Monday, January 5, 2015

Red Brick Loft Collection Candle Review

I love burning candles!  There's just something a house filled with candle aroma that's just not like anything else.  Room freshening sprays just aren't the same.  And I do have a wax warmer that I use often but its not the same.   And burning different types of scents at different times during the year is such a great way to welcome in a new season or a holiday.  I love burning floral candles during the spring, apple scents during summer, cider during fall and anything spiced or chocolaty during the winter.  Its a great way to set a mood in the house.

I recently got a Red Brick Candle from the Loft Collection.  This one is amazing!  The scent is just so natural and spot on.  I got the Loft No. 3 candle.  The scent is purple and white lilac with jasmine and sweet vanilla.  I love lilac!  Lilac is my absolute favorite scent, especially for candles.  Its the perfect scent for spring when the lilacs are starting to bloom.  I love going for a spring walk and picking up the scent of fresh blooming lilacs.  Its the best!  So I love it when my house smells like lilacs.  And this candle smells so natural, just like lilacs with a sweet jasmine vanilla undertone.

And it burns clean too.  And when I blow it out, it doesn't smoke for a while afterwards.  I have a few candles that have to be immediately covered up after I blow them out because they'll sit there and the wick will smoke for a while and it just destroys the good smell in the house and covers it up with smoke smell.  This candle doesn't do that!  I burned it for the review but will definitely be saving this one for Spring.  It'll be perfect!  And its very pretty to look at.  It comes in a clear glass jar for display.

There are 2 other scents in the Loft Collection like Vanilla Maple and Cinnamon Bark.  I haven't smelled the others but considering how much I love this Lilac, I bet they smell amazing too!  You can order Red Brick Candles on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. All of the scents sound great. :) I like that the wick doesn't smoke after blowing out. That's definitely a plus. I have a candle(not this brand) that I burned for the first time yesterday, and when I blew it out, it smoked like crazy. :/

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  3. I love investing in good candles that burn clean and do not smoke to much, i hate that build up that can happen on walls from burning candles. The Vanilla Maple scent sounds like a winner to me.