountain, they have tons of other diapering options in addition to flats and also have Snappis and diaper pins if you need them so its a one-stop-shop.  You can get it all in the same place!

But before I get to folding, I have to mention that it is always best to prep your flats according to the maker's prepping and washing instructions. For my photos below, I am using brand new unprepped flats because we don't use a dryer and I line dry everything.  My flats always look pretty wrinkly since they air dry so in order for you to see good clean folds, I'm going to use unwashed flats.  When you do this at home, be sure to use prepped and ready flats for your baby!

Now lets get folding!

Full Fold 1

Full Fold 2 

Half Fold 1

Half Fold 2

I hope these examples are helpful for you!
 If you know of any other helpful flat folding tutorials, leave a link in the comments and share it with us!

I was provided with complimentary Green Mountain Flats to use in this post.
I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own!

There Really Is Nothing Cuter Than My Baby's FuzziBunz! FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

You have to admit I'm right!  There really is nothing cuter than a baby's FuzziBunz!  FuzziBunz cloth diapers!  I am a proud PROUD cloth diaper mama.  The whole month of November has been dedicated to all things cloth and ecofriendly.  The decision to use cloth diapers on my baby is something that I will always be proud of and I hope that I'm able to not only educate other parents about cloth but also inspire other parents to use cloth as well.  One of the cloth diapers that has been with us through this whole journey, is FuzziBunz!

Our FuzziBunz One Size Elites were some of the first cloth diapers we ever tried!  Of course, the first thing that attracted me to FuzziBunz was the adorable prints.  I spotted these babies at a local cloth diaper store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa called Birth Baby & Beyond and thought they were adorable.   The girls down at BBB always have awesome things to say about FuzziBunz.  And as I became more schooled in the world of cloth, I found out that FuzziBunz has a reputation for quality cloth diapers and great customer service.  I have come across mamas that are so dedicated to FuzziBunz that their whole stash is nothing but!  So now being such a big fan of FuzziBunz, I was really excited when I heard that FuzziBunz was coming out with a new and improved design.  I wanted to try them asap!

So as a wonderful addition to our Thankful For Cloth Month Celebration, FuzziBunz sent us a set of their New One Size Adjustable Pocket Diapers.  Now, the reason that they sent us a set was because we wanted to compare the size Small and size Large.  The awesome thing about these two sizes, is the amount of overlap.  My daughter is right in the middle so she fits great in both sizes.  I love this!  You're able to get a perfect fit for an infant with the size small and still be able to use this diaper up to a 30 pound toddler.  And the size Large fits infants from 10 pounds on up to 45 pounds.  But at the same time, both sizes are adjustable so you can adjust to just the right fit using their adjustable leg elastics and adjustable waist!  Its really easy to adjust the elastic.  Simply pull the elastic to your desired size and slip it around the button to secure it in place.  You don't have to mess with this sizing again until its time to move up in size.  The button keeps the size secured in place even during washing!

In my opinion, these sizes are great for families with more than one little one in cloth because you can have multiple children of different sizes that are still able to share diapers.  The diaper on the left below is our size Small and the right is the size Large.

The fit is great on both sizes thanks to the adjustable settings.  Right now Emma Bee is about 28 pounds.  Shes never been a chunky baby and sometimes, that's been an issue with diapers.  She was a preemie when she was born and this kiddo had the skinniest little legs I'd ever seen!  It was hard at times, finding diapers that fit snug around her legs.  Shes filled about a bit now that shes gotten older but still isn't much of a plumper.  Our FuzziBunz fit great, not only around her legs but around her waist too, thanks to the adjustable legs and waist.  We can get a perfect fit as she grows and the diaper is adjustable all around while her body grows and changes.

The PUL is very good quality and the inner lining of the diapers is super soft.  The cool thing about the inserts that come with the One Size Adjustable Pocket is the fact that they are contoured to fit the shape of the diaper.  Not only does this help the way this diaper fits but gives this diaper maximum absorbency.  And its great for night time or a nap diaper for us.  Because Emma almost always sleeps on her tummy so we get extra absorbency in the front while shes laying on it.

And with this new contoured insert, the pocket opening is large and makes the diaper easy to stuff!

I like the snap placement as well.  Some diapers only have 2 snaps on the wings.  But these have 3.  That extra snap on the bottom of the wing is great for keeping the wings up so you don't end up with wing droop which has a big impact on the fit.

FuzziBunz has a reputation for making good quality diapers.  We have been using our Elites for over a year now and they are still holding up very well!  The PUL, lining, snaps, and elastics are all good as new even after a year.  And we don't have a huge stash for a large rotation so our Elites have been used a lot!

