Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Homemade Essential Oil Moisturizer Recipe

I am a DIYer!  I love doing things myself, making things myself, cooking, canning, creating, building.  I just love everything DIY.   And I especially love making beauty and personal care products like soaps, sugar scrubs and recently I made a DIY face cream for dry skin!  It turned out great, smells great and has done wonders for my skin!

My face has really been suffering this winter. My forehead especially.  My skin has been dry and rough and just chapped from the cold weather.  I needed something heavy duty to help with my dry skin but I wanted something natural that wasn't full of junk and chemicals.  I love natural moisturizers.  I didn't have anything on hand that would do the trick so I decided to DIY!  I was sent a sample of Camellia Oil from and thought it would be perfect in this recipe.  And it was!

I used coconut oil, beeswax, Shea butter, Young Living essential oils and that amazing Camellia Oil from I mentioned.

Here's my recipe for Natural Moisturizer For Dry Chapped Skin:

1 oz. Camellia Oil (where to buy)
2 oz. Coconut Oil  (I buy mine at our local Aldi but you can get it on Amazon here)
2 oz. Shea Butter (where to buy)
1 oz. Beeswax pellets (where to buy)
5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil (where to buy)
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil (where to buy)

I slowly heated my Camellia, coconut oil and beeswax together on the stove.  I did a double boiler method by putting my oils in one pot, then placing that pot inside a larger one with simmering water in the bottom.  This keeps the oils from burning.  Once all of the beeswax had melted and all was stirred together, I poured the warm oils into a ceramic dish and placed it in the freeze for about 10 minutes.  I allow it to cool but not freeze. Once the oils were cooled, I took them out and added my essential oils and whipped with a mixer to get a nice fluffy cream.  I placed it in a recycled glass jar and it is now ready to use!

Apply a small pea sized amount to fingers and apply to face, neck or any other area that needs a little extra pampering!  This moisturizer is thick and a little goes a long way!  My skin has felt great since I've been using it.  The Camellia Oil is known to improve skin's condition and help nourish and moisturize.  I loved adding the Camellia Oil to this recipe!  It really made a difference for my skin!  My Young Living Frankincense and Lavender essential oils also have tons of benefits for improving skin's texture, moisture and also has wonderful natural anti-aging qualities.  And of course you can't go wrong with the benefits of coconut oil.

I received the Camellia Oil free of charge to use in this post.  All opinions are my own!

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