Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Azara Organics Seaweed Facial Mask & Body Wrap Powder Review

I love doing facial masks!  Until now I've only done mud masks and have loved the way they made my skin feel.  So when I saw this Organic Seaweed Powder from Azara Organics, I was really excited to try it!

I didn't realize how much good stuff was in seaweed as far as beauty benefits  Its packed with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids that help your skin.  I didn't do a body wrap or anything but I did do a face mask.  My cheeks have been red and blotchy lately and I noticed that my skin tone was more even after using this seaweed powder to do a face mask.  My skin feels smooth and hydrated too.  This seaweed powder is wild harvested from the coldest parts of the North Atlantic ocean and then micronized into this super fine powder which makes it great for face and body masks and great for absorbing the nutrients.  I loved the way my skin felt after using it so I'm excited to try it out on the rest of my body.  It supposed to be great for cellulite.  I'm planning on mixing some essential oils in with it too to help with some skin issues.  If you want to pamper your skin and try this out for yourself, you can purchase it on Amazon.

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

EVAO Extra Virgin Organic Argan Oil Review

I've kind of turned into an oil fanatic.  I use all different kinds of oils.  I use coconut oil as a moisturizer, in my homemade soaps, homemade lip balms and of course for cooking.  I use rosehip oil on my skin and hair.  I also use it in my soaps too.  And I'm extremely fond of argan oil for my hair, nails, skin and for my daughter.  We use essential oils daily and I've found that argan oil is a great carrier oil to use when diluting essential oils, especially when I'm using them on my daughter.  I recently had the opportunity to try some EVAO Extra Virgin Argan Oil and it worked great!

I've used it a few different ways.  Of course as a carrier oil for my kiddo.  It absorbs well, its sticky or greasy and I love that its USDA organic and pure.  Its also Fair Trade which is awesome!  I also used this on my hair.  I gave myself a DIY haircut the other day and gave myself a new set of bangs.  My hair get split ends really quickly after a hair cut and it doesn't matter if its cut we or dry.  After I did my cut, I put some of this argan oil on my finger tips and worked it through the freshly cut ends of my hair to nourish and condition the cut ends.   I've also done this after a shower when my hair is still damp and have found that my bangs flow across my forehead really nicely without having to do a lot of styling.  So far I've been really happy with this oil and am excited to keep using it. You can purchase EVAO Argan Oil on Amazon to try it out for yourself!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

U.S. Legal Wills - America's #1 Provider of Online Wills, Power of Attorney, and Living Wills

Something that has been on my mind since my daughter was born, is having things in order in case something were to happen to me.  Its seems early to be thinking about a will and funeral wishes, but we really never know when something might happen and having my wishes put down on paper is important.  Not that much of it will really be that important after I'm gone but it is important to help my family and loved ones.  If I were to suddenly pass away, there will be a lot on my family's shoulders.  Unfortunately, I can't really afford to sit down with an attorney and draft a will so when I saw U.S. Legal Wills I thought it sounded like a great place to start.

U.S. Legal Wills is a website that provides estate planning services.  It allows you to create a will, living will, power of attorney documents and funeral wishes.  The website guides you step by step through everything!  Its very thorough.  You can even name guardians and set up trusts for your children.  Once you've completely the documents, they are ready to be printed.  And once you print them, they must be signed in the presence of two adult witnesses, making them legal binding and official.  Its so easy and really affordable!  Its great because I can prepare them myself and keep a copy in my safety deposit box for safe keeping.  Its a nice little peace of mind.   Hopefully they'll sit in my bank box for years and years. But if not, I know my family will have some peace of mind knowing my wishes and not having to start from scratch and worry about the extra details.  And US Legal Will is an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited business which is great!   I do pay a lot of attention to BBB accreditation, especially for something of this nature.

I found the website to be really user friendly and easy to navigate.   I didn't need to know much about wills and funeral arrangements before starting.  The website walks me through it all.  You can check out U.S. Legal Wills online to learn more!

