Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Favorite Composting Accessory - The Kitchen Compost Caddy Review

I am very passionate about composting!  Actually, if you ask my husband, hell probably tell you that I take it a little too far.  I literally flip out if something compostable ends up in our trash.  And I have been known to dive for it.  Because really.... as a very passionate life long gardener, the idea of being able to make my own natural, chemical free, nutrient rich garden soil that I can use to grow the food I'll be feeding my family is very important to me.  I really have no interest in going to a store and purchasing bagged garden soil that's full of unnatural, chemical "fertilizers."  I really don't know where it came from or whats in it.  When you compost at home, you're creating natural, nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants, fruits and veggies and you don't have to spend a dime.  You're taking organic materials from things you've already eaten or used that you'd likely throw away anyways and converting it into something that's extremely useful.  No brainer for me!

But in order to properly compost, in my opinion, the tools are vital!  Of course having a compost bin or area to put your composting material is absolutely important but for me, a compost pail is just as important.  Because that's where I'm keeping my organic stuff as I'm collecting it for the outdoor bin.  Even if I empty my indoor bin in the compost pile outside each day, I still have organic material just sitting in my kitchen all day making a stink.  And honestly, I don't always take it out every day.  Sometimes every couple of days.   For years I've composted without a proper collecting container inside.  I've used a bucket, old bowl, a soup pot and other random containers.  Things broke, leaked or didn't hold in old potato smell and things got funky.  Or the 2 day old banana peel brought in the fruit flies.  So I was on this hunt for something meant for collecting compost material.  Something easy, convenient and something that didn't need to sit on my counter top for all eyes to see!  I stumbled across the Kitchen Compost Caddy while doing my searches......   LOVE I tell you!  Love at first sight!   This was perfect!

I was so incredibly excited to get my Kitchen Compost Caddy!  Here's the scoop on it.  It comes with a holder that attaches to the inside of a cabinet door so its completely hidden.  The compost pail hangs on the holder but you can remove it to take it out and dump the contents.  But whats super cool is that if you're dumping materials in it, there is a little lever that you can pull up to hold the lid open while you're dumping things in.  There's also a carbon filter in the top of the pail to help with odors!  Plus there's a handle on top of the pail for carrying it outside to your compost bin.

 AND....yep I'm not done.  AND.....the bottom of the holder has a little basket type space for you to keep bags.  The Kitchen Compost Caddy website sells BioBags and if you're not familiar with those, they are compostable, ecofriendly, biodegradable bags that fit perfectly inside the compost caddy.  So these not only make collecting and dumping compost materials quick an easy because you don't have to take the whole pail outside, but they help keep the pail clean as well.  And they are safe to compost so its a total win win! And you do have the option to order a holder without the basket space.

It's super simple to install as well.  You take a quick measurement of the inside of your cabinet door.  There are several widths available so the Kitchen Compost Caddy can fit a variety of door sizes.   It takes 2 screws, both of which come with the caddy.  You grab a drill, attach the holder with the two screws and hang the caddy.  Piece of cake!

Check out this video!

My favorite thing about this caddy is that its completely hidden.  I always hate when I have surprise visitors and people see my mixing bowl of banana peels, used coffee grounds and veggie scraps on my counter top.  Now I don't have to worry about that.  And the carbon filter is amazing!  I have some onion scraps in the caddy right now and you would never know it walking into my kitchen.  And to be totally honest.....those onion scraps have been in there.....for 2 days! 

This product is awesome and if you do any type of composting, I would highly recommend getting one of these.  Its also great if you have kids in the house.  Depending on where you keep your current composting pail, a child could easily get into it and make quite a mess.  So keeping this in a closed cabinet behind your childproof locks is great!  It also keeps it out of reach from a naughty compost eating canine like mine!  Our giant, loving yet unfortunately somewhat unintelligent Doberman is frequently caught eating out of our compost bin.  She just can't function without her morning coffee grounds (that's a joke fyi).  So I have so many reasons to love my Kitchen Compost Caddy!

If you're interested in checking them out, you can visit the Kitchen Compost Caddy website!  You can also connect with the Kitchen Compost Caddy team on Facebook and Twitter to hear about news and promotions!

I was provided with a sample free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I love this kitchen compost caddy and how it store right on the inside of the cabinet door. Keeps it up and out of the way. A great investment for sure, awesome for the garden.

  2. This is so cool! I would love to have something like this. I didn't really want something on my countertop so this is a great option. Plus, I love the idea of a carbon filter for the odors!

  3. This is a very nice Kitchen Compost Caddy that would be great to hang up inside of my cabinet and compost my kitchen scraps! I will have to get one of these. I like that it is easy to use.