Friday, March 6, 2015

The Real Bug Dig Kit From Discover With Dr. Cool - Review

I am all about hands on educational toys in our house!   It seems like these days, most kids just have their faces buried in tablets and devices with apps and games.  Sure, there are educational games but to me its just not the same.  I remember being outside, exploring and learning when I was young, doing things with my hands, discovering and sometimes even dissecting things.  I love when learning is interactive on a hands on level.

For those of you that don't know my educational background, I graduated from Iowa State University with two bachelors degrees.  One in Animal Ecology and Pre-veterinary Wildlife Care.  The second degree is in Entomology.  And of course I threw a Dance minor in there as well.  My favorite out of everything?  My Entomology background!   If you're not familiar with Entomology, it is the study of Insects.  I love Insects and Arthropods and love everything that has to do with creepy crawlies!   And because of my love of insects and their relatives, my daughter is being taught that same love, appreciation and lack of fear.  Were not afraid of bugs in our house.  Were fascinated by them, their body systems and the way these little creatures work.  My husband isn't always as accepting but I've educated him over the years and hes learned to see their benefits.   Its not a rare occasion to find my daughter and I, sitting on the kitchen floor together, quietly observing a spider that happened to wander in.  And I am one of those Entomologists that has an insect collection.  I'm sure you've seen them in museums.  Insect specimens perfectly laid out, dried and pinned in glass covered display boxes as if they were art! Yep thats me.   I'm very proud of my collection!

Since I love passing on my knowledge and love of science to my daughter, I found the coolest toy ever and was so excited to get it so that we can use this as a fun and interactive educational tool.  Its called the Real Bug Dig Kit from Discover With Dr. Cool!  It is super awesome!   Its hands on and I can't wait to take it outside this summer when the bugs are out and learn with this in our backyard.  The kit includes a digging tool, brush and even a magnifying glass.  And you get to dig out creepy crawlies from this big beetle shaped digging block.  Then once you've dug out your creature, the kit comes with a book that tells you all about that insect or arthropod and others so that you can learn and read about the bug you just dug out.  The activity book also contains puzzles and games too.  And don't worry.  The bugs you dig out are preserved in acrylic so no gross factor at all!

This kit was actually created by teachers and won the Academic's Choice Brain Toy Gold Award in 2013. From what I could see, everything is accurate in the facts and I love that this is engaging and hands on!  Its definitely a great gift idea for kids that love science and would even be a great tool for homeschooling families with younger children.

If you're interested in digging into this with your kids, you can order the Real Bug Dig Kit on the Discover With Dr. Cool website.  They also have other dig kits like Dinosaurs and Gemstones!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. 

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