Friday, March 6, 2015

2 Gallon All Purpose Garden Pump Sprayer By Get Bats Out - Review

I am a garden enthusiast!  I'm going insane right now with cabin fever being stuck indoors for winter.  But I can't wait until Spring so I can get my seeds planted.  I usually start everything indoors so my plants are ready for our raised beds out back once the weather is warm enough.  One thing I've always wanted (and needed) but never had, was one of those garden pump sprayers.   But I was in luck because Get Bats Out sent me one of their heavy duty 2 Gallon Garden Pump Sprayers to try out!

It is winter right now so theres not much outside to spray but I tested this baby out in my basement to see how well it worked!  I will be getting my seeds started in a couple of months and will be planting them in pots in our basement so this will come in handy misting them.  The pump sprayer is great!  It came assembled and ready to use right out of the box.  It is chemical resistant so you can use fertilizers and pesticides in it but I love the fact that the spray comes with bonus recipes to make 15 Green and Ecofriendly Recipes for things like weed control, pest control and natural fertilizers.  So I plan on using all natural, ecofriendly recipes in this sprayer when I use it on my garden.

One thing we have HUGE issues with during the warmer months is mosquitoes!  The recipes that come as a bonus with this sprayer have tons of awesome recipes but one that looks awesome to me is a recipe for mosquito repellent.  Why do I love that one?  Because its made with a mixture of natural oils!  And since I'm a Young Living essential oil lover and distributor, that recipe won my heart!  Cant wait to try it out this summer. You simply mix the oils with water in your sprayer, use the broad spray option and mist your yard, patio and anywhere around your property to help keep those nasty buggers away.  And I bet it makes the outdoor area smell amazing with all of those oils!  Such an awesome bonus to get all of those recipes for natural mixes that can all be used with the sprayer.

The spray is nice, even and doesn't leak.  The pump feature is also easy to operate and has a good amount of pressure so the spray lasts a while before you need to pump it up again.  The 2 gallon capacity is nice so it holds a lot and doesn't need to be refilled so often since it holds so much.  And the spray tip is adjustable so you can change it from a focused spray to a broad spray.

Spraying the stone walls in my basement just didn't cut it for me.  I am so excited for Spring to get here and so excited to get my garden started.  If you're looking for a good quality sprayer, check this out on Amazon!

I received a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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