I know were going to get a lot of long term use out of our elites after using them for the last year without any complaints so I have faith in these new pockets!  And the new One Size Pocket Diaper design wasn't just thought up on a whim either.  This new design was put together by a 20+ year product design engineer who is also a grandfather of 9!  So this gentleman definitely has an expertise in not only design, but taking care of babies too.  This is definitely a carefully thought up, quality product and I'm so glad we had the chance to try it out!

And look how trim this diaper is under pants!  Cloth diapers and pants arent always the best of friends but these are so trim.  This is Emma wearing her size small under some pajama pants.  It almost looks like shes got regular underpants on underneith!

Here is the FuzziBunz sizing chart to help you decide what the right size would be for your little one!
This chart can also be found on the FuzziBunz website!

You can order the new FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable Pocket Diapers on the FuzziBunz website!
You can also find them online at a couple of my favorite online cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet and Nurtured Family as well!

And be sure to check out FuzziBunz and interact with them on social media!
You can LIKE FuzziBunz on Facebook,  follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too!

I was provided with samples free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  This  post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are my true and honest opinions.  Cross my heart!

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Bummis From Birth to Potty Learning - My Bummis Cloth Diaper Reviews

My baby was a preemie and she had a teeny tiny little booty.  I had a hard time finding cloth that would fit her tiny bum at first. And since she was born early, we hadn't completely started a sufficient diaper stash yet so I was frantically collecting teeny tiny cloth diapers for her little bum.  We had a few that worked well but we needed more to be able to do cloth full time.  I was lucky enough to find Bummis and their Newborn Pack with Bummis Super Brite Newborn Covers and Preemie Prefolds.  They worked great for her little bum and I was happy because my little baby was in cloth!

We loved Bummis from the start, literally.  So of course as Emma grew older I wanted to test out Bummis again.  And since Thankful For Cloth Month is dedicated to great cloth diapers, I knew we needed to talk about Bummis.  Bummis has so many great diapering options.  And the neat thing is that their options are so interchangeable.

The Bummis team sent us a few things to try and I love this combo.
They sent us one of their Flannel Fitted Diapers, one of their Duo Brite Inserts and a Simply Lite Cover!  

I was so stoked to try this fitted.  We haven't used too many fitteds surprisingly.  We used fitteds early on with Emma because we were fortunate enough to get some cloth diapering help from a local diaper store that offers a lending program and used a set of fitteds for a while.  They weren't Bummis but they worked.  So as much as I love Bummis, I was excited to try this fitted.

The inside is so soft! I really wish there was a way to describe the softness and be able to do it justice but its just one of those times where you'll just have to trust me and get one so that you can feel for yourself.  The inside is made of a luxuriously soft 100% organic cotton sherpa.  The softness like I said, is just indescribable.  Its perfect for my baby's sensitive butt!  The outside is a soft 100% cotton flannel and the prints are just too cute!  And its really absorbent!  The non-Bummis fitteds we tried before weren't super absorbent.  Emma is a heavy wetter so we were changing those other ones often but she lasts a while in this fitted.  Plus if you need to, you can add one of their boosters to add extra absorbency.  And its got a snap down rise so that you can adjust the size for a perfect fit.

The Simply Lite Cover works great over our Bummis Fitted!  And this print is awesome!  I don't always gravitate towards soft pastels and "baby" prints and colors.  Were a unique family with colorful personalities so I love wild and colorful fluff.  This Simply Lite cover is perfect for my colorful personality and perfect for Emma's silly little sense of style.  Its a One Size cover so it has a snap down rise and fits from 8 to 35 pounds so pretty much from birth to potty learning.  That makes this a very economical system so that's great if youre cloth diapering on a budget.

The snaps on our Simply Lite Cover are snug when secured. That's great for when my busy toddler tries to remove it.  She hasn't managed to get this one off yet!  And the inside of the cover can be wiped clean and used again before tossing it in the diaper pail.

You can also use the Simply Lite Cover with that Duo Brite Insert I mentioned!  Just lay the insert in your Simply Lite Cover or snap it into a Bummis Duo Brite Wrap Cover and you've got an All-In-Two style diaper!  So its nice when these are interchangeable and you're not stuck with using something just one way.

Our Duo Brite Insert is really soft and very very absorbent.  Its contoured so it fits great inside Emma's cover and allows for the absorbency to be distributed without having all of the bulk in the middle.  Its double sided and has a double layer with "stay-dry" polyester on one side and soft organic cotton on the other side.  Plus there is a strip of stitching right down the center to allow it to dry faster.  We line dry everything so inserts that dry fast are always a good thing for us.  These babies come in two different size so that you can get a big enough or small enough size for your kiddo.

