Friday, March 6, 2015

Cestari Kitchen Elegant Chalk Board Pantry Labels Review

I am not the most organized person.  You can ask my mother.  She tried so hard to teach me how to be organized when I was younger but like my brain, my things in my space have always been cluttered.  But recently I got sick of all of that.  I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  My brain felt cluttered.  So to help with my brain and my life feeling cluttered and messy, I went on a mission to organize my life and my stuff.  One thing I started with was my kitchen.

My kitchen was never a crazy mess.  But my cupboards were really unorganized.  Nothing had order or a system. But I changed that.  Now my cupboards are easy to navigate, easy to find things and I think they actually look nice when I open them up.  One of my favorite ways to store things is in glass mason jars.   Something that has really helped me organize is these chalkboard labels.  They are Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Labels.  They apply easy and can be removed easily.  The come with a chalk paint marker that easily wipes clean with water and the labels can be erased and re-written on over and over.   The set comes with 52 labels and there are 4 different sizes.  I like these labels, especially the large sized ones.  I do wish there was an assortment of shapes as well.   These only have one shape in different sizes.  But they work great and are very functional. The large are my favorite.  I can read those even when jars are on the top shelf in my cupboard.

I was provided with samples free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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