I was provided with a complimentary membership to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Made From Earth Organic Vitamin C Moisturizer Review

I found a new favorite moisturizer!   Its Organic Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer from a company called Made From Earth!  Its so creamy and smooth and feel so amazing on my skin.  But at the same time doesn't clog my pores and not too heavy for me to wear during the day time.

I've used this as a day and night cream.  Its full of organic ingredients and lots of healthy oils to nourish my skin.  Summer is on its way and my skin does crazy things during the summer.  My face has a tendency to get oil but flaky at the same time.  I just have really finicky skin, it never seems to be able to go one direction and always seems confused about the seasons so I'm excited to use this cream now that the season is changing around here.  It does not have a chemical smell like some moisturizers I've tried.  Its packed with vitamin C which is awesome for so many things like moisture and hydration, fine lines and aging.  It absorbs well and I don't feel the need to immediately reapply like some others I've used.  It comes in a little jar which is better than a bottle for me.  I can never seem to get the last bit out of a bottle so jars are my favorite.  I hasn't made my skin break out either and a little bit goes a long way!  Overall, I love this moisturizer and will definitely be buying another jar when this is gone.  You can order it on the Made From Earth website along with their other skin care products.

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Ava Shower Filter Review

Our city water is awful!  We have such high levels of iron in our water that it actually stains our whites in the laundry.  And if I use tap water to boil on the stove, if I boil it long enough and then let it sit, you can actually see an orange film at the bottom from the iron.  Its pretty gross!    The copper was replaced on the first floor of our house just before we bought it but the copper upstairs, where our bathroom is, is due to be replaced too.  Our shower walls start to look orange from the iron between scrubs so when I saw this Shower Filter from Ava, I was so thrilled to try it.  To be honest, I never even realized such a thing existed!

It was so simple to install.  All I had to do was screw it onto the pipe, then screw my shower head on.  We have a hand held sprayer and it was compatible with this filter.  The water flows through the filter before exiting the sprayer.  Simple!  Easy as pie.   It literally took me less than 2 minutes to install it.  The filter is great!  It filters out 99.9% of the crud in our water.   It filters out chlorine, algae, dirt, lead, chloramine, bacteria, copper, mercury and heavy metals.  It also filters out FLUORIDE, which is huge for us!  We do not do fluoride and have been making efforts to cut it out of our lives.  The filter also helps to balance the pH of the water to help with healthy sin.  Its also a USA made product with a 30 day guarantee so that's a plus.  And the filter cartridge lasts for a year before needing to replace it.  I am loving it!  Its definitely made a huge difference with our water.  It looks, smells and feels better!  You can order the Ava Shower Filter on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own!

Bitpsy Jumbo Lemon Squeezer Review

My husband makes this amazing Mint Lemonade!  It sounds kind of odd, I know.  But its fantastic!  Especially during the summer.  He makes it with fresh lemons and fresh mint leaves.  He makes if often during the summer but definitely not often enough.  Mainly because its sort of a pain to juice all of the lemons.  We have a hand juicer but it doesn't work very efficiently.  It always gets clogged up with the lemon guts.  When I saw this Jumbo Lemon Squeezer from Bitpsy, I wanted to try it out and see if it would work better.  If it could get Mr. Bee to make his mint lemonade more often, then it was worth a shot!

I really liked it.  I was surprised at how easy it was to squeeze.  All you do is cut your lemon in half, place it in the juicer and squeeze.  It definitely got most of the juice out and my hands weren't too tired after juicing several lemons.  I tried it out with some limes too and make some lemon limeade.  The nice thing about this is that its big enough to use with other citrus fruits, not just lemons. And its made of commercial grade stainless steel so it will last and hold up to a lot of use.  And since its dishwasher safe too so that makes it easy to clean.  I definitely like this juicer and will be using it often.  You can order the Bitpsy Lemon Squeezer on Amazon.

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Island's Miracle Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil Review + Giveaway

I started taking fish oils a long long time ago.   I first heard about fish oils after my dad had a heart attack and had to take them daily.  Since then I've tried several different brands.   My biggest complaint is that many of them leave you with a fishy aftertaste and even worse, fish burps.  Yuck!   So I am always thrilled when I come across one that doesn't leave me with fish taste in my mouth.