Overall, I was really happy with our Bummis Flannel Fitted, Duo Brite Insert and our Bummis Simply Lite Cover.  We also loved that Bummis Newborn Pack that came with the Preemie Prefolds and Newborn Super Brite Covers that we had when Emma was first born.

Bummis products are made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA. Awesome!  Be sure to check out the Bummis website to see their other diapering products.   The Bummis website has a long list of places to buy Bummis products or you can order from some of my favorite cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet and Nicki's Diapers!

And be sure to connect with Bummis on social media!

I was provided with sample products free of charge to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated for this review.  Post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are my own!

Green Lunches On The Go With Ramini Salad To Go Containers Review

Being able to pack lunches is great when you're on a budget.  And being able to pack lunches in a healthy "green" container makes packing meals to go even better.  I always like to use products that can be reused over and over and when I saw these Salad To Go Containers from Ramini Brands, I really wanted to try them.  They looked really convenient and eco-friendly.

They sent me a set of 2.  You can purchase this set on Amazon for only $19.99.  They are BPA free which is awesome!  And everything you need comes with it.  The container has a secure lid with a little cup built in to keep salad dressing in AND you get a fork that snaps onto the side of the cup.  But you don't have to put veggie salad in it.   You could fill it with fresh fruit and fill the dressing cup with yogurt.  Or fill the container with fresh veggies and some healthy veggie dip in the top cup.  Lots of things you could do with this cup and its nice because you don't have to worry about a soggy salad come lunch time.  And its nice and compact and fits well in a small insulated cooler or backpack since its only about 7 inches tall.

This would make a great gift for someone who packs a lunch for work, for a college student who packs lunch to take to class or parents for packing lunch while out with their kids.  Especially since it comes with two!  I kept one and shared the second with my mom because she loves taking salads to work for her lunch.  I love these containers!

Order yours on Amazon!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

We LOVE Our Buttons! Buttons Pail Liner Review & GIVEAWAY!

I am a huge Buttons Cloth Diapers fan!  Not only do we love their cloth diaper and inserts but we've also tried their wetbags and their bamboo flushable liners.  We got our first Buttons diaper in Tangerine last year and its lasted us a whole year and still looks new.  Then we got a couple of their adorable new prints.  Their products are awesome quality and Buttons is a family owned business and their service is amazing.  I love supporting family businesses.  We recently got one of the new Buttons Cloth Diaper Pail Liners to try and its my favorite!

Photo courtesy of Buttons Diapers
We used to have another big brand pail liner but it didn't hold up long and started to look pretty nasty after just a short time and at one point I made one but it was something I threw together pretty quick so that was short lived.  We've been doing without a pail liner for a while now so I was super excited to try the pail liner from Buttons.  I'm never disappointed by a Buttons product so I had high hopes for this bag and was super happy with it!

The stitching is done really well and has held up great.  Its also got a stretchy cord with closure so that you can cinch it up tight and close it up.  The PUL is my favorite part about this pail liner. The color and print is great and the PUL is great quality too.  Its the same PUL that's used for their diaper shells and its amazingly soft and stretchy was heavy duty and durable at the same time.  There is also a matching diaper to go with this pail liner and there are several other colors and prints to pick from too.

Buttons is definitely one of my favorite diaper brands.  Out of all of the diapers that we've tried on Emma since she was born, I will proudly tell you that Buttons is in my top 5 favorites.   This pail liner fits perfectly in our diaper pail.  We just use a tall 13 gallon kitchen garbage can with a lid and it works great for us.  The pail liner has a round bag so it fits very well in a diaper pail or garbage can like we use and holds a ton of diapers.

This pail liner works great for portability.  Emma spends a lot of time at my parents.  They are head over heels in love with this sweet little lady and loves having sleep overs at grandma and grandpa house.  Normally when she spends a day there, I send along our Buttons wetbag for her dirty diapers.  But if shes spending a few days there, this bag is perfect to send along.  It would also work great for general laundry use too.  I remember when I was in college, I would always bring laundry home on the weekends to wash at my parent's house.  This bag would be great for college kids or even for parents with kids in sports.  It would work great for dirty, sweaty sports uniforms to keep them separate from the rest of the laundry.  Its versatile which is something I like about it.

Photo courtesy of Buttons Diapers

I would recommend any of the Buttons products to anyone in a heartbeat!  I've always been happy with their quality and their service.  And like I said, Buttons is a family business and I love supporting family businesses and love seeing my favorite ones succeed. They are definitely building an awesome reputation for quality and service so if you haven't put your baby in a Buttons, you should!

