Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sprouts Cold Remedy and Voice Remedy Herbal Supplements Review

I am all about natural remedies!   I've pretty much thrown out every over the counter medication in our house and switched our family to natural remedies.  There are still a few over the counter things that I'm slowing weening my husband off of.  But for the most part, were all natural.

I was recently sent a bottle of Sprouts Cold Remedy and a bottle Sprouts Voice Remedy to try.   These are both herbal, all natural and absolutely awesome!   The first one I tried was the Sprouts Cold Remedy.  This came just in time.  My daughter was starting to get a cold and I was starting to feel the cold coming on as well.  There are very few things out there to help a toddler with cold symptoms.   And of course I wanted something natural so Sprouts was perfect for both of us.  I added about 20 drops of Sprouts Cold Remedy to some hot tea for me and added just 5 drops to a cup of warm milk and a little honey for my daughter.  I felt much better and my runny nose and congestion was gone for the day and my daughter's nose was hardly running at all.  We both has a little bit of a dry cough setting in too which went away after we had our Sprouts.  And neither of our cold developed into anything major.  Normally if a cold hits our house, were miserable for weeks.  But this cold was gone in a matter of days!  The Sprouts Cold reduced the duration of the cold which is one thing its supposed to do.

I gave the Sprouts Voice Remedy to my mom.  She sings in church and was needing something for a hoarse throat while she was practicing her songs.  She does so much singing and she gets a lot of colds and sinus infections and its all hard on her throat so the Sprouts was to help keep her throat clear and keep her voice from getting hoarse.  Sprouts Voice helps with a lot of things!  Its supposed to help promote a healthy voice, heal and prevent hoarseness and laryngitis, gets rid of phlegm and reduces congestion, reduces inflammation, opens nasal passages, lubricates and moistens the vocal cords and enables a smooth and clear voice.  Its ideal for people who sing, speak a lot like teachers or people who conduct meetings and do a lot of work over the phone.  So since my mom is a singer and also works on the phone and holds meetings and webinars for her job, this was perfect for her!

I love Sprouts!  This is definitely something that will stay in our natural medicine cabinet.  The Sprouts Cold Remedy contains all natural herbal ingredients.  It contains Echinacea, Red Root, Elderberry, Green Tea, Thyme Herb and Murr Gum.  The Voice Remedy is all natural and herbal as well and contains Fennel Seed, Slippery Elm Bark, Horseradish Root, Thyme Herb, Celery Seed and Horehound Herb.  One thing I like about Sprouts is that a dose is such a small amount and the bottle is a pretty good size.  The shelf life on them is really long so the bottles will last us a long time!   You can order both Sprouts Cold Remedy and Sprouts Voice Remedy on Amazon!

I received samples free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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