I tried Islands Miracle Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil and was happy with the lack of fish flavor.  These were easy to swallow too which was awesome.  Some fish oils have been hard for me to take but these are softgels which helps them go down easy.  These also have lemon oil in them which helps to eliminate the fishy aftertaste!  I love lemon and take lemon essential oil capsules daily anyways so a little extra lemon for me is great. Lemon is great for your digestive system.  The bottle is huge too which is fantastic.  The bottle comes with 180 softgels so you get a lot for your money.  They are also made in the USA.  I think these are definitely worth trying.  You can order them on Amazon!

You also have a chance to WIN a bottle of 
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Good Luck!

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Island's Miracle.  All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bump Water Review & Giveaway!

I remember when I was pregnant with Emma, I craved soda.  But since it wasn't good for me, I rarely drank it.  It was the carbonation and the fizz that I craved.  I also had crazy cravings for fruit juice.  I was nuts!  I didn't have weird food cravings but I could chug a 64 oz bottle of juice is minutes.  That wasn't really good for me either.  But I was super particular about my beverages while I was pregnant.  I recently discovered something called Bump Water and it sounded like something I would have loved to have had when I was pregnant with Emma.  I was curious about trying it so I did

They were both very good!   I think between the two, my favorite was the Strawberry Lemonade because I absolutely love lemonade.  Bump Water is great because its less than 100 calories and sweetened with organic cane sugar.  And they have a lite version which is just 10 calories and sweetened with all natural stevia.  The Pomegranate Mixed Berry that I tried was the lower calorie one and it was still really good even though its low cal.  Some low cal beverages taste low cal but this one was really good!  I enjoyed them both.

They are packed with vitamins too which is another reason why they are worth trying.  One bottle includes 100% of the recommended daily allowance of folic acid plus other prenatal vitamins.  They are really refreshing! There are four flavors all together.  There's Cranberry Ginger, Strawberry Lemonade, Pomegranate Mixed Berry, and Lemonade. There is also have Bump Water Sparkle, which has a bit of fizz for those mamas like me that craved a bit of carbonation.

And for those of you that want to give Bump Water a try, 
one lucky The Bee Hive Buzz reader 
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and a bottle of Pomegranate Mixed Berry to try!

Giveaway ends 5/6/2015.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
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Good luck!

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Bump Water.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Favorite Composting Accessory - The Kitchen Compost Caddy Review

I am very passionate about composting!  Actually, if you ask my husband, hell probably tell you that I take it a little too far.  I literally flip out if something compostable ends up in our trash.  And I have been known to dive for it.  Because really.... as a very passionate life long gardener, the idea of being able to make my own natural, chemical free, nutrient rich garden soil that I can use to grow the food I'll be feeding my family is very important to me.  I really have no interest in going to a store and purchasing bagged garden soil that's full of unnatural, chemical "fertilizers."  I really don't know where it came from or whats in it.  When you compost at home, you're creating natural, nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants, fruits and veggies and you don't have to spend a dime.  You're taking organic materials from things you've already eaten or used that you'd likely throw away anyways and converting it into something that's extremely useful.  No brainer for me!

But in order to properly compost, in my opinion, the tools are vital!  Of course having a compost bin or area to put your composting material is absolutely important but for me, a compost pail is just as important.  Because that's where I'm keeping my organic stuff as I'm collecting it for the outdoor bin.  Even if I empty my indoor bin in the compost pile outside each day, I still have organic material just sitting in my kitchen all day making a stink.  And honestly, I don't always take it out every day.  Sometimes every couple of days.   For years I've composted without a proper collecting container inside.  I've used a bucket, old bowl, a soup pot and other random containers.  Things broke, leaked or didn't hold in old potato smell and things got funky.  Or the 2 day old banana peel brought in the fruit flies.  So I was on this hunt for something meant for collecting compost material.  Something easy, convenient and something that didn't need to sit on my counter top for all eyes to see!  I stumbled across the Kitchen Compost Caddy while doing my searches......   LOVE I tell you!  Love at first sight!   This was perfect!

