Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gotta Love My Knotty Boy! Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care Product Review

I have never loved my hair.  Or really liked it for that matter.  I can't say that there has ever been a time in my 30 years on earth that I have been happy with my hair.  Well maybe on my wedding day but that was just one day and it took several hours, a professional and whole lot of product to get it to stay in place.  Other than that, I have always hated my hair.  Its super straight and stiff.  It doesn't take any sort of styling well. I can't get curl to stay, I can't do an intentionally messy yet cute looking updo and if I just leave it down and straight, it rats up.  One thing I have always been secretly in love with, are dreadlocks!  I have always loved dreads.  I remember being in junior high school trying to do temporary dreads with a whole lot of twisting and about half a bottle of hair spray.  The result of that was not good I looked like a twisted up, glued together mess of hair.  But I've still always loved dreadlocks and always thought that well maintained dreads can look amazing on a person!

So recently I decided on a change.  I realized that I rarely do anything to make myself happy.  I feel like I've lost a little bit of me after becoming a mom and going through so many hardships over the last couple of years.  I decided I needed to do something for myself to make myself feel good for once.  So I ditched my flat drab mom hair and dreaded my hair.   And you know what?  I couldn't be more ecstatic with it!   For the first time EVER.......I LOVE my hair!  I've had my dreads for about a month now.  When I first made my dreads I was in need of a good tightening product.  My hair is fine and straight so I needed something to really help it lock up and I read some rave reviews about a company called Knotty Boy that offers all natural dreadlock care products.  One thing I needed was good quality products to use on my hair to help get my locks established and I also needed something natural.  Knotty Boy had that!  So they sent me two of their products to try out on my new locks.

The first product I tried was their Knotty Boy All Natural Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo.  My first thought when I opened up the bottle was that this stuff smells absolutely fantastic!  Its made with all natural ingredients and contains peppermint, tea tree and rosemary essential oils.  I am all about essential oils!  And those oils are some of my favorites.  Peppermint is an essential oil that I use every single day!  So I knew my hair was going to smell amazing.  When I actually washed with it I was blown away.

My big problem right now is that its summer time in Iowa.  And it gets hot and humid here!  We have a little urban backyard homestead and I grow most of the veggies we eat during the summer and fall (and some fruits too) and then store and preserve a lot of food that we grow for the winter months.  So right now my head is enduring some intense heat, sun and humidity.  So the first time I washed my hair with this stuff, I experienced an intense cooling sensation that was just what I needed!  I had been outside in the heat, sweating, digging in the dirt so I was ready for clean hair and I felt like I got a spa treatment.  I sat in the bottom of my tub for several minutes and just let the shampoo cleanse and cool my scalp with the natural essential oils.   And after my shower, my locks were super clean. And the nice thing is that the shampoo didn't loosen my dreads much either!

After using my Knotty Boy Shampoo, I applied some Knotty Boy LockSteady Tightening Gel.  This smelled like a tropical cocktail for my dreads!    The citrus and lime scent reminded me of having cocktails with my mom on the beach in Florida during some past vacations we've taken together.  So I got really good vibes just opening this container.

This is a gel that is applied very sparingly to dreadlocks to help them tighten up and help tame frizz and lose hairs.  You can use it on new and matures dreads. The nice thing is that it does wash out so its not something that's going to build and build as you apply over and over. I definitely noticed my dreads were tighter and more tamed after using this!  At first my dreads were lose and not knotted up very well.  But after using this gel a couple of times they are tight and secure and definitely have nice shape to them.   Its made from pure aloe vera, hemp oil and natural citrus oils to nurture your hair while helping establish, tightening and maintain your locks.  I was definitely happy with this product!  I got a 4oz tub and so far I've gotten two applications and I'm not quite half way through the container and I've got quite a bit of hair.  You can definitely see a difference in my before and after photos below.

Here are my locks BEFORE using my Knotty Boy Shampoo and LockSteady Tightening Gel.

And here are my locks AFTER!
I shampooed first, then applied a light amount of LockSteady Gel to each dread while it was still damp, rolling each dread in my palms and let it air dry.

Knotty Boy has great customer service too!  They got right back to my inquires and gave me some much needed guidance for using these products for the first time.

Overall, I loved both products!  The refreshing feeling of the shampoo was great and got my dreads super clean with no residue, no build up, no harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients and didn't dry them out.  My locks smelled and felt amazing!  The LockSteady Gel is helping to tighten up my dreads and gives them a nice tight shape and texture while taming my frizz naturally.  I would definitely purchase more of these products and would highly recommend both.   I have gotten so many compliments on my locks so I am definitely happy with the results!.  Its definitely been a huge and much needed boost of confidence!

Knotty Boy also offers a variety of other products for dreadlock care as well along with shampoo bars, maintenance and removal kits, hats and scarves, beads, dread tools and accessories.  Be sure to check out the Knotty Boy website.  You can also connect with Knotty Boy on Facebook, Twitter and be sure to follow the Knotty Boy Youtube channel!

I was provided with samples free of charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a great product! I would love to try one of their shampoo bars!