Thursday, February 19, 2015

Natural Diatomacious Earth Powder With Calcium Bentonite From Abundant Living - Review

I have discovered an awesome product to add to my collection of natural home products!   I have heard a lot about the many uses of diatomacious earth but had never actually tried it.  I've been making a real effort to rid our house of toxic junk and products and foods that are bad for our health and overall well being so when I was given the chance to try Food Grade Diatomacious Earth Powder With Calcium Bentonite from Abundant Living, I was really really eager to give it a go!

I got a huge 32 ounce container!  Which is awesome because the prize is great for such a big container.  They also sell it in a smaller 8 once container too.   If you're not familiar with Diatomacious Earth, its made from fossilized algae.  Sounds kind of icky huh?  Well, a little.  But honestly, its pretty cool how versatile it is.  Its completely safe to ingest!  The fossilized alga is made into a powder and can be used for your home and for your body.  Its a great natural detox when ingested and also great for uses around the house like moisture and odor control.  Kinda odd how this has such wide varieties of uses but its natural and comes right out of nature.  And this has added calcium bentonite which is a natural mineral.

I used this for a couple of different things.   Since its great for odor and moisture, I dusted my living room carpet with it.  We have a big beautiful doberman and two cats.  I also have a toddler.  So you can imagine all of the spills and smells that our rug has endured.  I dusted my carpets and let it sit a while, then vacuumed.  My carpets are nice a fresh!  And since Diatomacious Earth and Calcium Bentonite and great for a body detox, I filled some capsules and took them with some tea.  Both of these ingredients help flush out your system and help rid your body of heavy metals and toxins.

I really loved using this product and definitely plan on making this a permanent addition to my natural home remedy solutions.  I also plan to use this when the weather gets warm as pest control for my garden!  I've been looking for a natural way to keep our garden pests away!

You can order Natural Diatomacious Earth Powder With Calcium Bentonite From Abundant Living online on the Abundant Living website!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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