I was so incredibly excited to get my Kitchen Compost Caddy!  Here's the scoop on it.  It comes with a holder that attaches to the inside of a cabinet door so its completely hidden.  The compost pail hangs on the holder but you can remove it to take it out and dump the contents.  But whats super cool is that if you're dumping materials in it, there is a little lever that you can pull up to hold the lid open while you're dumping things in.  There's also a carbon filter in the top of the pail to help with odors!  Plus there's a handle on top of the pail for carrying it outside to your compost bin.

 AND....yep I'm not done.  AND.....the bottom of the holder has a little basket type space for you to keep bags.  The Kitchen Compost Caddy website sells BioBags and if you're not familiar with those, they are compostable, ecofriendly, biodegradable bags that fit perfectly inside the compost caddy.  So these not only make collecting and dumping compost materials quick an easy because you don't have to take the whole pail outside, but they help keep the pail clean as well.  And they are safe to compost so its a total win win! And you do have the option to order a holder without the basket space.

It's super simple to install as well.  You take a quick measurement of the inside of your cabinet door.  There are several widths available so the Kitchen Compost Caddy can fit a variety of door sizes.   It takes 2 screws, both of which come with the caddy.  You grab a drill, attach the holder with the two screws and hang the caddy.  Piece of cake!

Check out this video!

My favorite thing about this caddy is that its completely hidden.  I always hate when I have surprise visitors and people see my mixing bowl of banana peels, used coffee grounds and veggie scraps on my counter top.  Now I don't have to worry about that.  And the carbon filter is amazing!  I have some onion scraps in the caddy right now and you would never know it walking into my kitchen.  And to be totally honest.....those onion scraps have been in there.....for 2 days! 

This product is awesome and if you do any type of composting, I would highly recommend getting one of these.  Its also great if you have kids in the house.  Depending on where you keep your current composting pail, a child could easily get into it and make quite a mess.  So keeping this in a closed cabinet behind your childproof locks is great!  It also keeps it out of reach from a naughty compost eating canine like mine!  Our giant, loving yet unfortunately somewhat unintelligent Doberman is frequently caught eating out of our compost bin.  She just can't function without her morning coffee grounds (that's a joke fyi).  So I have so many reasons to love my Kitchen Compost Caddy!

If you're interested in checking them out, you can visit the Kitchen Compost Caddy website!  You can also connect with the Kitchen Compost Caddy team on Facebook and Twitter to hear about news and promotions!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Potty Learning GIVEAWAY With Pampers Easy Ups + The Pampers Easy Ups Twitter Party #PampersEasyUps

We're in part time potty learning!  Emma just turned two and shes been talking for a while now about the potty.  Shes also gotten the hang of telling us when she has to go and when she needs her diaper changed.  So we've been in part time potty training for a while now.  Shes still little yet so we've got plenty of time for her to get the full time hang of it.  For now, were doing a mix of diapers and a mix of training pants.  Some days she uses the potty and other days she doesn't.  Were letting her decide.

Were making it a positive experience and putting her in charge.  We make sure she knows how proud we are when she uses the potty and how awesome she is when she decides to use the potty.  One way we've helped her in this learning experience is using training pants.  These have helped her get the hang of pulling her own pants down to use the potty.  We also have a reward system.  Emma loves stickers!  So we created a giant potty board using a large piece of foam poster board.  We wrote "Emma's Potty Board" and colored all over it.  We made it together.  And each time Emma uses the potty, she gets to add a sticker to her board.  Its worked great!  For us, letting Emma take charge of her own potty learning experience has been great.
Pampers Easy Ups have made Emma's transition from diapers really easy!  We rarely have leaks with Pampers Easy Ups and so easy for her to put on and take off.   They actually have fewer leaks than other leading brands.   They are also great for day and night time!   Plus, she feels like shes wearing big girl underpants and makes her feel independent which is another great way to get her excited about learning how to use the potty.  