So check out the Buttons Cloth Diapers website to see the rest of their products.

The Buttons family is so amazing!
They are offering one lucky The Bee Hive Buzz reader,
a chance to WIN a 
Buttons Pail Liner!

Giveaway ends 12/15/2014.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
One winner will be randomly selected.  Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize.
If prize is not claimed, a new winner will be selected.
Good Luck!

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Support The Bee Hive Buzz During This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping is upon us!
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner!

So while you're shopping for those perfect holiday gifts and unbeatable deals, please consider using my affiliate links to place your online orders.  By clicking on my affiliate links and then ordering from your favorite online retailers (even Amazon), you'll be helping our family in a huge way!  It doesn't cost any extra for you to use my links and when you use my affiliate links, our family will make a small commission from your purchases.  Its not a lot but every little bit adds up and helps a lot in the long run.  Were a family on a small, tight budget so every bit of extra income sure does go a long way, especially during the holidays.

Below is a list of all of my affiliate links!
Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Thankful For Thirsties! Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper Review & GIVEAWAY!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and being thankful for so many things, I wantd to share our experience with Thirsties Cloth Diapers with you!  I am so thankful for being able to use cloth diapers on my baby girl and that is why we celebrate Thankful For Cloth Month all month long during November here at The Bee Hive Buzz!

The fab team at Thirsties sent us one of their super absorbent One Size Pocket Diapers to try!  Its different than our other pockets.  And in a very good way!

This is the Scottish Storm print!  My husband loves this one because his mother's side of the family is of Scottish.  We even had our wedding party in kilts along with my husband in his family tartan (each family has their own special kilt plaid colors).  So this one is one of his favorite prints out of all of our cloth diapers.

My favorite diapers are always.....the fast drying diapers!   I have a schedule for diaper laundry but if we get busy, I can't always wash exactly when I need to.  So when I'm behind and diapers need to get dry fast, the ones that dry quick are my favs.  Plus I line dry everything so air drying can take a while.  Our Thirsties pocket drys faster than most of the other pocket we have.  I think its the thin inner microfleece lining.  It seems thinner than some other microfleece we've used but I like it!  Its a good thing for me because the dry time is so fast!

And its got these great gussets that fit Emma perfectly around the legs!  They are really soft gussets too.  I've had 2 other diapers that have gussets around the legs that really rub and dig into Emma's legs sometimes.  But these are really soft.  They are snug but not too snug.   I know red marks from cloth diapers tend to look worse than they really are.  But its nice not to have red marks at all.

The snaps are really snug too.  I do have to put some effort into unsnapping them but that is also a good thing.  Because my toddler is a smarty pants and she knows how to get her diaper off even if its a snap diaper.  So snug snaps are awesome.  Having a toddler remove a poopy diaper and run around the house with a dirty butt is no fun!  Thirsties pockets do have a hook and loop option too if you don't like snaps.

This diaper is a One Size diaper so it fits from 8 pounds to 40 pounds so pretty much from birth to potty learning, making it a very economical diaper.

The inserts are cool.  The diaper comes with two of them.   They're cool because of the way you can snap them together. You an either use them separate or you can snap them together because they have snaps on both ends.  This way you can customize the absorbency of the diaper.

Plus the pocket has 2 openings for easy stuffing and the inserts come out of the diaper in the wash so you don't have to un-stuff soggy diaper inserts when its time to wash.  The less mess on my hands the better.  I'm a finger food girl.  I was born with my own set of attached eating utensils and I love to use them.  So meals on laundry day are always few and far between thanks to the un-stuffing factor and the fact that I can never seem to scrub my hands enough after washing diapers.  Diapers that do the work for me are always on the top of my love list!

Thirsties are made in the USA too and they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating thanks to their awesome service and great reputation.  There are so many things I love about the Thirsties company.  Not just the fact that the diapers are awesome.  The mission of Thirsties Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to cloth diaper while at the same time, investing in local economy and sustainable business practices.  Thirsties makes sure that only the best US made materials are used to create their products.  Thirsties are also made by a group of fabulously talented women and many of those women are able to work from home.  This mama is a big fan of working from home and it sounds like Thirsties is a place the place to work!  A company that is dedicated to its customers and provides high quality,  affordable products, supports local economy and growth and supports local families and WAHMs is a company that I can definitely say I am thankful for!

So be sure to check out the Thirsties website to see the rest of their products. You can order directly from their website or you can order from some of your favorite cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet and Nicki's Diapers!  You can also connect with Thirsties on social media by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

You can also WIN a
Winner can choose their favorite in stock color or print!

Giveaway ends 12/12/2014.  Open to US & Canada.  Must be 18+ to enter.
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