Thursday, January 22, 2015

Havens Arc Organic Argan Oil Review

I have never really had a problem with itchy scalp.  Or dry scalp for that matter.   Until this winter....  Ugh....I hate even talking about it.  I don't like to admit that my head has been itchy and kinda dry and flaky lately.  I've been wearing a fluffy winter hat...indoors.....I hate it that much.  And of course the hat doesn't help.  But this dry, cold winter air is just killing my skin.  All over!  Not just my head.  I used to do oil treatments for my hair when my hair would get dried out and I loved it.  I just happened to get a bottle of this Organic Argan Oil from Havens Arc and thought.....this would be perfect for both my hair and my dry scalp!  Because Argan Oil does wonders for your hair and your skin.

So I did a hair mask with this Argan Oil.  I used about a third of the bottle.  So worth it!  I took a nice hot shower and I dumped about a third of the bottle on my hair.  I have about shoulder length hair.  I worked the oil in down to my scalp and massaged it in really well.  Then I just sat in the bottom of the shower for a good steam and let the oil sit on my scalp for probably a good 15 minutes.  It was nice to just relax in the shower with no one bugging me.  And the oil felt nice on my head.  Then I rinsed what I could.  Oil doesn't rinse out completely since oil and water don't really get along too well.  But most rinsed out.  Not all but thats pretty much because I coated my whole head pretty good.  I didn't shampoo my hair either after the oil!  I wanted the oil to really work its magic and moisturize my scalp.  But I rinsed out what I could, got out, dried my hair with a towel and went to bed.  I shampooed my hair the next day.  And my moisturized!  Not itchy anymore!  Not flaky anymore!  And my hair is super soft and shiny!  I loved my little DIY pampering oil treatment.  This Havens Arc Argan Oil was awesome and was just what I needed.  Now you don't have to use it the way I did.  Its actually great just applying it to your skin for a moisture treatment.  It can also be good on your cuticles when your hands get dry and cracked in the winter time.  But I'm keeping the rest of this bottle for my head!

The quality of this oil is great.  Its extra virgin 100% pure, Certified Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, all natural Argan Oil.  There are no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.  If you need a little extra boost of hydration, you should give this a shot!  You can order Havens Arc Organic Argan Oil on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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