In celebration of our potty learning experience,
I'd love to tell you about an upcoming Pampers Easy Ups Twitter Party! 
Join @Pampers on April 21st from 9-10pm EST as they host a Twitter Party with Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician, award-winning parenting book author and potty training expert who co-authored the book, Its You and Me Against the Pee…and the Poop, Too!


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This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yummy Yammy Salsa Review & Giveaway!

Since my husband is a professional Chef, we love trying new and interesting foods.  I love experiencing new ingredients and flavors.   Exploring food is an adventure for us.  So when the owner of Yummy Yammy offered to send us some of her delicious sweet potato salsas for us to try, we were all for it.  The recipes sound delicious and unique and sounded like something we would definitely like.

Yummy Yammy Salsas are not your typical chunky tomato salsas.  They are made from sweet potatoes and other hearty ingredients.  They are also vegan.   Like a vegan super food meal in a jar as Yummy Yammy puts it.  Not only can you enjoy these with tortilla chips, crackers or pita chips (warmed salsa on pita chips was our favorite way to enjoy it) but you can use this as a condiment or for cooking.  One thing in my plans is to use the last of our Tuscan jar on some chicken!  I want to bake or grill some chicken breasts smothered it in and serve it with some pasta.  I bet it will be fantastic!  But so far, we've just been munching on them and love each one.

There are 3 flavors.  There's Moroccan, Tuscan and Mexican.  Its really hard to choose a favorite between the 3 flavors.  I think I am most partial to the Moroccan because I am a sucker for those types of spices.  But all 3 were delicious!

The cool thing about Yummy Yammy is that there are no added sweeteners.  The flavors are all natural.  The ingredients are all wholesome and made from US grown sweet potatoes with other tasty ingredients like kale, roasted red peppers, lentils, beans, basil, pure natural citrus juices and more.  These salsas are packed with vitamin A thanks to all of those yummy ingredients.  And they are low calorie too which is awesome!  There's only 250 calories in an entire 12 ounce jar.  That's an awesome snack that I don't have to feel guilty about devouring!  I am so happy we got a chance to try these and get a break from typical, nothing special salsas.

Be sure to check out the Yummy Yammy website for more info on these delicious flavors.  My favorite aspect of the Yummy Yammy website is the Recipes Page that features tons of recipes and idea for how to enjoy these salsas.  You can also connect with Yummy Yammy on Facebook and Twitter too!

And if you're curious about trying these for yourself,
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One winner will receive 3 JARS of Yummy Yammy Salsa (1 jar of each flavor) so you can try them all and find your own favorite!

Giveaway ends 4/30/2015.  Open to US only.  Must be 18+ to enter.
One winner will be randomly selected.  Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize.
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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Yummy Yammy.  I was provided with samples at no charge to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Monday, April 13, 2015

goPURE Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil Review

I am very passionate about essential oils.  I never realized how many products I could replace with essential oils.  I'm becoming more and more educated each and every day about oils and its been life changing.

One thing that Ive managed to get rid of is over the counter pain medication for headaches.  I get headaches a lot and Peppermint Essential Oil has become my go-to remedy for headaches.  I tried this Peppermint Essential Oil from goPure Naturals.  It doesn't have as crisp and fresh of a peppermint aroma as I had hoped but it does smell decent.  And I did get some headache relief after putting a dab on my temples.  I also added some to a bath when I needed and energy boost but I noticed that my skin was a bit itchy so maybe I'll skip adding this one to my bathwater.  I also love using peppermint essential oil for bug control.  We don't get too many bugs in the house but now that the weather is warming up, I'm noticing more spiders and weevils.  So I used this peppermint oil to wipe down the cabinets under our sinks and also put a few drops on a cotton ball and hide them around the house.  It helps keep the air fresh and keeps the spiders at bay.   I won't be adding it to my bathwater anymore and will probably be careful about applying it to my skin but it worked well for cleaning and the dabs on my temples for my headaches.

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

goPURE Naturals Argan Oil Review

Argan oil is known for working wonders on dry hair and dry skin.  I am also a soap maker.  I love making homemade soaps and love being able to make the soap that my family uses.  I know that what they are putting on their skin is natural and chemical free.  So when I had the chance to try this 100% Argan Oil from goPURE Naturals, I decided to experiment and add it into a soap recipe.

Since the bottle is 4 ounces and much larger than other brands Ive tried, I decided it would be a great additional to a soap recipe I was planning on making.  I did a batch of peppermint soap since summer is coming.  I make cold process soaps that need to harden for about a month before you can actually use them.  The harder the soap, the longer they will last.  I used Young Living Peppermint  Essential Oil in this recipe because the peppermint is cooling, refreshing and uplifting which is great for summer.  I added the entire bottle of argan oil because the argan oil with help nourish our skin this summer.  With summer comes bug bites and sun burns and all sorts of things so the argan oil will be perfect.  My soap recipe turned out great!  I can always tell how good of a quality oil I've used based on how well my soap turns out.  A poor quality oil will make soap bars that are tacky and don't cure well.  There was a bit of oil left in the bottle after I was done so I wiped up the last bit on my finger tips and worked it into the ends of my hair.  I've got split ends from growing my hair out so the argan oil will help condition it.  Overall, I was happy with this oil!  You can purchase goPURE Naturals argan oil on Amazon!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Young Living Essential Oils Giveaway! Enter to WIN The Feel Better Prize Bundle!

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Feel better fast when you're feeling under the weather.  Rid the home of germs with Thieves Spray, add your essential oils to the organic hot tea and to the bath salts for a relaxing and cleansing soak!

I am a Young Living Independent Distributor.  I am not a physician, just an educated mom.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mia Mariu Relax Essential Oil Blend Review + GIVEAWAY!

I am crazy about essential oils.  And I'm also crazy about the way I smell.  I think its a girl thing.  I have always been hooked on wearing perfumes.  But since I started using essential oils and cutting out a lot of unnatural junk in our house, I've stopped wearing perfume fragrances and opted to just go with essential oils.  I'm also an insomnia.  The two of those are completely unrelated but I found something that actually helps with both.  I've become a huge fan of Mia Mariu products because they are natural.  So when I saw that they came out with essential oils blends I was set on trying them.

I tried the Relax blend.!  The scent is just fantastic.  Its clean and crisp and definitely is relaxing.  Its a blend of essential oils and natural oils that help to relax you, promote healthy sleep and give you a calming effect.  It definitely works.  I've been rubbing it on my chest at night time before bed.  I've also been rubbing it on my daughters feet at night too.  She has night terrors and ever since we've starting oiling her before bedtime, shes had very few night terrors.   The Relax blend contains lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood and clary sage.  I love each of these oils and actually use these individuals oils regularly.  They are blended with a mix of pure carrier oils that help nourish your skin as well such as coconut, jojoba, rosehip, sweet almond and some others.  So its great for your skin, body and mind.  And doubles as one of the best smelling fragrances I've ever smelled.  This is definitely my new perfume substitute!

So far I have never been disappointed with my Mia Mariu products.  Ive been so happy with everything I've tried!  You can order the Relax blend or Mia Mariu's I Feel Good blend on the Mia Mariu website.

You can also WIN a bottle!
Mia Mariu is offering one lucky winner a chance to win a bottle of their essential oil blends!

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Good luck!

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I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pantry Makeover With Kitchen Supreme Chalkboard Labels

My kitchen has been needing some serious organization and I've been working hard to get things organized and in its place.  Labeling has been my biggest issue.  I love to store things in mason jars but haven't had a great way to label things until I discovered chalkboard labels.  I've tried a couple of different brands and stumbled upon my favorite recently.  They are from Kitchen Supreme!

The set comes with 40 labels.  They stick really well and come with a chalkboard marker to write with.  They easily wipe clean with water so you can relabel them over and over.  My favorite thing about the labels from Kitchen Supreme and the reason why I like these the best over others I've tried, is that fact that there are different shape designs.  Other brands I've tried have different sizes but of all one shape.  These are really nice to look at with the varying designs and really make my cupboards look nice in my opinion.  And the set is very reasonably priced too.  You can order a set on Amazon for less than $15!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.